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Down at the Whisky

San Francisco

In the afternoon, Andy and I go for a walk in the city, hand in hand and my camera under my arm. We climb to the top of the famous San Francisco hills to admire the view of the city that stretched past us and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. I kept taking photos like a real tourist. We had fun taking pictures together in front of this magnificent view by making funny faces.

He then took me to see the house in which Janis Joplin had lived. I was like a kid. We went to Little France for a coffee. I could finally speak my native language with French! What emotions! Andy tried to say a few words.

- I love when you speak French with your American accent, it's so cute. I say, smiling.
- Ahah. Don't laugh at me !
- I don't laugh at you ! I think it's cute ! I love your accent. I say.
- Actually, I just learnt something new in French. He confess.
- Tell me !

He hesitated for a moment then replied, in French:

- Je t'aime.

I remained frozen.

- Are you serious ?
- I think so ... He whispered.
- Je t'aime aussi ... I murmured in French taking his hand.

He kissed me for a long time and then smiled at me. We continued to walk around the city, hand in hand until the evening before returning to the hotel. The door to Elena's room was open. The boys and girls were all there, playing a game around several empty bottles, Roxanne, Dennis and Jessie had gone to bed.

- Hey come on! Says Jake. Elena explains a game she invented!

We entered and they made us a small place to sit.

- Ok, so I called this game "But'ums up".
- What is the rules? I asked.
- As soon as the TV presenter says "But hum ...", we drink a shooter.
- Youpi ... I say little excited.
- No, but she says it much more often than you think! Exclaimed Elena excitedly.
- But hum ... Said the presenter.
- Cheers! Elena shouted then before sending herself a shooter.

Everyone followed her. But after a while Andy stopped me.

- We should stop drinking before being ... Well too tired.

I put my shooter down, took it by the hand and got up.

- Now ? He asked.
- I am ready.

He turned to the others.

- We're tired, we leave you!

Then he dragged me out of Elena's room.

- Not tired enough to fuck her. Ashley whispered.
- You're mean dude! Can't you be a little happy for them? Amy asked.
- I know Andy better than you all! I will be happy for them tomorrow, if it's still relevant ...
- But hum ... Said the TV presenter again.
- Cheers! Ashley shouted down a shooter to close the discussion.


Andy slammed the door of the suite and pushed me against it to kiss me. His hands went under my shirt, caressed my belly. He started to pull up my shirt and then took it off me and threw it somewhere. He grabbed me by the thighs and lifted me against the door without stopping to kiss me then carried me to the bed and almost threw me on it. I was laughing, happy, in love and probably also a little tipsy.

- You're crazy !
- A month without sex! It's going to be huge tonight, you'll be screaming like never before.
- Little pretentious!

He took off his shirt and threw it away. I caressed his chest down to his belt and start to undo it, he did the same. Once in underwear, he gave me a look with a big smile.

- The bra, my favorite part!

I laughed even more. He untied it with one hand in two seconds and lifted it victoriously! Then he of course threw it as well. He began to caress and kiss my chest.

He pulled down my panties slowly then caressed my thighs before spreading them. I began to purr like a cat and then the feeling grew louder and louder, my breathing was getting faster and faster and I moaned louder and louder.

He lay down next to me and I began to caress him to pay him back in their own coin. He stopped me shortly after I started.

- If you continue like this I will come very soon. I'm ready.

I smiled and straddle him, he penetrated me. He took his time at first but I forced him to go faster.

- Faster you faggot! I screamed.

He was surprised by my words but go faster. He began to nip my neck, kissing me from time to time. Once our lovemaking finished, I lay down next to him, my head resting on his tattooed chest, exhausted, but happy.

- I told you I'd make you scream ... He whispered.

I giggled a discreet laugh and kissed him tenderly.

- I'm going to shower my love. I say, getting up.

I ran the hot water and took advantage of this opportunity to put vanilla bath salts and bubble soap that was available. Once settled, Andy arrived and of course, we made the love again. This was our main activity for most of the night before we fell asleep at 4am.



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