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Los Monstruos

Post-Mortem in the Pits

Isis's POV

I was standing in line outside the venue, waiting to be let in. It was almost seven o'clock and it was still hotter than a bitch outside. I could feel the sweat trickling down my back; thank goodness for the black tank top otherwise everyone would see my sweat stains. I was just hoping it'd be some-what cooler inside, despite the fact that it'll probably be hotter on account of all the people.

Tonight was going to be phenomenal, but also dangerous and I especially wanted to avoid being dragged into the mosh pit. I wasn't, what some people would call, physically fit to be caught in one of those disasters. I was short and skinny; about four foot eleven and just under one hundred and ten pounds. I looked almost anorexic but I wasn't. I ate regularly and most of the time it wasn't healthy food either. It's almost a safety hazard for someone like me to even be at a show like this, but I had to go, it was Black Veil Brides; my all-time favorite band!
Jake Pitts was almost my idol. I took up playing guitar two years ago because of him and till this day I've aspired to be just like him. Tonight was going to be extra fun because Black Veil Brides just so happened to be on tour with my other favorite band, Asking Alexandria and this was something I’ve waited practically months for and scraped up every last cent I had to getting this ticket. The line was moving pretty fast and I was hoping to be able to squeeze my way through to get to the front of the crowd. I wanted to get some good footage of the show and some nice pics for my Facebook.

"Ticket please," said the giant man at the front entrance. He was a giant! Dark skin and a long black pony tail that was slicked back and braided, “do your parents know you’re here?” he asked with a smirk. “I’m twenty-two,” I said with venom in my voice. His dark face went pale; he smiled in an awkward-apologetic manner and gave me back my half of the ticket, "enjoy the show," he said kindly as he let me pass.

I was finally inside the venue and without a moment to lose, I squirmed my way through, ignoring the overly crowded merch station. Ha. It obviously never occurred to anyone that you can buy the exact same band tee at Hot Topic for half the price of what they were selling here. I was on a mission tonight. I made my way through the crowd and finally reached my goal of being up close to the rail where the stage was. Patiently I waited, the wait was murder. I finally heard the opening to Fallen Angels. "Scream! Shout!" the crowd started chanting to the track, and finally CC seated himself amongst his drums and everyone went crazy for him! Then Jake and Jinxx ran on stage! My heart almost stopped when I saw Jake. Then Ashley appeared and finally, Andy.

The show went onto be a big success for most of the night, my legs grew numb from jumping up and down to the music and my voice was raw from screaming and singing with the band. Black Veil Brides ended with Saviour as their closing song.
After they left the stage, empty, my lungs were breathless. I leaned against the rail to catch my breath and get the feeling back in my legs. I never thought I’d get this tired in such a short period of time.
Then, Asking Alexandria came out. Alright, not only had I had a thing for guitars but I also had a thing for drums. Not playing them, but for guys who played them and James Cassells was definitely up there, “how’re you doing tonight, Denver, Colorado!?” Danny screamed into his megaphone, the crowd was insane, “let’s get this fucking party going!” Opening song, Not the American Average; best song ever!
The night was perfect, until my worst fear was realized. As soon as the band began to play, someone had started a mosh pit and I was in the front and center of it. I held on to the rail tightly but before I knew it, I was dragged it. People were punching me in the head, the back and my sides. I ducked down and buried my head into my arms. Then someone tripped me and I fell back and landed on my side. I just stayed there and people continued to step on me.

I tried to keep my eyes open but before I knew it, everything was going black and hazed. I could see someone's hand reaching for me but before I could reach for it, I lost consciousness and everything was black and silent.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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