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The story of a lonesome ol'Jerome


*Gwyn’s POV*

Andy looked down at me from where he stood by the driver’s seat, his blue eyes boiling. His mouth was open in an ugly grimace. And then he reached over to the metal lever and slammed the bus door shut about four inches in front of me.

I stood very still as tears ran freely down my face, collecting on the sides of my neck and in the center of my clavicle. I heard Andy start swearing, shouting, and briefly he even sobbed.

Guilt and panic gripped me suddenly. I had a severe attack of motor tics, my head whipping to the side hard enough to be painful. I had to start making a conscious effort to suppress verbal manifestations so I wouldn’t make a fool of myself. Andy wailed and I hissed, 'shit!' under my breath.

Abruptly the black panels of the bus door were shaking as the whole bus rocked. I heard one loud crash, followed by several smashing noises and a few thuds, all accompanied by unhinged cursing and shouting. I made two tight fists, smacked my legs hard, and then sprinted for my car.

I had bad knees, I wasn’t supposed to run, but I had to, I had to, it was necessary. The sharp pain with each impact with the pavement was like an awl or ice pick digging into each meniscus, patella, violating my joint space. I just ran faster. By the time I made it to my car, I was limping, and my lungs had that burning, acidic pain from being in poor shape.

I turned the key in the ignition, and 'New Year's Day' came blasting on, it was one of my favorites. I screamed in frustration, and tore the cd out, throwing it in the back of the car. I picked out a Murderdolls cd instead and put it in, remembering hearing somewhere that they had been dicks to BVB when they toured together.

I knew where to go.


Motherfucker! Serves me right, trying to update from my phone! Lost the whole thing! Fuck, I hope it works this time. Mothershittingdickfist!


*NOTE* The author of this story no longer has access to her account due to site malfunction.
SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

Ok, cool. I don't mind plodding plots at all, but as a frustrated English teacher, I can totally understand the grammar and structure stuff.

Merelan Merelan


oh, i'm not changing it significantly in that regard. i mean more a stylistic change to make it easier to read: breaking up paragraphs, improving grammar and tense consistency, stuff like that. i've become a much better writer and i want my stuff to reflect that. if you're nervous about the changed, you can check out the newest version on my wattpad account. my user name is anathemadvm, just plain anathema was taken. i'm still likely to further revise the very beginning a little, but nothing is plot related, i like the plot as much as i ever did. i just want it to be easier to read, that's all.

anathema anathema

Actually, the beginning of LoJ fits the story perfectly, IMHO. You establish Gywn as a likeable, but clearly flawed character from the door. It's much different from most other fanfic, which want to get to the Bride(s) ASAP.

Merelan Merelan


oh my goodness! i don't think even i have read it that many times, though i could be wrong! i've certainly only read it through once in one sitting! i promise that the edited version is higher quality, but i don't dare tinker with it here until i have the whole thing ready to go. right now i've edited through chapter 50, though i might need to ahve another look at the very beginning, because it's so plodding.

anathema anathema