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School of the Damned


NOTE: This story is in no way, shape, or form meant to be bashing on religion or the Catholic beliefs or anything like that, but instead separating it from the idea of homophobia. This story is meant to make a point about bullying and acceptance, not anti-religion, (not even Satanism. Yes, there will be Satanism) or stuff like that.

Ok so here's what happens-
Andy and Ashley are gay and they meet at a Catholic boarding school where both of their parents decided to send them. First, they have to hide the fact that they're gay. Then, they fall in love with each other and once they come out to each other, they have to hide their relationship. Can they survive a year in secret? Is the head preist hiding something, too? Everyone has secrets, and things become a lot more serious when students begin to go missing...

*This also has some humor, btw, it's not all dark stuff and will get pretty funny at times later on in the story. Rated R for the mature themes this revolves around, and just to be safe.


  1. Prologue #1: Introduction to Andy

  2. Prologue #2: Introduction to Ashley

  3. Chapter One: I Am the Unspoken

  4. Chapter Two: I Will Find the Words to Fight

    Title Credit: Head Underwater by Flyleaf

  5. Chapter Three: There's Nothing Left to Take

    Title Credit: Reincarnate by Motionless in White

  6. Chapter Four: Open the Door to the Unknown

    Title Credit: Break the Cycle by Motionless in White

  7. Chapter Five: I'm Not Dead, I Only Dress That Way

    Title Credit: Boy Division by My Chemical Romance

  8. Chapter Sixx: I Will Walk Through Hell

    Title Credit: Crown of Thorns by Black Veil Brides

  9. Chapter Seven: There's Something About You

    Title credit: Angel Eyes by New Years Day


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please update soon!!!

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I was trying to help out so your welcome

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I was trying to help out so your welcome