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Los Monstruos

Shark Bait, OOHAHA!

Isis’s POV

Ashley and Jake got in my car and we drove to Panda Express with CC, Jinxx and Andy follow in a car behind me.
When we got to Panda Express, we all went up, ordered our food and sat down while Ashley paid. Everyone was using chopsticks instead of a fork which made me feel not so left out ‘cause whenever I got out to dinner with my friends.
“Thank you for lunch, Ashley,” I said smiling graciously.
“Oh don’t worry about it,” he smiled back, “I mean after all you did save Andy from sitting in candy jail.”
I ate my bits of orange chicken and white rice along with my beef and broccoli while quietly talking with Jake about random things like, well, food first off and then music and of course what it’s like for him having so many adoring fans. I was pretty sure it got annoying at times to hear screaming girls non-stop.
“I guess,” Jake began, “I just really love traveling, and I’m not one to be held down in one place all the time.” This made me feel uneasy about him now. If he wasn’t one to be held down when it came to living in a geological area, just imagine how his relationships must be. Oh, Isis, shut up! You’re over-analyzing things again! Curse being a Virgo…worst astrology sign in the zodiac! Who wants to be a virgin? I mean c’mon!
“I know what you mean,” I agreed, “but I’m honestly too chicken to just pick up and move, not at this point in my life, I mean with running a flower shop and a part time bookstore, there’s really not much I can do but just stay home in Denver.”
“You run a bookstore?” he asked.
“Didn’t I tell you guys that?”
“Not really,” said CC scuffing down some orange chicken.
“Well, it’s only a part time thing; my father owned it when I was growing up and now that he’s retired and my mom and him moved to Mexico and he just couldn’t bear to sell it to just anyone so, he gave it to me.”
“What kind of books you got?” asked Jinxx.
“Oh lots! We’ve got mostly horror and mystery and a couple of romance novels. A lot of old books that are fabricated covered from like the twenties; it’s more like an antique store in there!” I chuckled.
“Well, Sammi does love old books so maybe I could take her there sometime?” Jinxx asked.
“Of course,” I smiled, “anything for the happy fiancée.”
“So, what does one do in a flower shop?” Andy asked.
“She sells flowers, duh!” Joked CC,
“Well that is a good question, Andy and there’s a lot more to it than you might realize,” I explained, “you’ve got to call the floral company who grows the flowers, you’ve got to make sure the cooler that holds the flowers aren’t too cold and even sometimes I get calls from people who are getting married who want me to arrange center pieces for them or even make the brides bouquet and such, it just goes on forever,”
“Sounds pretty complicated for just flowers,” said Andy.
“Yeah, but I don’t mind it at all, I’ve always loved flowers as a girl; always rummaging through my mom’s flower beds, picking flowers, oh she’d get so mad at me for picking her flowers,” I chuckled. That seemed so long ago, I thought.
“Stupid question: do you have a favorite flower?” asked Ashley.
I chuckled softly and smiled, “yes, I really love Marigolds, always have; my mother had a huge bed of them that I would pick from, she said I could only pick from that bed and that I had to leave the other flowers alone, that was our negotiation,”
“Seems fair,” laughed Jake.
“I’m so full!” said CC, stretching in his chair.
“Me too,” I agreed, “What should we do now? It’s only quarter past noon,”
“Well what else is there to do in Denver besides the mall?” asked Ashley,
“yeah,” began Jinxx, “’cause Lord knows we’re NOT going back there again,” we all looked at Andy as he finished his last big bit of white rice, “what?” he asked astonished with little bits of rice flying from his lips.
“Well,” I said starting to think, “it is only June so I think the Rockies should be playing a game sometime soon, but if you guys aren’t into baseball then there’s the Denver Zoo and then there’s the Aquarium and oh God! There’s Elitch Gardens!” I could feel my eyes go wide.
“Sounds like a lot,” said Jake, “what should we do first?”
“Well, since half the day is almost wasted we could wait off on Elitch Gardens, because that’s an entire day of amusement park rides that you’ll want to get up early for,” I replied.
“I think the Aquarium sounds pretty neat,” said Jinxx.
“Yeah, let’s do that,” smiled Andy, “I want to see the sharks!”
“Just don’t go swimming with them, whatever you do,” Grimaced Ashley.
“Actually,” I said, “for a measly $90, you can actually get suited up in a wet suit and go scuba diving in the tanks with the fishes,” I could feel a weight being placed on my shoulders as all the guys just looked at me and with looks that screamed, ‘WHY DID YOU JUST TELL HIM THAT?!’.
“To the sharks!!” shouted Andy.
I could see Ashley face palming himself thinking, ‘this is going to be a long afternoon’.

