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Best Night of Her Life

The move and the truth

Narrator POV
When they all get back to Lela’s house they all go inside and help Lela pack. Lela started with her closet after telling everyone what they can pack. Jake had to pack up her desk, Jinxx had to pack up all of Max’s stuff since Lela was taking him with her, Ashley had to pack her massive amount of make-up in her bathroom, and Andy had to pack all of her tiny stuff that was sitting on her 2 bedside tables.
Lela’s POV
“Okay can you guys start moving all of these bags while I pack up the rest of my stuff?”
“Okay. The door will be open when you come over and your stuff will be in my room,” said Andy.
“Okay. See you guys in a couple of minutes.” When the guys left I finished packing up my underwear and grabbed Max and put him on a leash and left a note for my parents saying I had Max with me. See the reason I took Max with me is because my parents will are gone for 2 months and because my parents got him for me for my birthday last year. I was about to leave when the house phone rang.
“Hey Lela. It’s me Joy.”
“Oh hey Joy. Hey can you call me back on my cell cause I’m about to leave my house.”
“Sure. Bye.” We hung up and then she called my cell.
“Okay what’s up Joy.”
“Nothing. Where are you going?”
“Friend’s house. Well it’s my friend’s house but I’m moving in with the 4 of them and my boyfriend.”
“Cause Joy we only started dating today. Am I supposed to call you the second we start dating?”
“No but who is it. Let me guess, is it James from Biology?”
“No. Why would I date him? Never mind. It’s Andy.”
“OMJ!!! Really?”
“Yeah I just said it.” By now I’m already through the guys door and they are all staring at me weirdly. So I mouth ‘It’s Joy’. And they’re all like ‘oh’.
“You are so lucky. I wish Jake was my boyfriend.”
“Well why don’t you come over so you can help me unpack while the guys have band practice. And don’t scream when you get here.”
“I’m on my way. Where do they live?”
“In the black house next to mine. See you in a couple of minutes.”
“Okay.” We hung up and the guys looked at me confused.
“We have band practice?” asked CC.
“Only if you don’t want to be tackled to the ground. See if you have band practice in the basement for half an hour while Joy is here she won’t be as crazy as when she first walks in the door.”
“Good idea,” said Jinxx.
“Well if I were you I would be heading downstairs cause Joy only lives a block away from here.” When I said that they all hopped off the couches and ran downstairs after Andy pecked my lips really quickly which made me blush.
Less than 2 minutes later Joy was in the doorway.
“Hey Joy.”
“Hey Lela. Where are the guys?”
“Downstairs having band practice. So follow me so you can help me get unpacked. Now no stealing any of Andy’s clothes. He will notice.”
“Okay. I wasn’t going to anyway. If I were to steal anyone’s clothes it would be Jakes.”
“No stealing anyone’s clothes. Got me.”
“Fine.” Joy’s head fell in fake sadness.
“Oh come on.” I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs to me and Andy’s room. The only problem I had was that I didn’t know which was his so I had to look at every name on every door until I found Andy’s room at the end of the hall.
“I like how all of them have their doors decorated and labeled differently so you can tell who’s is who’s.”
“Yeah that’s actually helping me right now.”
“In what way?”
“I don’t know which room is Andy’s until I looked at the names on the door.” We walked into Andy’s room and half of his closet was already cleaned out so I can hang some of my clothes.
“Who knew a guy would have a walk in closet that is only half filled. Does he honestly do that much laundry?”
“Joy, he cleaned out half of his closet for me.”
“Oh.” After that we got to work on unpacking all of my stuff. I put Max’s stuff next to the bedside table that was cleaned off for my tiny little things like pictures, jewelry, etc. All of the unpacking took 30 minutes and Joy was really calm about being in Jake Pitts house. So I took her downstairs to find all the guys sitting on the sofa with soda’s in their hands and 2 extra’s on the coffee table in the center.
“Hey,” I said while grabbing one of the extra soda’s and sitting on Andy’s lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pecked my cheek. “Guys, this is my friend Joy. Joy this is Jake, Jinxx, CC, Ashley, and the one I’m sitting on is Andy.”
“Hi,” Joy said really quiet but you could still hear her.
“Hi,” said Jake with a smile. Joy blushed so she ducked her head down and then sat in the only empty seat which just so happened to be next to Jake.
“Hey!” said the other 4 with excitement in their voices.
“So. What have you guys been doing lately?” asked Joy.
“Nothing much. Got to see Jake, Jinxx, and CC in their boxers this morning.”
“She came over this morning and we were all sound asleep and she came in my room first to wake me up. She woke me up by tickling my feet which caused me to scream and the 4 of them to run into the room. Sadly the 3 of them weren’t wearing pants. I was happily under the bed sheets cause I didn’t have pants on. Andy was wearing Batman pajama pants,” said Ashley.
“Okay,” said Joy with a weirded out tone in her voice.
“Well. What are we going to do for dinner? I am starving,” said CC.
“You’re always hungry. And naked. But dude, now that Lela is living with us, make sure you lock your bedroom door before you get naked. And plus I don’t want to see your ass for a 5 time. And I don’t think anyone else here does,” said Jake.
“Okay. I can do that,” said CC obviously not fazed by what Jake had said.
“Why are you always naked CC?” asked Joy.
“I don’t know. It just calms me down so I just get naked in the confinements of my bedroom. But I always forget to either close my door or lock it.”
“Gross,” said Lela. “And dude. Just remember, always have some form of pants on or else I will hurt you. I do not want to see anything but your torso unclothed.”
“Okay,” said CC while taking a big gulp of nothing but air and spit showing that he was frightened. Everyone including Joy got up from the sofa’s and left the house and walked to downtown LA, which was only 5 minutes away from the house, and were on the search for a place to eat dinner. They finally decided on McDonald’s. When they went inside everyone just stared at them. They ignored them so everyone went back to their food except they would take little glances at them every now and then. They got their food and sat at a table all the way in the back so they could be hidden.
“Okay all these people staring at us is starting to freak me out,” said Joy.
“Just calm down Joy and you’ll get used to it. And maybe they will stop looking at us,” said Jake while getting louder in the last sentence so people would get the hint without it being that direct. Everyone turned around like their lives depended on it and just ignored them.
“Well that was a good idea to not have it be so direct,” I said.
“It always works.” Everyone finished eating and then they all walked back home. Joy went back to her house and the other 6 to theirs. When they got home everyone went to their separate rooms and got in bed.
“Good night Lela,” said Andy while kissing my lips so softly.
“Night Andy,” I said after he pulled away and quickly pecked him on the lips and then lied down on my side of the bed. I felt movement and then an arm snake around my waist and Andy against my back. I turned over and laid my head against his chest and fell asleep.
Andy’s POV
After Lela said goodnight she turned over and closed her eyes. So I just had to move over and put my arm around her waist. A second later she turned over and rested her head on my chest and fell asleep. I sat there for a minute looking at her sleep peacefully and kept thinking to myself about how lucky I was to have her here. I feel completed once again. Last time I felt like this was 5 years ago when I fell for Scout. Then the whole came in my heart when I found out she cheated and I broke up with her. I’m so glad I found someone to fill the void in my heart. And I’m so glad it was Lela who filled it. I love her, all I have to do is find out if she feels the same. Then I will be complete once again.
“I love you,” I said to Lela thinking she was completely asleep, which she was, but I’m guessing she was a light sleeper cause I saw her smile and say “I love you too,” and fall asleep again with a smile on her face and I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a deep dark void in my heart filled.
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Thank you!!!!!
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I read the rest of the story on minna and I loved it <3 awwww. I won't say anything to ruin the ending for any one
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