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"Writing is to clean up the mess we have in our head"

I love to writing, it allows me to escape and to think of something other than the daily grind, to be able to create a whole universe of our imagination, to be able to allow our readers to escape the time a chapter, a story.

P.-S 1: Being French, I apologize for the presentation on the writing forma, which I noticed is slightly different from the American one.

P.-S 2: Being dyslexic, I apologize in advance for the small fault of spelling and grammar that you can find, because even with extreme attention and review, some mistakes can pass through my vigilance. Don't hesitate to point it out so that I correct them! ;)

On that, enjoy your reading !


Down at the Whisky

Down at the Whisky

R Romance Comedy Adventure

Who hasn't dreamed of being a rockstar? To live of s*x, drugs and rock'n'roll? Who hasn't dreamed of traveling the world in a tourbus? To be loved by thousands of people? To blow up hotel rooms? To die at the peak of his glory and be mourned every day? I'm Lexie and this is my story.


9.0 3 Votes
Nonstop To Nowhere - Fallen Angel (Tome I)

Nonstop To Nowhere - Fallen Angel (Tome I)

R Romance Drama

She doesn't just dance. She plays. She sees the world disappear. She releases her feelings. She stops being sad & forgets her pains. She lets go. She smiles. She laughs & crying sometime. Her name is Skylar Grange and this is her story.


8.0 3 Votes