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With a Rebel Yell

Your Sex Cells Make All The Lost Boys Drool

Well, let’s start with the fact that my name is Rebel Pitts. You’re laughing, thinking it’s probably a stripper or stage name. I’m not lying to you. My full name is Rebel Rose Pitts…I don’t know where Rose came into place. Anyway, I grew up in the middle of no where and was depressed for half of my time there. I barely remember half of the shit. I mean, I remember being a teenager with an artistic talent. I remember my friend--who was half my age-- owning a tattoo shop. He let me also hold a tattoo gun and thought I would look perfect as an artist. Once he said that, my sketching got ten times more amazing. I even designed a couple of my brother’s guitars. I have done a couple of his future tattoos and some of my sister’s. That’s where Jake thought it would be best for us to get away from this small town.

Jake, my older brother, wanted to run away to LA. My parents were perfectly fine with that. Jake wanted to start a band, and I had to study in arts. They thought LA was much better then New York City. So right after Jake’s 18th birthday, we moved down to Cali. It was like a dream come true. A 16 year old running away from her nightmares…who gets a better second chance? After joining half way through, an art school accepted me for my next two and half years in high school. Jake was so happy, but for him, it got worse. We almost lost our apartment a couple times because Jake could not manage a job in a band. To the point, just because I was young, he took up “normal day jobs” as he would say. I felt bad. The thought of maybe I shouldn’t have moved here crossed my mind when I would see him depressed.

Today was my 18th birthday. It was 5 am and due to my bipolar disorder, I could not go back to sleep. I took out my sketch pad and finished up on my first tattoo. Jake was going to take me to a local place and get it soon. It was a Friday night though, and I hope he doesn’t mind that my friends have better plans. I felt someone arms come around me. I looked up and saw Jake.

I gave him a shy morning. He kissed my forehead. “Happy 18th, babygirl.” I smirked and felt him kiss my cheek as he ran to the kitchen. “So how long have you been awake?”

I walked over, getting my stuff together for class. “A couple hours…” Jake frowns to me, “I have been taking the meds, Jake!! Please, you can even check.”

He signs, “I know, sweetie, I believe you. It was just when you first got them…”

“When mom made you go on anti-depressants, you refused to take them too, Jake.” Two can play at this game. “Look, let’s not fight.” I saw Jake cooking eggs. “You sure you know how to do this?”

“Hush,” Jake says, putting toast in the toaster. Our buzzer rang.

I ran to press the button. “Open this fucking door, Rebel!” I heard Jake laughing at one of his closest friends, Jermany…But he likes to be called Jinxx.
I pressed the button, “Sammi better be with you! I don’t think Jake is driving me to school.”

Jake tackled me in a hug. “You brat,” I laughed, “they’ll think I been abusing you.” Jinxx and Sammi walked in to this.

Sammi laughed, “I’m guessing these are the reasons Jake won’t drive you.” I got up, and Sammi wasn’t far to giving me a hug. “Happy Birthday, Rebel!” Sammi Doll is Jinxx’s girlfriend. They have been going out for about a year now. They met before Jinxx was in his new band. Its how Jake and Jinxx met too and became close friends.

“We have just a few,” Jinxx put down a pile of gifts down, “boxes?”

I had a bright smile. “You guys act like my family way too much.” I pulled Jinxx in for a hug.

He kisses the top of my head. “Happy birthday, girl.”

I look over to one of the long and huge boxes. “Open it,” Jake said. “I have to pay off Jinxx’s for it, but I wanted you to have…”

I started to get the wrapping paper off and noticed a huge acoustic guitar. “No way, Jake!” It was a black painted guitar. On the bottom and in tattoo lettering, it said “Rebel” in red. I held in it my hands and played some chord. Jake came behind me and put a black leather strap on it.

I took it off and gently put on the couch. I jumped into Jake’s arms. “I thought since the school wanted you to do music for therapy aspect…”

“You are the best brother ever!” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I check the time. It was 6:12. I turned to Sammi. “Can you help me get ready?” She nods quickly and pulls out one of the gifts. “Oh my gosh! Sammi!!”

It was a dress. It was the one I kept staring at in the window of Hollister. It was had a top of strips and had straps. The bottom was black and layered. Sammi and I went into my bedroom. I threw on the dress. Sammi gave me a little jacket. “Isn’t it so perfect,” She puts me in front of the mirror. I slipped on my black flats I wear all the time. They were my mom’s before she gave them to me.

I smiled at myself. I finally was starting to think I was pretty. Sammi took my curling iron and curled my brunette hair. “Sammi, I want to dye my hair red tonight.” She chuckles as she does my make up really quickly. She took me to the mirror. “Perfect, I love it.”

“I’ll take you tonight to get your hair dyed.” She nods to me. “I then want you and your friends to come to a club tonight. I can get you guys in. Black Veil Brides is playing, Jinxx’s band. You may like their bassist, Ashley.”

I gave her a look. “Look I experimented with girls—“

Sammi laughed, “Ashley’s a guy, don’t worry. He just broke up with his girl, Kina, and he is looking for a cute girl. He’s into blondes, but I think we can get him to like you.”

I smirked. Jake gave me a hug goodbye and so did Jinxx. “We’ll open more of your gifts after school.”

Sammi raises her hand and speaks, “I’m dying her hair then, and I’m taking her partying tonight.”

