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With a Rebel Yell

I’m Just A Moment, So Don’t Let Me Pass You By

Picking up a gorgeous girl on her birthday is always perfect. It leads to one thing: giving the girl birthday sex. There was something… unique about Rebel. Maybe it was the name or the fact she has red hair and not blonde. There was just something about her that was already making me crazy.

The whole walk to the little food place was 20 questions. I learned some things about her hometown, who she is, what she is studying at the moment, and her career ideas. I opened to her about some of my home life, where I grew up, my careers before bands, the two bands I was in before Black Veil Brides, and just some of my dreams.

“You got a crazy life,” she whispers to me.

I smirked to her. “So, once you are trained enough, can I get a tattoo from you?”

She chuckles. We walk in, and she goes by her friends. “Of course,” she mouths.


Once the night was over, I got the chance to meet up with her again. “Will I be able to meet you again,” she whispers with a smile.

I rub her arms and pulled her into a hug. I leaned down into her ear. “Wanna come home with me?”

Her face was in shock. She quickly nodded and ran back to Sammi to talk. Sammi gave a small smirk to me as she walked by. Rebel ran back to me. I put an arm around her.

Andy gave me my bass in its case. “We have to walk back.” She looks up. “I don’t live too far.” She moans because she is in heels. “Hey, I can’t carry you; my bass is my first baby.”

She rolls her eyes, and then she grabs my hand. I smile, walking with her. We finally came to my small apartment. She got inside and sat on a chair. She left her heels at the door. I smile to her.

“Do you need anything to drink?” She shook her head. I smile again to her. She held a cute smirk. “So…”

She blushes a bit. I push back her hair. I lean down and kiss her. I felt her kiss back and start to open her mouth. Finally, I took her upstairs.


I look to her. “You’re a virgin?” She lies back, having a shock face. She nods a bit. “I could tell by the blood.” I brush her hair back. “Rebel,” she faced me, smiling. “Did it hurt?”

She shook her head. “I mean a bit… But I have been through worst.” I help her up. We both went to take a shower.

Her body was the perfect girl body. She was skinny but not too skinny. She had an hourglass figure, and it made me fall in love with her more. Her long red hair made her unique. Usually I fell in love with blondes. The water drips down her body, and it was easily turning me on. I bit my lips as she move around, trying to wash the sweat off.

She turns to look at me. “Having fun over there, Purdy boy?” I nod to her. She sways her hips a little more. She was like those pin up girls from tattoos parlor. We got out, and I give one of my big t-shirts. It reaches down to her knees. She smiles to me.

She comes into bed with me. Rebel curls up against me, snuggling her face on my shoulder. I play with her braided ponytail. I felt her soft breathes come over; she was asleep. I smile down and kissed her forehead. She was different from the others. I fell to sleep with my arms around my red beauty.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I put on a pair of skinny jeans from last night and walk downstairs. Rebel was already awake, making breakfast. I came behind her and put my hands on her hips. She looks up with her huge smile. She goes on her tip toes and kisses me.

“Making breakfast for me?” I whisper in her ear. She nods. “You’re the best, Rebel.” Her cellphone starts to ring.

I hand her the phone. “Shit, it’s my brother. Put it on speaker and say nothing!” She snaps to me. I did as told. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Where the fuck are you?! Mom and dad are coming over soon. Get your ass home soon.” Her brother breathes out. “I’m sorry for flipping out, but come on, Rebel. Get your ass home so you can get ready.”

“Got it,” she says, “I’ll get Sammi to pick me up.” She looks to me. “Look, I gotta go. I rarely see my family and…”

I lean down and kiss her. “As long as I see you again, it’s fine.” She calls Sammi Doll to pick her up. She went upstairs to get her dress back on. She picks up her heels.

I saw her ran out. Another girl…another night.


“Dammit Jinxx!” Andy screams out. It’s been a couple weeks since I last saw Rebel. “This guy better be good if he’s late. He better have a good excuse.”

Jinxx rolls his eyes. “Listen, he’s taking care of his sister by himself. He might have done some overtime. They are low on money.”

All the sudden, the door open. I swung my body around to see the guitarist standing over there. He had his guitar bag on his back. He looks like Jinxx but a little bit older. We all got up. Jinxx was first to just hug him. “It’s good to see you in this band.”

Andy rolls his eyes. “That’s not a definitely.” Andy held out his hand. “I’[m Andy Six.”

The guitarist chuckles. “Like Nikki Sixx? Really, copycatting much?”

Andy glares him down. Sandra says who she is. The guitarist nods. “Ashley Purdy,” I held my hand out. “Your name?”

“Jake Pitts,” I nod to him. Andy asks him to play a couple cords. “I actually have seen your video for Knives and Pens. I’m in love with the song and everything… Do you mind if I play you my version?”

Sandra nods, “that sounds cool. It’s gotta be nice if you revised it.”

Jake lays down his version to us. It blew us away. At the end, Andy and Sandra clapped softly. I join along. “You are fucking amazing,” I tell him. “Did you just teach yourself?”

Jake shrugs. “Kind of, my family is very musically so…” Jake gets up as Andy goes back to writing music. “So, am I in?

“Hell yeah!” Andy screams out, “Dude, you’re fucking amazing. Let’s work on some songs. I’m going to keep writing stuff, and we’ll talk about adding the rest.”

I went to help Andy out. Before I left, I heard Jinxx and Jake talking. “How’s Rebel doing?”

I quickly turn my head. Rebel…Rebel…Rebel was Jake’s… “She’s doing alright. She finally got a shop to accept her for tattooing. She’s working way too hard to start tattooing. I told her she’ll give me her first.” Jake chuckles. “Yeah, she’s the best little sister ever.”

Rebel was Jake’s sister…


so yeah nothing really to say expect...

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You have me hooked please update!!!
omg i love this, fucking amazing. <3 please update Xx
marina2351 marina2351
love it , update soon :3?
i cant wait to see what happens between ashley and jake please update soon!!!! :)
:) Love it update it