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Down at the Whisky

Famous ? Not always ...

When I woke up, the bus was already rolling. I was first up. I approached the front of the bus and stood beside the driver.

- Are we stil far from San Francisco?
- We arrive in an hour if it drives well.
- Already?
- Well it's been a while since we left but as you all sleep like a log you haven't noticed. it, and at least I had peace.

All of a sudden, Dennis jumped from his bunk and ran to the bathroom. There was a sound of vomiting.

- Alcohol + transport = don't mix well. The driver commented.

He came out of the bathroom with a big smile.

- Alright, breakfast! He said rubbing his hands as if nothing had happened.

He opened a cupboard, took some cereal and a bowl. He poured them in it before drowning them with milk. I sat in front of him with a bowl.

- Can I ? I asked, showing the package of cereals.

He glared at me.

- Dennis is very possessive with his Trix. Said Roxanne's voice coming into the mini living room.
- MY Trix. He said taking the package in his arms.

She sat next to him and kissed him on the cheek as he continued to eat his cereal, still staring at me.

Gradually, the rest of the group got up. I finished my breakfast and took a shower. The bus arrived in San Francisco soon after. We parked in front of a big luxurious hotel and got off the bus. I found the girls and we unload our bags.

We then introduce ourselves at the reception. The receptionist stared at us with big eyes. Which obviously didn't bother Dennis at all, after all he had to be used to it.

- A reservation in the name of Dupree. He said holding Jessie in his arms.

The girl kept staring at him without saying anything. Dennis looked up.

- A problem ? He asked.
- Uh no ... She stammered looking for the key to the rooms.
- What? We don't have the profile to sleep in a luxury hotel ? Well know something, miss, I AM FULL OF MONEY! ME I am a ROCKSTAR! Then exclaimed CC with a falsely air of superiority.

I began to giggle, facing the head that made the receptionist.

- Oh, I don't doubt it ... We see some sometimes.
- Like who ? Names, names! He asked, leaning on the counter, suddenly interested.
- I can't tell you...
- Oh come on, between you and I ... He said with a big exaggerated smile.
- No really...
- If you tell me, I offer you a pass for our concert.

She seemed to hesitate and finally confessed.

- Well, don't repeat it but ... The Black Veil Brides arrive today.

He turned to us, a little jaded. The rest of the band laughed.

- So that's a capital information, I have to say ... Said CC to the receptionist.

She nodded excitedly, smiling. Jake was crying with laughter on Jinxx's shoulder, who patting his back, laughing more and more. Then Dennis approached the counter.

- You wouldn't know what they look like by chance? Dennis asked.
- I must admit that no ...
- You ... don't listen to metal, do you? Pursue the manager.
- A little...
- I don't know why but I knew it ... In short, we can have our keys?

She handed him the keys and he left in the direction of the elevator with his suitcases, Roxanne next to him and Jessie in his arms.

- And my pass? The receptionist yelled as she saw CC walked to the elevator to join Dennis.

CC turned around then:

- The Black Veil Brides don't count as an answer, I knew they were here since I'm the drummer in this band! He said turning like a diva, making his hair fly.

She have a face both surprise and a little bit shameful. Jake collapsed laughing and then withdrew his keys to the young woman.

- Dude, everybody's looking at you. Jinxx said to Jake.

The latter dried his tears and took his keys.

- Thank you. He said in a high voice.

Then he took the direction of the elevator and burst out laughing again. Once Andy had removed our keys, we would step into the elevator. The doors just closed as he came to me to kiss me sensually. On the third floor, the doors opened as I have my legs wrapped around his waist. A couple of people of a certain age not to say old people stared at us with disgust.

- We will take the next one. Said the man replacing his glasses.

On our floor, Andy opened the bedroom door.

- Wow! But it's a suite, it must have cost an arm and a leg, you're crazy!
- Of you.

But I had already jumped on the bed. He joined me and we started a pillow fight. He grabbed me by the waist, slapped me on the bed and nibbled my ear. I laughed even more.

- Was that your surprise?
- Not only that ... I planned other things. We'll be going out in the city just after eating.

Suddenly we heard screams in the corridor.

- Elena! Come back with that!

I opened the door and saw Elena crossing the corridor at full speed on a skateboard, a cap screwed upside down on the head, like Avril Lavigne at her beginning, with her arms loaded with miniature bottles of alcohol. Amy was running after him.

- Stop this woman! She robbed my minibar! She shouted away.

My eyes widened like tennis balls and I locked the door, sticking my back against it, eyes still like flying saucers.

- What? Andy asked.
- Elena robes the minibars! Hide the bottles!

Around noon, the atmosphere had calmed down and we were all at the hotel restaurant. Amy glared at Elena who was smiling with a devilish smile.

- You will never find them! Mouahahah! She said throwing a demonic laugh.
- Hello ! Then a waiter said approaching us. You chose ?
- For me it will be chicken. Said CC.
- Basquaise? Tajine ? Fajitas? Roast? Asked the waiter.
- A little of each. Smiles the drummer, handing him the menu.
- I'm sorry but it's impossible.

His smile gone.

- Well ... Basquaise then ...
- The children's menu for the young lady. Said Roxanne showing Jessie. And I would take a vegetarian burger.
- So ! I want lobster. Said Elena next. Yes, I eat my loyal subjects. It is an honor for them to sacrifice for me. She continued, raising her head haughtily and putting her hand on her clivage.

A silence settled. The waiter stared at her, blinking, and touched his tie knot, embarrassed by what my friend had just said. As for me, I sighed, putting my hand against my forehead and closed my eyes, shaking my head. My god, this girl can be really crazy sometimes.

- Hmm ... Well ... The waiter murmured, resuming his professional and serious look.

Once we had all ordered, the dishes arrived and we ate. Nothing special happened. Apart from ... maybe Elena kept talking about her loyal lobsters. I assure you this girl is really nuts!



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