“Well, I do have work tonight,” I frowned to Jake. “I tried, but we need the money. This weekend, we get your tattoo done, and our family is coming up.” He kisses my forehead. “Tonight, you get to spend it with your girls. Pick up a couple of guys.” He jokingly winked to me.


After school, I rounded up a couple of my good friends. “We’re going out tonight.”

Charlotte nodded. She was practically my twin. We did everything together. “Alright, we’ll meet you at your house by seven?”

I nodded, “Sounds good. Sammi will be with us. I want to get a guy home with me tonight.”

“So, someone is looking to get her virginity lost,” Marilyn chuckled to Riley and Holly.

I smirked to them, “And maybe I will. Sammi knows this rocker guy. He’s a bassist for a band her boyfriend works. They will be performing tonight. Apparently, from what I heard, he used to do porn, does drugs and loves drinking.”

All five of us walked outside. I was waiting for Jinxx; my car was in repairs. I got into a nasty car crash, thanks to some drunks. I was fine but had a broken arm. Jake couldn’t drive without it either. Jinxx and Sammi have been so nice to us lately.

“So you think he’s going to fuck some newly 18 years old,” Riley spoke up.

“Once I get my hair dyed.” I smiled to all five of them. I noticed Sammi coming up. “Seven, okay? I’m going to invite a couple more girls.” Once I got into Sammi’s car, I got Eve, Kylie, and Teal from my fencing club to come. “We have eight girls, Sammi.”

“Perfect,” Sammi gets the dye ready. I put on an old Buckcherry top on that barely fit me and black shorts. After a couple hours, I finally had a nice red hair. “It’s so perfect, Sammi.” I keep fluffing it. My hair was naturally curly; Sammi always said it looks professional at a point.

Once it was perfect, Sammi put it in a braid. I took the dress from today and wore that. I put black heels on; it made me 5’8, not 5’2. I put an anklet that said my mother’s name, Carolyn, with a couple stars in it. I touched it softly; it made me miss her more everyday. I heard a soft knock.

As I screamed come in, Jake appeared by my side in the mirror. “You always look stunning. I am in love with the new hair.” He picks out a little box from his hands. “Another gift from me…This time, I did pay for it with my latest pay checks.”

I opened the box to see a star. I gasped since I been in love with stars since I was a little kid. It had my name engraved on the side. “Jake…” I teared up. “You are the best brother a little sister could ask for.” I gave him a hug.

“Careful with your make up.” He looks at my eyes, “Alright you’re fine. I want you to have fun tonight. You are 18. If that means you drink a little or get a guy, I don’t fucking care, alright? We ran away to LA for reasons.”

It’s like he can read my mind.


We got to the club. I noticed Teal, Kylie, and Eve at the doors. All three of them gave me hugs. Jinxx gave Sammi a kiss before going back door. We went into the small club. There was a band on stage already.

Sammi leans in, “Black Veil Brides will be next. Their guitarist is leaving tonight. Jinxx is trying to convince Jake to join. Jinxx tried to get Jake to come along.”

I leaned over to her. “Thank God, Jake’s not here though.” Once the other band was done, we all got closer to the stage. Sammi started to smile; she loved seeing Jinxx performed. I was ready to see this Ashley Purdy everyone kept talking about.

Black Veil Brides step on stage. I noticed all their paint all over their faces. It was all males expect the drummer who seemed to be a female. Sammi leaned over. “The guitarist is Dan Burton. They call him Pan. He’s leaving for a solo career. On drums is Sandra Alvarenga. Andy is the lead singer. He goes by Andy Six.” I looked over to Ashley Purdy, and Sammi was right. He was my type.

He wore a star necklace which was my first point for Ashley Purdy. He had long black hair with an undercut. He wore his make up like stripes and scratches. As for the bass part, he carried a great tune. He wore a simple v- neck and a leather jacket. I was smiling towards him a lot; he caught on.

After the show, we went outside. Sammi wanted to take all of us out for dinner. Jinxx and his band mates came out. Jinxx leaned down and kiss Sammi. “Amazing performance, baby,” Sammi whispers in his arms. Sammi looks to the others. “I’m guessing Dan deported.”

“Doesn’t want to ‘deal with us anymore’,” Andy rolled his eyes. “I’m hoping that other guy does show up, Jinxx.”

Jinxx looks to me. “He’s an amazing guitarist,” I spoke up, looking to Andy. “He’s the best. You’ll love him.”

“You must be Rebel,” Andy said back to me. He held his hand out for me to shake it. I shook it back. “Damn, Sammi’s right, she’s one cutie.”

I duck my head, blushing. Sandra shook my hand and told me who she was. Finally, there was Ashley Purdy. He walked over with a smirk that could win any girl over. “I’m Ashley Purdy, and would you mind if I walked you over to your birthday dinner?”

I pressed my lips together. “You haven’t known me for a second, and you’re already asking that?”

“Well, why not ask a pretty girl to dinner?”

And that is how I met Ashley Purdy, got a kiss on my birthday….And had a little sex. Let’s just say, Jake doesn’t know anything either….


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You have me hooked please update!!!
omg i love this, fucking amazing. <3 please update Xx
marina2351 marina2351
love it , update soon :3?
i cant wait to see what happens between ashley and jake please update soon!!!! :)
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