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With a Rebel Yell

Another dream wasted on you; Just be here againist me

Chapter four Another dream wasted on you; Just be here now against me
Ashley Purdy

God dammit, finding your friend’s sister passed out on the streets was not the best sight. She had a couple bottles in her pale hands. Her eyes were shut tight. There was a red purse next to her. I could see the needles and the rubber bands. That’s why Rebel was avoiding Jake…

I picked up her body. I laid it down in the back of my car with her purse. I quickly drove back to my place. I turn around, seeing her body with motionless. I know I should bring her to an ER… I look for the pill bottle. She was overdosing on Xanax… I threw my hand in my hair. “This is a habit I never wanted anyone in…”

The girls were smoking hot. Their bodies screamed sex. Stolen Hearts was doing so well. The bottles were all over the place. Her body was on top of me.

She had a pill in her hands. “Just one more, Ashes…”

I shook my head, wanting the memories to go away. What the fuck was wrong with me? I park by my house. I jump out and look at Rebel. I could see the change. She was skinner… she was paler. She was abusing drugs.

Her bones were fragile. I kept trying to wake her up. “Come on, Rebel. You need to wake up…” I lean down and kissed her lips. Her eyes flickered a bit. “Rebel?” I breathe out a sigh of relief. She didn’t pass out completely. “I couldn’t leave you dying in the streets.”

She struggled to speak out. “Help me,” she chokes out. A soft cough comes out. I grab a bottle of water and helped her drink some. She sat up straight, shivering. Tears came down her face. “Ashley…” She started to break down.

I put my arms around her. “Hey, I got you, okay?” I kiss her forehead.


In that couple of weeks, Jake found out the truth about Rebel and Aiden. She was placed in a program. She was away from me and gone. I went on tour with Black Veil Brides and keep writing to keep my mind off Rebel.Problem was I was missing her. I couldn’t see her; I couldn’t even write to her without Jake finding out. I was dying to hold her again.

We finally got off tour, and I went to my house. I came home to see all my mail on the table. Every week there was a letter… addressed from Rebel? I gasped out at the sight. She wrote to me every week she was in rehab. I opened the recent one to read about what happened now.


Why am I writing when I realize you can’t read my messages? Well, Jake wrote to me, telling me you guys are coming home soon. So here’s what is going on this week…

I am going home soon, too. They are waiting for Jake to get back. I will then be going into an out patient program. They have been driving me nuts. They keep diagnosing me with all these problems… as if I’m some freak, Ashley…

I miss you the most… There was always something about you. I rather talk to you in person about it. I miss you… God dammit, Ashley, I just miss you. I’m going to stop writing that and just send you this.

Hopefully you’ll see me soon,

I woke up that morning to a knock. I groaned and hopped out of bed. I threw on a big hoodie and walked to the door. I back away from the site I was looking at.

“Mind if I stay here….”


hey guys, it's been a while. So I thought of updating. I had some of this written a while back and I just finished it now. So it's a little rough, don't mind it.
But hopefully you guys like it

Song lyric title- Mayday Parade- Three Cheers for Five Years


You have me hooked please update!!!
omg i love this, fucking amazing. <3 please update Xx
marina2351 marina2351
love it , update soon :3?
i cant wait to see what happens between ashley and jake please update soon!!!! :)
:) Love it update it