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Los Monstruos

Who Let Him Go to the Candy Store, ALONE?

Isis’ POV

When I woke up, I thought I was in my own bed…turns out, I wasn’t. I shot straight up and looked around. I was still in the hotel. My clothes were still on; the hoodie was taken off and slouched over the couch and Jake was missing. “Jake?” I asked out loud, “Jake?” I called again.
“In the bathroom!” he shouted, he opened the door and there he emerged in a fresh new black wardrobe and was brushing his teeth. All I could do was try and hide the smile that I felt ready to emerge from my lips. I laid myself back down and stretched my arms, groaning as I rubbed my eyes.
“Sleep well?” He asked still vigorously brushing his teeth. “Mhmm,” I groaned still stretching.
“How did you sleep?” I asked. He spit in the sink and rinsed his tooth brush and put it away in his bag with his other toiletries.
“It was alright, the couch was comfy but a little cramped,” he replied. “Wait, you slept on the couch and let me have the bed?” I asked, discerning. “Yeah, you passed out while we were lying on the floor talking, I laid you in the bed, tucked you in and then I took my place on the couch.” That was so sweet of him. “You didn’t have to do that,” I said feeling my cheeks grow hot with blush.
He shrugged his shoulders and ducked his head to hide a smile.
“So, would you like to go get breakfast? I already had some with the guys while you were sleeping, I didn’t want to disturb you so yeah…”
“I’d like to go home and get a change of clothes,” I chuckled softly looking at my outfit all wrinkled and covered in scuff marks.
“We could go to your place, Andy, CC and Jinxx already left to go sightseeing, so it’s just Ashley and I,” Jake Pitts and Ashley Purdy in my apartment? Disaster is just waiting to happen, “alright,” I said, “let’s go.”
I got up and slipped on my shoes, put on Jake’s hoodie and grabbed my purse, reaching for my car keys as I walked for the door. “My apartment is just down the street from the hotel so it shouldn’t be that long of a drive,” I said as Jake closed the door behind us and walked to the elevator. When we reached the lobby, there stood Ashley patiently waiting for us. “Ready to go?” he asked. “Yep,” replied Jake, “we’re just going to swing by Isis’s place so she can change into some clothes.”
“Is that cool with you, Ashley?” I asked. “Yeah it’s cool, I’ll text CC and tell them we’ll meet them at the mall in a bit.” We began walking out to my car, I hit the unlock button on my car key and opened the door. Jake slid into the passenger side and Ashley took the backseat.
It wasn’t long before I pulled into the parking garage at my apartment. The drive was quiet except for the soft sound of The Birthday Massacre coming from the stereo speakers. I parked my car in my reserved spot like always and got out, locking the car as the boys got out and slammed the doors. I felt kind of eerie leading them to my apartment, I mean c’mon it’s not like they’re going to do anything. They just know where I live now, that’s all. Taking the elevator, I pressed the 10 button and the boys looked at me, “you live on the tenth floor?” Jake asked, “I would’ve never guessed this building had ten floors, looks so compact from the outside,” he said looking Ashley with Ashley nodding in agreement.
We reached the finally reached my floor and we walked down the hall to my room, fumbling for the right key to unlock the apartment; I think I was still drunk off that little bit of rum and coke. I’m surprised I didn’t crash the car while driving! Oh who am I kidding? That little sliver of alcohol couldn’t do that…
I unlocked the door and threw my purse on the table by the door and dropped my keys in the ceramic bowl, “make yourselves at home while I wash up,” I told the boys. I slipped into my room and ran right to my closet for a new outfit. What to wear? All clothes I owned were black. C’mon. I’ve got to have some color in this damn closet! I’ll look like a widow in mourning. In the very back, I found a red tank top. I haven’t worn this in years! It was gorgeous; I don’t know why I didn’t wear it before. It was a deep, rich red and it had a crochet pattern in the back with a V-neck in the front. I found a black undershirt for it along with some acid-washed skinny jeans that had holes in the knees.
I ran for the shower at an instant and just quickly washed off the smeared on make up from last night and washed my hair. I wasn’t going to do much with my hair today. Just blow dry it and make it all poufy with some styling mouse. No makeup today. My skin needed a definite breather.

