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Well.... x)

Name: Sabine Melanie Schytz

Age: 23

And im from Denmark, I Love BVB<3

Facebook: Sabine Hatake Schytz/ Sabi
Twitter: xSabineHatakex
Mail: Ask (;

Love to write!

I'm trying my very best to write fan fictions in here don't judge if im horrible at it ^^, i hope you will like my stories anyway, and if you have any ideas or you want to make a story together with me just write to me on FB or twitter.. x)

Thanks to all of you who have read my stories! you keep me going.. ! >.< More ask ^^,

One more thing.. I don't own bvb & This is pure Fanfiction! ^^,

Love you all<3

I'm out! x)


World Known Rockstar & Busy Gamer

World Known Rockstar & Busy Gamer

PG-13 Romance Comedy

Do you believe in true love? Your not sure, Don't worry it will find you.. It did for Melanie ( On hold for the moment..Sorry i'll be back when all is good again )


10.0 6 Votes
The Destroyer

The Destroyer

R Romance Comedy Drama

Kea has two brothers but who are the real brother? and will Ashley love her some day? bad things will happen, and can she really be friends with Black Veil Brides? (Ashley love story)


Completed ✓
8.7 9 Votes
The Wild One (On Hold)

The Wild One (On Hold)

R Romance Drama

After the vacation ends.. Something has change, But what is it? (Sequel to Days are numbered )


- 2 Votes
Saviours of Broken past (On hold)

Saviours of Broken past (On hold)

PG-13 Romance Drama Teen

What happens when they confess! and Ex boyfriend appears to seperate them & other troubles comes along, for the girls(Andy Biersack & Ashley Purdy love story)


7.7 5 Votes
Days are Numbered

Days are Numbered

PG-13 Romance Tragedy Teen

Meets her idol in a exhibiton! what happens next (Andy lovestory/CC)


Completed ✓
10.0 3 Votes