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With a Rebel Yell

The Drug in Me is You

Slowly, I was becoming another LA fuck up. It’s been six months since my 18th birthday. It’s been only a couple months since I finally got a tattoo artist to train me. It was a little tattoo shop on LA strip. It was nothing fancy, but the artist inside were amazing. I was training with a guy named Aiden. He was a great teacher… but also a perfect boyfriend. I couldn’t tell if it was official though or not…

For the past couple of weeks, we got ten times closer. He’s a guy from Brooklyn. His accent won me over. He had black short hair and a ton of tattoos. He was a little older then me. We were perfect together. I always thought that.

The door was swung open. I put down my flash sketch. It was a sketch of a rose with my mom’s name across it. I got up, noticing Aiden walking to the counter. I saw my brother there. A huge smile came across my face. I moved down here since it was too far from my old place. Since Jake was in a new band, I never get to see him.

I rush over and threw myself into his arms. Jake’s arms were always the safe place for me. He meant the world to me. “I miss you so much lately, babygirl.” I heard him mumble. I gave him a slight nod.

Aiden glances down at me. “Set up my station. You’re going to need to set up the others. We are doing a band tattoo.”

I went into the back, hearing more coming in. I start to clean off the stations. Aiden told me the colors, and I grab the inks. Once I was done, I ran over to Andy to get a hug. Andy and I grew closer as friends. He had no younger friends, but yet he had me. I help him through so much stuff. “I didn’t know you were in a band with my brother! Things you could have mentioned!”

Andy chuckles, “I wanted to surprise you today. Sandra and Jinxx also kept a good secret.”

I then saw Jinxx and couldn’t resist a hug. He was a brother to me. He meant so much to me like Jake did. I high fived Sandra and brought her into a hug. We both smiled. Sandra is like the sister I never had. We easily got along. I already sketched out a couple of her tattoos. I saw the last person I ever wanted to see, Ashley Purdy.

Ashley felt the need to never call me back. We never stayed in connect. It broke my heart. I walk to the back, seeing Aiden setting up for Jake. I felt someone hit my ass. I turn in gasp and notice it was Ashley. He held a smirk.

I rolled my eyes. “Look at the one who doesn’t call back. You called me special.”

“Sorry, sweetcheeks. You are still on my mind, if you want the truth.” He sends me a wink

You walk to the back. You sat next to Jake. He smiles to you. He goes on and on about Black Veil Brides. You look at his forearm. It was one of Black Veil Brides’s symbol. “Ashley sketched it. Isn’t it cool?” You nod softly. “Hey, I want you away from Ashley, alright? I don’t need you heartbroken. I rather you go out with Andy.”

You shook your head. “I won’t go out with people from your band.” Aiden looks up and smiles to you.

Jake smiles back to him. “Aiden is an amazing guy.” Jake looks back at you. “If anyone makes my little sister happy, they are approved by me.”

Aiden nods, not saying a word. I could tell how focused he was into his tattoo. After a half hour, it was finished. Aiden clean it up and wrap it. It meant Aiden was done for the day. I made a date to see Jake. Tonight though was Aiden’s night.

He signed out meaning I was out too. He smirks and kisses me softly. “Come on, Rebel.” We walk to his flat. It wasn’t too far from the shop. It was easier for him.

Once we got there, his roommate wasn’t there yet. Quickly, Aiden threw me onto the couch. I felt my skirt being ripped off. I was being turn on already. I started to make out with him.


We were lying in his bed. Both of us were cover in the soft sheets. He held a smile. “You need more work.” It was the same thing everyday. I was in love with it.

You got up and threw on his Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt on. You pick up your skinny jean from the other night. Aiden’s body was right behind me. He smelt like drugs and sex… and it made me in love with him. “Where are you doing?”

I turn around and kissed him. “I got to get our daily dosage. We’re running low on heroin, baby.”

“I got you so addicted to it. You didn’t want to do it.”

I nodded. In reality, I did these drugs to make him smile. I wanted Aiden to be mine. This is what comes with the price. I took a couple 100 bills out of Aiden’s wallet. I walk down to the dealers.

I waited until finally the blonde hair girl came. She was wearing her usual stripper outfit. “Pick up for Aiden too?” I nodded. “Here you go, sweetie. You know… you’re too pretty for this.”

I look down. “I would have never gottan into it if it wasn’t for Aiden…”

She frowns. I nod. “He’s just some silly boy. You don’t understand. He’s probably fucking some girl while you are away.”

“What?” I pick my head up. She mentions how there is another girl… Marilyn. She used to be my closest friend. That was before she went to rehab.

“He met her in some center.” I shook my head. This guy I believed in… He fucked me and is fucking a girl he meant in rehab. It was the same girl who I once called a friend. “Sorry…”

I rush away, popping some of the Xanax. It was for anxiety. I used more then I needed though. I was overdosing…Finally the dizziness took over. I passed out in front of my tattoo shop.

“Rebel?” I woke up finally, seeing Ashley’s face. I was back in house. “I couldn’t leave you dying in the streets.”

I tried to choke out words. Finally… “Help me.”

Officially, I was an LA dream that crashed… I was a fuck up.


Okay here's what is going on with the chapters.
So Even will always be Rebel.
Odd will be someone of choice

So yeah review?


You have me hooked please update!!!
omg i love this, fucking amazing. <3 please update Xx
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love it , update soon :3?
i cant wait to see what happens between ashley and jake please update soon!!!! :)
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