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Down at the Whisky

Two girls kissing

The next day I woke up with a hangover and with a good smell of coffee. Sheena and Amy were on the couch smacking around a nice breakfast next to Elena who was holding her head over a bowl of cereal.

- Hey how are you ? Elena asked me. We didn't hear you come back last night.
- Yes, I am fine.
- You celebrated the beginning of the tour with the guys? Amy asked.
- Yeah well, each in their own way. I answered, serving myself a coffee.
- What happened ? You look bored ... Elena said.
- Um ... I exhale. Andy was completely drunk and he let come groupies on the bus, which made me a little upset.
- Oh ... She whispered.
- Yes, he said the same thing.

I hardly finished my sentence that Andy got on the bus and arrived in the lounge area of the tourbus.

- When we speak of the Devil ... whispered Amy.
- We'll see the tail! Elena screamed before getting into a ball in extremis to make any discreet and soothe her headache at the same time.
- Hum, Lexie ... Can we talk? He asked me.

I lit a cigarette, took a puff and looked at him severely, spitting smoke.

- Please ... He added.

I got up from the seat, my coffee in one hand and my cigarette in the other then I got off the bus. I put myself in front of him without saying a word, always staring at him.

- I wanted to apologize for yesterday. He began. Um ... I brought you some flowers.

He handed me a bouquet. I smiled before taking a sip of coffee.

- Do you think it's that easy make it up with me? I asked.
- No that's why I prepared a lot of stuff.
- Like what ?
- Before showing you, I wanted to tell you that these are old habits that came back last night. I haven't been in a relationship for a very long time. And I admit that I have always enjoyed girls ... I'm not very proud.
- I will not make a scene. It pissed me off but I mean, it didn't really happen much. I confessed.

He then approached me and put one of his hands on my cheek.

- I can ? He asked me.

I smiled at him for approval and he kissed me.

- By the way, I don't like flowers. I say, laughing. It's too sickly sweet.
- Okay, I'll remember. But I prepared a few things for very soon. You know we've been together for three weeks?
- Yes ... I whispered in his ear. I can't wait to discover all of this ...
- Very soon ...

As Andy and I explain on the last evening in the parking lot, the rest of his band was watching the scene glued to the tinted windows of the bus.

- Well ... it starts well between them ... Said Jake.
- If Andy starts screwing around like that, it will quickly clash and welcome bad atmosphere on the tour. Continued CC.
- Ash, you knows Andy better than anyone, what do you think? Jinxx asked.

They then all turned towards him, waiting for an answer.

- I don't really know. Either he is sincere with her, or he is having fun, but I admit that this last hypothesis seems, according to me, implausible because what makes me doubt about the fact that he's having fun with Lexie is that he hasn't slept with her yet.

He turned toward the other members of his band who looked at him with wide eyes.

- Did you use "hypothesis" and "implausible" in the same sentence? Exclaimed Jinxx shocked.
- Hum ... How do you know? Jake asked to cut Jinxx's deviation.
- Andy prepared something in San Francisco. He's going to bring her to town, show her the house where Janis Joplin lived, all this kin for stuff ... And he booked a great suite in the hotel where we're going to sleep. I think if it was just for fun, he wouldn't have spent so much money on it.
- Oh look they kissing ! Exclaims Jinxx.

I heard a scream from their bus and realized that they were watching us. I smiled at their curiosity and gave them a "hello" with my hand.

The afternoon and the evening passed like the day before. In the afternoon, a taxi came to drop Dennis's wife and daughter. He was so happy to see them again and his daughter ran to him and jumped into his arms and he kissed his wife.

- I present you Roxanne, my love since my 15 years old and my little princess Jessie.

After the reunion, we headed to our dressing room to prepare ourself for the second concert which was once again amazing. After the concert we took our little walkabout. The Backbites (my band) attracted more and more people who came to talk to us, congratulate us, even flirt with us sometimes ... but it was nice and with the girls we began to gradually enter our new life as rockstars.

Once the room emptied, we went out to the parking lot to reach the buses. Girls screamed Andy's name as soon as they saw him. It was the groupies of the day before. He turned his head towards them but ignored them, wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed my hair. I then smiled with satisfaction as I heard them rage over and over again.

That evening, the atmosphere was better than the day before. Jessie slept on our bus so she would not be disturbed while Dennis and Roxanne were with us. They were cute together and formed a nice couple.

- Lesbian actions! Suddenly yelled Jinxx wasted.

I looked up and saw that he was showing Sheena and Amy who were also drunk, kissing each over on the couch. Besides, if they hadn't been drunk, they would never have kiss themselves in from of everyone.

- My darlings ! Elena shouted as she took them in her arms. Oh, I'm so happy!
- And so drunk! I added when I was no better while emphasize the last letter of the word. Oh shit, it's going to be like that every night? I asked CC, crying with laughter.
- Oh yes ! He exclaimed in his turn.
- I'm the queen of lobsters! And I am DRUNK WITH HAPPINESS ! Elena shouted as she stood up with a bottle of vodka in each hand.
- Drunk period ! Roxanne mumbled, sighing and shaking her head.

After a while, the party came to an end and Sheena and Amy brought Elena back to the bus. Roxanne was sleeping with Dennis in their bunk, while I fell asleep in the Andy's arms, who carried me and put me in his bunk.



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