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Los Monstruos

Denny's Shenanigans, Hotel Stories and Shots of Whiskey Part 1.

Isis's POV

The ride was long; at least it felt that way to me. Ashley was busy on his phone texting, Jake had his iPod in his ears and Andy was driving the car with CC in the passenger side just talking away. My only concern was being able to get home. That was the place I really wanted to be at the moment.
“How you feeling?” Jake asked out of the blue as he took out his head phones.
“Fine,” I replied in a raspy voice.
“You could use a drink,” he smiled.
“I don’t drink,”
“Seriously?” He gawked.
“Yeah,” I said, “liquor isn’t really my pal,”
“Well tonight, after all you’ve been through, we’re buying you a drink,”
“YOU’RE buying her a drink, I’m buying myself a drink and some hookers,” retorted Ashley.
I rolled my eyes, “fine, one drink, but that’s all!”

The car finally stopped and suddenly, I knew where we were, we were at the Warwick Hotel. This place was only a couple blocks from my apartment. It then occurred to me that my car was still back in the parking lot at the Gothic Theater…all the way in goddamn Englewood! Andy had turned off the car and put it in park, Ashley opened the door and got out to stretch, and so did Jake.
“What’s wrong?” asked CC, turning his head to look back at me.
“It’s nothing,” I sighed, “I just remembered that my car is all the way back in fucking Englewood.”
“Oh we know,” Andy said, “That’s why Jinxx has been following us the whole way in your car,” I turned my head around, and there was my car with Jinxx getting out of it.
“B-but, how?”
“We had to rummage through your purse a little bit before we found out which car was yours,” blushed Jake, sticking his head in the car to grab is backpack. Alright now I wasn’t as concerned as I was a little ticked and kind of relieved.
“I’m hungry!” groaned, Ashley stomping around and stretching his arms.
“There’s an open twenty-four hour Denny’s just down the street from the hotel,” I suggested as I got out of the car.
“Thank GOD!” Ashley replied.
I smiled but my smile faded as the cold wind whipped right past me and made me shiver in my little black tank top.
“Are you cold?” said Jake from behind me. I turned around and looked at him; his eyes were so gorgeous, even if he didn’t have his war paint on. “I’m alright,” I lied.
“No, you’re not,” he chuckled, taking off his hoodie and putting it around me. My face was now burning hot pink.
“Thank you,” I smiled.
“So is there anything to like, do here?” asked Andy in utter dismay.
“Well yeah, it’s the Mile High City!” I laughed, “There’s tons of shit to do here!”
“Well,” said Jake, “we’re stuck here for the next couple of days while they fix the bus so maybe you should show us around this place, I mean it’s kind of huge, even for me,”
“That’s what she said!” Ashley shouted. Jake’s smile dropped into a playful pout at Ashley’s remark.
“Sounds cool,” I smiled. Jake and I smiled at each other for a good ten second. This can’t be happening. Then the moment was subsided by the sound of Commander Purdy parading around the parking lot, “alright, let’s go! Denny’s is calling my stomach!” demanded Ashley. Andy had just come out from the front entrance of the Warwick and gave the guys their hotel keys for when they come back.

