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What The... ZOMBIES!!! (Black Veil Brides x Y/N)


Black Veil Brides were giving their best shot at the stage, performing with all their might. The five men were having a blast whilst playing their music for the crowd, but it was not to last. Around half way through their performance, the fans started... eating each other? The band members were taken aback by the terrifying situation, and stared silently with their mouths open and eyes wide with shock-horror. The crowd now seemed as though it was fully zombified, with every last human being in the audience turned. The horde tried eating the band, but were fought against by strong arms wielding guitars, drumsticks and a mic stand. The 5 eventually escaped the stadium, luckily without any bites.
On their way out of that "slaughter house" -- it could now more appropriately be named as so -- they met a girl who seemed had been attending the concert. Later on, they find that her name is Y/N.
Will the six survivors find refuge?
Will they be able to last for the entirety of the apocalypse?
Will friendships be formed?
Will love be ignited?
If they do manage to learn how to survive, will they ever get rescued?



@Red Phoenix77
Thank you for the feed back. No, I was not aware, thanks for telling me. I'll fix that. :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Hey there ! Pretty interesting so far , but were you aware that this is checked off as completed ?

Red Phoenix77 Red Phoenix77