Jake’s POV

Isis had a bombing apartment. Real classy like and kind of dark; it was one of those apartments that was facing away from the sun as it came up in the morning but I bet she got a really nice sunset at night.
I sat on the couch and looked through her book collection under the glass-top coffee table. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters? All of the books in the Vampire Chronicles including Blackwood Farm and Memnok the Devil? Colorful selection; there were more books but I didn’t know what most of them were and some of them were even in foreign languages that I couldn’t make out. I got up and walked over to the mantel where she had a huge stash of CDs on top of CDs. A lot of Satanic 90’s music and swinging 30’s band music. She had a wide variety.
I looked over out of the corner of my eye and saw Ashley going through her table drawers and flipping through her mail lying on the table, “Ash! What are you doing? You can’t just go through her stuff!” I whispered in a shouting way. “Dude, chill, I’m just checking to make sure she doesn’t have anything she can use to kill us.”
I got up and snatched the mail out of his and shut the drawer, “knock it off dude, she’s not like that, do you really think she’d kill us with…” I looked at the envelopes, “a mortgage payment on her flower shop and a subscription to Metal Mania magazine?” I took a second glance at the second envelope. “She reads Metal Mania?” I stared at it in amazement before putting it back on the table.
“Oh and you know?” he gawked,
“Well…no, but I just know she’s not like that, alright?”
“Did you two…do anything last night?” he smirked slyly.
“No, we just talked is all and she fell asleep, that’s it!”
He wasn’t buying it for one sec, “I swear dude,” I said promisingly. He rolled his eyes and suddenly Isis came out all clean and in a new outfit, “hey,” she smiled slipping into some black flats, “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long, I tried to hurry.”
“Oh it’s no hurry,” I said smiling, “you look nice.”
I saw her cheeks turn a soft pink, “thanks, Jake.” I could feel Ashley playfully hitting my side with his elbow; I just looked at him in a glare, “ready to go?” she said grabbing her purse.
We walked out of the apartment as she locked the door behind her and took the elevator back down to the parking garage. Ashley texted CC to tell him that we were going to meet them at the mall and suddenly when Ashley had received a text back, his face went white.
“Ash, what’s up?” I asked.
“Um, we need to get to the mall…” Ashley replied in a worry, emphasizing the word ‘need’. “Why?” asked Isis, concerned. “CC texted me and said they lost Andy at the mall…” he replied. I busted out laughing, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it! How do you lose a twenty-year old man at a mall?
“How can they just lose him?” I asked,
“It’s a pretty big mall,” Isis replied.
“How big?”
“That’s what she said,” said Ashley. I glared to myself at his remark.
“Well,” began Isis, “it’s an outdoor strip mall that takes up and entire street, hence the name, Sixteenth Street Mall, and let’s just said you can ride cable-busses up and down the mall because that’s how big it is.”
Ashley groaned, “We’ll never find him.”

Isis’s POV

We reached the mall and I found a spot in the parking garage just next to the mall, we took the elevator down to the streets and walked out on to the strip where we met up with Jinxx and CC by the corner Starbucks, “where did you guys last see him?” Jake asked,
“I don’t know,” CC replied, “we were just walking and I thought he was right behind us but by the time we turned around, he was just gone!”
“Well have you tried calling his cell?” I asked. “We’ve tried, it goes straight to voicemail,” replied Jinxx.
“We’ll just have to split up and find him then,” said Ashley.
We agreed to split up into groups to find Andy, “I’ll go with Isis,” I said. “I’ll go on my own,” said Ashley.
“I’ll stick with Jinxx,” said CC. “We’ll meet back up here at the Starbucks corner in an hour, and we’ll keep in contact through our phones if we do find him, agreed?” I said. Everyone agreed and we were on our way. Jake and I swooped through the stores along the strip, to see if he were inside any of them.
Within twenty minutes, we were having rotten luck. It was almost 87 F° outside, I was baking in my skinny jeans and I was really worried that something may have happened to the pour guy.
“Do you think, he may have wandered off somewhere?” I asked Jake.
“Possibly, he does have a tendency to wander when he sees something he likes,”
“Like what?”
“Well,” he began, “he liked shiny things…and unhealthy foods.”
“There’s a candy store on the other side of the mall down South,” I pointed out.
Jakes face lit up and at an instant, he took me by the hand and ran toward the cable bus. “You’re a genius,” he said.
“What did I say?” I gasped as we jumped onto one of the parked cable busses, “candy store!”
He took out his phone and called Ashley, “hey…yeah, I think we know where he may be…at the candy store at the end of the mall…on the South end…just catch a cable bus and we’ll meet you down there.”
He hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket. The bus began to move and Jake swooned with the bus, I caught him and placed his hand up on the suspender hanging from the top of the bus, “hold on,” I insured him, smiling. He smiled back at me.
We made it to the end of the mall and dashed right for the candy store. Bursting through the front doors, there was Andy seated in a chair with a security guard watching him. “Jake! Thank God you’re here!” He said with his face lighting up at the sight of him.
“What happened to you?” Jake asked, “CC and Jinxx have been worried!”
“I just walked into the candy store and before I knew it, when I looked around, they were gone and now I’m here in confinement!”
“What for?” I asked. “He claims he was “sampling” the candy and was unable to pay for it, he’s being held for stealing,” said the security guard.
“I didn’t steal any of it, I just…ate it…and I left my wallet at the hotel!” explained Andy.
“Look, if someone will just pay for the candy then he’ll be free to go,” said the guard. “I’ll pay for it,” I offered.
“I can’t let you do that,” said Jake defensively.
“Jake, it’s fine,” I smiled, “it’s the least I can do, how much?” I asked the cashier at the counter.
“Twenty-five dollars,” the girl said. I reached into my wallet and gave her a twenty and a five.
“Thank you,” she said taking the money.
“Let’s go, Andy,” said Jake. Andy stood up and followed close by Jake and I. Just as we walked out of the store, Jinxx, CC and Ashley came up to us.
“You found him!” said CC happily.
“Why did you go off like that?” Jinxx asked angrily. “It’s candy, man, I mean c’mon,” said Andy shrugging his shoulders.
“Yeah,” said Jake, “twenty-five dollars’ worth of candy!”
“I told you, I was sampling!” said Andy defensively.
“Two pieces is sampling, twenty-five dollars’ worth is Halloween!” replied Jake.
“Jake, it’s really nothing,” I replied, trying to easy the guilt off of Andy. “Well,” began Ashley, “now that we found the knuckle head, how about we all just go out to lunch? My treat.”
“Sound great,” said Jinxx.
“I’m famished!” said CC. “Famished?” laughed Jake, “that’s a new word even for me!”
“Where should we go?” asked Jinxx. “Well how about since Isis bailed me out, let’s let her pick the restaurant of choice,” implied Andy.
I was hungry, didn’t even eat breakfast and I was craving some orange chicken.
“How about Panda Express,” I asked, “it’s cheap, it’s Chinese and it’s the bomb!”
“Sounds great,” said Jake.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
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