Jake’s POV

We all paid for our own way in. Only $15 to get into a huge ass aquarium! That was a deal for me! I could smell the salt water as soon as we walked in and right in front of us was a huge tank with sea otters swimming around, doing tricks and kids were pressing their noses up to the glass to see them.
Andy and CC were amongst those kids pressing their noses up against the glass.
Isis had her camera and out and was taking pictures of CC and Andy being kids and trying to get Jinxx and Ashley into the spirit of things. Isis had a little map of the aquarium so we knew what to expect, our first stop were the aquatic species of North America. Andy nearly flipped when he saw a giant turtle.
“Look at the size of that fucking turtle! Holy shit!” he said about ready to climb over the glass, “NO!” said Ashley pulling him down.
Isis and I stayed mostly behind while the guys were franticly looking at all the glasses; she was taking pictures and just admiring the fish. A weird thing to say but that’s what she was doing!
“Having fun?” she asked smiling softly.
“Yeah, I am, it’s nice here,” I replied.
“I sometimes just come here for the hell of it, just to sit and look at the fish,” she said.
“Relaxing, I would assume,”
“It is,” she smiled.
We walked through a dark tunnel and up we came to a place that was really hot and mucky and a voice was going off, ‘FLASH FLOOD WARNING,’ I was scared for a moment.
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“It’s a part of the exhibit where it shows you how flash floods can happen and their effects,” she explained.
Suddenly, out of East-Jesus nowhere, there was a giant crash of water followed by a bunch of screams. Isis and I looked forward and saw none other than Andy, Ashley, Jinxx and CC, drenched.
“Oh yeah, there’s a certain point where you have to stand back or you’ll get severely splashed,” she remembered as she took a picture of the boys looking like cats caught in the rain. I laughed at their misfortune.
“Not funny,” Scowled Jinxx.
“Are you kidding? It’s hilarious man!” I shouted as they turned their backs at me and stomped off. I could hear their boots making a squish noise with each stomping step.

We walked around the rest of aquarium for what seemed like a good hour and it was huge and so many things to see, left and right were sharks and rays and fish and not like the fish you eat, like really colorful fish that were like big bursts of color WOAH!
The guys were still ahead of us looking around so it was just me and Isis, alone…again. We came to a giant tank filled with sharks and fish and even a turtle! The tank expanded upward and then curved over us like a giant tunnel so the fish could swim over our heads, it was almost breath-taking.
“This is my favorite part,” she smiled as we found a bench to sit down at for a second. My legs were killing me already.
I watched Isis as she flipped through her photos and looked around at the fish swimming above our heads.
“I’m hoping you’re not bored already,” she smiled as she put her camera way.
“Bored? Why on Earth would I be bored? This place is amazing!”
“Well, hanging out with me can be rather boring, hence why I don’t go out as often as some people should,” she blushed.
“Isis,” I smiled as I brushed her hair out of her face, “you’re not boring, in fact; you are probably the most intellectual girl I’ve met in a while.”
She smiled softly; her hazel eyes seemed to almost sparkle under the oceanic lighting. My heart felt almost ready to burst out of my chest as I started to lean closer to her. Was I going to kiss her? I was! I was actually going to kiss her! Was she going to kiss me back? Please kiss back.
“Isis, Jake!” I heard CC call out from a far off distance. I jumped slightly and scooted back to make myself seem scarce.
“What?” Isis asked.
“You have to check this out!”
“What?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
“Just trust me, you got to come see this!” he implored, and at an instant we were following CC through the exhibits till we came to see Jinxx and Ashley standing up looking at the aquarium.
“What are you guys looking at?” Isis asked, Ashley just pointed up at the aquarium as a big muscly diver jumped into the tank wearing a wet suit with an oxygen tank on his back, then came another one who was really kind of skinny and didn’t know what the Hell he was doing.
I looked around, “where’s Andy?” I asked suspiciously, Jinxx pointed back at the glass like Ashley.
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” I asked.
They both just stood there shaking their heads with their mouths wide open.
“He actually went into the tank?” Isis asked in surprise.
“Yeah, man, there was no stopping him,” laughed CC. We watched as Andy swam around and touched the turtles and the sharks, he even came down to the glass and waved at us and we waved back but suddenly CC hatched an idea.
“Isis, do you have a piece of paper and a sharpie?” he asked.
“Yeah, I think I do,” she said reaching into her purse. She pulled out a good regular size sheet of crumpled up printing paper and a black sharpie and gave it to CC.
CC propped the paper up on the glass and wrote the words, ‘SHARK BAIT, OOHAHA!’ then turned it around and showed Andy.
Andy read the sign and flipped CC off. We all just laughed and watched as Andy swam around for a few more minutes, following the sharks and then went back up to the surface.


I'm hooked!!!!
PLZ UPDATE SOON!!! ...srry 4 yelling...
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OH SHIT CC! 0.0 Update soon c:
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That's just how I roll ( I am such a failed child). But w.e. nice move Isis slip while running to the bathroom lol.

Update soon
ELLA 0.0 xD
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