We walked down the street to the Denny’s and we were seated almost immediately because the hostess knew who the guys were. She even dropped our menus as came over to bring them to us because she was shaking in excitement. It was kind of funny.
We got a booth and of course I was in the middle of the guys. Jake sat next to me, of course and I was perfectly alright with that.
“Hey there,” said a waitress coming up to the table, “my name is Rachel and I’ll be your server tonight, can I start you guys off with a couple of drinks?” Everyone placed off what they wanted, almost everyone got a soda or water but I just got an Oreo milkshake. “Treating yourself to royalty tonight?” smirked Ashley. “Well, I almost died,” I chuckled, “so yeah.” The waitress finally brought us the drinks and I was pleased with my Oreo shake.
We all sat around talking and cracking jokes, and by ‘we’, I mean the guys and I just sat their quietly.
“Isis, you’ve hardly said a word since we got here,” said Jake. I shrugged sipping on my shake.
“Yeah,” said Andy smiling, “I mean we might as well get to know the damsel we rescued tonight.”
“Well, of course, my name is Isis, I’m twenty-two, and I run a very successful flower shop here in Denver.” I took another sip of my shake.
“Looks like I’ll have to call on you to arrange a bouquet of flowers for whenever Sammi and I fight,” retorted Jinxx in a joking manner. The guys laughed and so did I. Just as I was about to continue, I heard a loud commotion coming from the entrance of the restaurant and it was the entire Asking Alexandria band. Even James was there. My heart was ready to drop out of my stomach. “Hey you cheeky bastards!” said Ben as the waitress seated them in the boot right across from us.
“How’re you guys doing?” said Andy.
“Pretty good,” replied Ben, “we were lying around at the hotel and got hungry so we thought we’d walk down here to get some grub.” Suddenly, Ben’s eyes caught mine and a smile curled on his face.
“And who is this lovely dame?” smirks Ben.
“Isis,” I reply softly, “Isis Moulin.” I smiled at him. His eyes were like bright orbs that could make my head explode at any second. Wait? What was I saying?!
“Nice to meet you, love,” he winked at me and for a moment the Earth stopped spinning. My eye contact from him was broken by the sound of a deep and vaguely familiar voice. I knew that voice. My whole body froze in a state of panic and I could see that right behind Ben was my ex-boyfriend, Max. I couldn’t speak, I was afraid for my life.
“Well, hey there Isis, or should I say Miss. ‘Isucklikeawhore?’” he smirked.
“Hold up, prick, who do you think you are?” asked Ben in a sort of pissed tone. At that moment, I felt myself shrink as the whole world got bigger and the weight was crushing my chest so hard I couldn’t breathe. “I’m her ex,” he replied darkly.
“Well I’m sure she doesn’t want to see you, after all you are her ex so why don’t you just leave her alone and get the fuck out,” said Jake standing up along with Ashley and CC. “Guys!” I stated, “It’s alright, I don’t want you to defend me.”
“No, it’s not alright,” said Jake, “he has no right to talk to a lady like that.”
“Psh, a lady? She is no lady, amigo.” He smirked.
“I’m NOT your amigo,” Jake growled. Suddenly, Danny and James and the other guys were standing up.
“What’s the problem here?” Danny asked. “No problem,” said Max. “I was just leaving.” He smiled his venomous smile.
“C’mon boys,” commanded Max as he called over four of his guys from his biker gang; they left like that.
At that moment, my heart began to beat normally again.
“What was that about?” Jinxx asked.
“It’s a long story,” I replied. I sat my hand down on the leather seat only to accidentally set it on Jake’s hand, immediately I pulled my hand away, “sorry!” I gasped.
“It’s fine,” Jake blushed.
Rachel, the waitress, came back to finally take our order. Everyone ordered something small, except for me; I ordered a bacon cheese burger with large side of onion rings and ANOTHER Oreo shake.
The boys looked at me in amazement as I ate the whole platter; I was even getting looks across the way from the Asking Alexandria boys. I suppose a girl my size eating almost half of her entire body weight would be quite an ordeal.
The only one who wasn’t giving me a funny look was Jake, who was slouched back, already full. He had half of his fries left on his plate.
“Are you going to eat those?” I asked solemnly. He raised his eyebrow, “no…you want them?”
I immediately took his plate and scraped whatever French fries were left off onto my plate.
“Damn, girl,” said CC putting down his burger in defeat, “you are like a bottomless pit!”
I finally finished off the French fries and Rachel came back to give us the check, I paid for myself and everyone covered their own expense. After the waitress took our cards and came back with the receipts, she immediately went over to Danny and the boys’ table to get them their check and just as she turned away, Danny smacked her ass and all she did was giggle. I couldn’t help but laugh myself.
We walked back to the hotel and it had gotten even colder than before, I pulled Jake’s hoodie close to me and walked fast. I looked over to see Jake walking next to me, “well that was a good meal,” he smiled, trying to make conversation.
“Yeah, I guess,” I smiled back, “well, I guess I should get home.”
“Why? It’s only midnight!” said CC as he walked right past us.
“Yeah,” said Jake, “stay a while; let me buy you that drink that I promised earlier.”
Oh yeah…I forgot about that. “Alright, one drink and that‘s it!”
The guys and I walked into the hotel and went towards the elevator. “Do you guys want to play a game?” I asked smirking.
“What game?” Andy asked pretending to be scared. “Well, this is what I use to do in high school in the school elevators,” I explained, “we step into the elevator and as soon as the door closes, we have to spin around really fast until we get to our floor and the only time we can stop spinning is when the elevator doors are open.”
Andy’s eyes gleamed, “well what the hell are we doing standing around here for? Let’s do it!” Andy ran to started pressing the UP button the elevator repeatedly in hoping the door would open.
We all got inside and waited for the doors to close. Andy was almost ready to jump out of skin-tight leather pants because of how excited he was.
“Ready?” I said, “Set…SPIN!” Everyone all together started spinning.
Choruses of WHOA’s and AHHH’s, were coming from all over and of course I was squealing as we were all bumping into each other. We finally reached out floor and everyone stumbled out of the elevator and Andy even fell over; CC fell over onto Andy and Ashley came tumbling after. Jinxx leaned against a wall and Jake and I were holding on to each other.
“AGAIN!” Shouted Andy, “NO!” we all shouted. “Fine, but we’re doing it again in the morning!” he said groping the wall for support to stand.
After I was able to stand on my own, my head ache began to return from when I was deliberately punched in the head from earlier, I think I might want that drink after all.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
JinxxieBooBear JinxxieBooBear
That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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