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Los Monstruos


Isis Moulin is your average career woman by day, under-ground punk by night. Living large and taking life by the horns, all that is about to change when she gets to meet her ultimate hero, Jake Pitts.


Hasina Raquel de Palma

Hasina Raquel de Palma

Hasina [Raquel de Palma] is a free spirit. Goes by the nickname, Sina, to most people. Born in Michigan to a Caucasian Arkansas-born mother and a Hispanic father, native to Guadalajara, Mexico. She thrives to run in the entertainment business as an actress and a dancer. Currently occupied as a go-to fire breather, often working job on job at various carnivals and circus's. She is of French and Hispanic descent. She is close friends with, Isis [Moulin] ever since freshman year of high school at Denver Secondary. After Hasina graduated, her parents decided to move back to Michigan with Hasina unwillingly following. Not liking to talk about her past or her family, she often refers to her poetry and her violin for sanctuary.

Hera Mercédès de Palma

Hera Mercédès de Palma

Hera [de Palma] is the twin sister of Hasina de Palma, though they were once very close through their childhood in Colorado, after graduating, Hera decided to go on her own to California while Hasina strung along with her parents back to Michigan. They haven't spoken since the day after their graduation but still write letters to each other often.

Isis Maria Moulin

Isis Maria Moulin

Isis [Maria Moulin] is an average twenty-two year old with an edgy punk rock style by night and classy business woman by day. Very shy and reserved on the outside but when speaking her mind, she's got a lemon-wedge and a smart answer for everything. She runs a hand-me-down book store on the side while she runs a very thriving self-owned flower shop fulltime. She is of French and Italian descent. She is an only child of a psychologist mother and a starving musician father. She currently lives in a classy apartment in the metro area of Denver, Colorado and owns a vacation home in Mexico. She often visits Mexico to escape the busy city and visit her parents, now residing in Monterrey after retiring. She expresses herself through various styles of music and song writing.



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