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Down at the Whisky

Communication Breakdown

When I woke up, the room service had already passed and had dropped breakfast on the kitchen table. Andy was in the bathroom. I sat in the kitchen and warmed my coffee. I saw his cellphone on the table, I hesitated a moment, but I finally cracked. I know it's bad, but my curiosity got the better of me and I looked at his latest messages:

From: Ash
At: 9:38 am
You fucked her?

From: Jake
At: 3:17am
Shut up some people are trying to sleep!

From: Ash
At: 11:57pm
Are you going to fuck her?

I heard the door of the bathroom slam, I quickly rested the phone in its place and lit me a cigarette, as if nothing had happened. Andy appeared, a towel wrapped around his waist and came to kiss me.

- How are you, sweetheart ?
- Good and you ? I asked with a smile.
- Always when you're here. He said, taking me in his arms.
- Ah, you have hair all cold!

Our phones vibrated at the same time:

From: Jinxx
At: 11:09am
Appointment in 20 minutes in the lobby.

Twenty minutes later, we were all down.

- Hi faggot! They all started in chorus when we saw each other arrive.

They all laughed as Andy and I blushed.

- It'll stay for a long time. Jinxx said, laughing.

I then stuck to Andy and proudly say:

- It's not a faggot, I can assure you.
- No, but we understood it. Jake answered with dark circles under the eyes.
- I didn't mind the noise, on the contrary ... Ashley said with a perverse smile.
- Oh you're disgusting! Launched CC.
- Alright, enough joking! Said Jinxx. We have an interview for Metal Hammer in the 4568 suite in 15 minutes guys and a photo session in the early afternoon at the studio 21. You too girls.

We followed the guys up. On the way, Elena asked me:

- So how is he?
- But stop ! Why do not you annoyed Amy and Shenna?
- Because I want to annoy you !

I didn't answer. The guys sat on a long sofa while the girls and I stayed behind.

- Dad ! Jessy launched into Roxanne's arms.
- Dad organizes an interview baby. He explained to her.
- It's cute. Began the journalist.
- It's also painful at that age too. But we do our best. He smiles.

The journalist plugged his dictaphone.

- Well, we can start.

The interview lasted nearly an hour and a half. Once finished, the journalist took Dennis apart as we went down to KFC. He joined us shortly after.

At table around our buckets, he explained to us:

- Metal Hammer suggested that I write a monthly column about life on tour and so on. So, I accepted.
- It's an interesting offer. Jinxx said, boning a chicken wing.
- You'll have al lot of thing to say ... Jake told him with a Machiavellian look.

Dennis looked at him for a few seconds with an expression that suggested his brain was filled with emptiness ...

Around 1:30 pm, we went to the photo studio. The photographer greeted us with a smile.

- Well, go to the dressing. We will have a photo shoot around football. You put on the clothes. Then you go to makeup.

Thus was said, so was done. While the guys were photograph with the mouth in blood surrounded by cheerleaders most likely transsexual, the girls and I were taking pictures in a more desert and heavy-metal setting in a nod to our musical style. We all met with the photographer to see our photos once the session ended.

- What's this about? ? Sheena asked.
- Some reviews for Kerrang Magazine and Metal Hammer!
- Cool ! She exclaimed.
- And an interview for Revolver. Added the photographer.
- What? I asked.
- What? You did not know? He asked.
- Well no. Said Elena.
- Oh shit ! Then exclaimed Amy.

We turned to her and she said with an embarrassed voice:

- Well uh actually ... Dennis called me yesterday to tell me that a journalist wants to interview us ... And well, meanwhile I had other things to do, it came out of my head ... Eh eh...
- When is the interview? Asked Elena.
- After the rehearsal.
- Well ... he would have found us anyway. Said Sheena. But I think we will have to work on our communication. I mean, between us.

And indeed, after our usual rehearsal at 5:30pm, we found a young woman sitting on the sofa in our dressing room.

She stood up to introduce herself:
"I'm Kelly from Revolver. The columnist of the female metal branch. She said excitedly. Can we start?
- Uh ... Yes of course. Said Elena sitting down. "



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