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Saviours of Broken past (On hold)


What would Sabi do when she meets her idol, after Sammi introduce him to her after the first concert? Love will blossom and the drama vil begin.. Does the Ex want her back or will he destory her forever... Can Andy and Sabi keep on dating, Or will they lose each other in the end!...
Daniella meets her Idol, which is the sexy bassist Ashley Purdy. Will she make it all spin or will it end as a sin? You never know what happens, so you better read!


Andy Biersack

Andy Biersack

Lead singer of BVB (Sabi's Love)

Ashley Purdy

Ashley Purdy

Bassist of BVB (Daniella's love)

Christian Coma/CC

Christian Coma/CC

Drums og BVB



Main charatar/Friend of Sabi & New friend of Sammi(Ashley's love)

Jake Pitts

Jake Pitts

Lead Guitar og BVB

Jeremy Ferguson/Jinxx

Jeremy Ferguson/Jinxx

Base Guitar / Violinist and Husband of Sammi

Sabi Hatake

Sabi Hatake

Main character/Friend of Daniella & New friend of Sammi (Andy's Love)

Sammi Doll

Sammi Doll

Jinxx wife and Sabi & Daniella's new friend


  1. The meeting

    On the way to the concert

  2. Friend appears

    On the way to the hotel

  3. At The Hotel - Part one

    Pizza, Beers and a Hotel Room.

  4. At The Hotel - Part two

    Feelings,Fun & more Alcohol

  5. Late Night & The Avengers


  6. Late Night & The Avengers part 2

    A night with Mr. Purdy pillow?

  7. Breakfast - Part One

    Water & Food War

  8. Breakfast part 2

    I might be in love

  9. The Mall is a Funny thing

    Shopping, coffee & A bit of Cake

  10. The mall is a funny thing part 2

    Shopping and depression

  11. Legoland ( Legoworld) Part - One

    Ex appears, Gifts & Love ( a little sexually )

  12. Legoworld part 2

    Rollercoosters and surprises ♡

  13. Legoland ( Legoworld) Part - Three

    Pizza and Fun

  14. Europe Tour

    Soon it's time for Black Veil Brides tour, what are the girls gonna do?

  15. Europe Tour here we come

    Mall and girl time

  16. Romantic Date

    Love and something sweet

  17. A Day with a Purdy

    Ashley and more Ashley ~

  18. Kicking off Europa Tour!

    First Show of the tour - Koncert and trouble

  19. Last day in Denmark

    Trouble with the ex

  20. Last day in Denmark Part 2

    Trouble, trouble and more fucking trouble

  21. Last day in Denmark - Part Three

    Awaken and still Scared ( Andy's pov )

  22. Andy's question and Ashley's sad face

    (short chapter) On the way to the tour bus

  23. Gone missing!

    Somewere you shouldn't be, but why here?



Thank you so much! \(^w^)/

We're happy you're enjoying our FanFiction c:


XxRebelAngelxX XxRebelAngelxX
I do my best to get it done -w-
XxRebelAngelxX XxRebelAngelxX
Thanks! ^^, though my english suck, It's my friend who will update next time.. Soo i can't wait either x)
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