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Los Monstruos

Is It Weird That I Know His Middle Name?

Isis's POV

My eyes fluttered open; it hurt to move my eyes around to look around me. It hurt to move almost anything, to be honest. I looked down to see some IV's in my arm and a man in a paramedic's uniform adjusting some buttons and levers. It took a few minutes to realize that I was in the back of an ambulance. The ambulance wasn't moving; it was parked behind the venue, I noticed the banged up, bumper sticker-covered back doors of the Gothic Theater from anywhere; and the doors were wide open. I sighed softly as I noticed an oxygen mask over my face. I looked in front of me and I saw a familiar figure. Not only was it a familiar figure, it was more than one familiar figure, some figures were even crowding around outside the doors of the ambulance.

As soon as my eyes adjusted themselves, everything was clear and Danny Worsnop was sitting at the foot of my gurney. My breath grew short and suddenly he turned his head and looked at me. "Well, hello there sleeping beauty," said another familiar voice that wasn't Danny’s. I looked over and it was Andy, smiling.
"You gave us quite a scare there," said Danny as he scooted closer to me, God that accent of his, "do you have a name?" he asked.
"I-Isis," I stuttered. Oh fuck me. I just stuttered in front of Danny fucking Worsnop! "Well, that's a pretty name," Danny smiled. "What were you doing in that pit?" Asked Jake sitting next to Andy; oh God. Jake was here too! How embarrassing!
"I don't know; I was just...I was trying to get a better look and get some pictures and then...I got sucked into the pit." I put my oxygen mask back on because I was having trouble breathing.
"Just take it easy," said Jake, reaching out to pat my hand. I was ready to die now.

"Well," said the paramedic man, "looks like she doesn't need to go to the hospital, her injuries weren't as severe as we assumed; no concussion, no broken bones, just a couple of bad bruises, she can be released as soon as someone signs her out so we know whose care she's in," he held out a clip board towards one of boys. They looked at each other kind of startled in a way.

"I'll sign for her, " said Andy taking the clip board abruptly, "if you experience any signs of a concussion, please call this number," he said handing me a piece of paper with a number on it. The man unstrapped me from the gurney; I laid there for a good twenty minutes before I felt ready to move.

"C'mon," said Danny helping me up slowly as Andy did the paper work. "Easy there," said Jake taking my other sides to make sure I was balanced. Soon after, Andy was following close behind and he lifted my legs so I wouldn't have to walk. "This is fucking ridiculous," I said squirming, "put me down!"

"No," said Danny, "we don't need you dropping dead while walking; you got fucking thrashed in that pit down there, I saw the whole damn thing, it was Jake and Andy who dived into to get you out.”
Jake…? He pulled me out…and Andy too? I was speechless.
"Well it's not the first time someone has tried to sue us for something like this," said Andy. I stopped squirming and let them carry me to a car.
They laid me in the back seat; I rested my head on something warm. It was kind of squishy too, before I knew it, I looked up; my head was resting in the lap of Ashley Purdy. I was almost ready to freak out. "Happy to see me?” he smirked.
I shot up quickly and my head began to spin and I wanted to vomit. "Whoa! Take it easy," he said. "Would everyone stop telling me that?" I groaned. I turned my head to look through the back window; watching Danny get into another car with Ben, Sam, Cameron and…James. Fuck.

I turned back around and rested my head against the car door on my side of the back seat; Ashley got out and had Jake move over to the middle. “Why do you always get the window seat, Purdy?” Spat Jake at Ashley in spite. Oh fuck. Jacob Mark Pitts was sitting next to me in a confined space. Don’t throw up; don’t throw up, whatever you do!
…Is it weird that I know his middle name?


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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