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With a Rebel Yell


Rebel finally turns 18 and has the freedom she wants finally comes. It's her 18 birthday and she is forced to go to a club. She ends up meeting someone she regrets meeting, Ashley Purdy. That night...it leds back to his house.

Later on, Jake Pitts, her older brother, joins Black Veil Brides. Rebel falls into bad habits that leads her back to Ashley Purdy. No matter how hard she tries, she can't leave Ashley... but her brother doesn't want them together.


  1. Your Sex Cells Make All The Lost Boys Drool

    Rebel Pitts. Chapter Title from The Maine's "The Way We Talk."

  2. I’m Just A Moment, So Don’t Let Me Pass You By

    Ashley Purdy. Chapter title from All Time Low's "Outlines"

  3. The Drug in Me is You

    Chapter title from Falling in Reverse. Rebel Pitts.

  4. Another dream wasted on you; Just be here againist me

    Ashley Purdy


You have me hooked please update!!!
omg i love this, fucking amazing. <3 please update Xx
marina2351 marina2351
love it , update soon :3?
i cant wait to see what happens between ashley and jake please update soon!!!! :)
:) Love it update it