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Best Night of Her Life

Disney Adventure part 2

Andy POV
“Hello. Welcome to Disney. Parking will be $10 please,” said the lady behind the window where you pay for parking. It was obvious that she was disgusted by the way we looked. But who cares. We get the stares all the time so there is no point of worrying cause it doesn’t bother ANY of us. Especially me, I’ll live through it just like when a little kid gets a tiny cut. Jake paid her and we went in and found a spot to park in.
“You’d think it would take us like an hour to find a parking spot. Don’t you think?” asked Lela.
“No for us it’s easy cause we’re here so much that the parking people just gave us our own reserved spot. I mean we’re here about 3 times a month. Just about once a week,” said Ashley.
“My god you guys are here a lot,” said Lela with a shocked look on her face. We walked into the park and were greeted with insults, but they weren’t pointed towards me or the other guys. They were pointed towards Lela, so I’m guessing they are people she went to school with. I looked at her and noticed a few tears fall. I heard one comment that made her snap and she ran off crying. I chased her down to make sure she was okay. I saw her sitting on a bench with her knees up to her chest and her head in her hands. I walked over and sat next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulder pushing her into my side.
She looked up at me and you could see she was crying cause her eyeliner is running down her face. “Hey don’t cry. You shouldn’t let them get to you. There’s no point in wasting tears over their pathetic asses.”
“I know. But the one just made me snap and I couldn’t control myself.”
“It’s okay. What was the comment anyway? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.”
“No I want to tell you though. The one girl had told me that I was a slut cause I was hanging around 5 guys that looked like they didn’t want anything to do with me. It looks like that cause I mean there are 6 of us and 5 of us are guys and I’m the only girl. So I does look like I’m a slut.”
“In no way are you a slut. There are girls that get along better with guys cause girls are supposed to be all girly girl apparently and they have to have friends that are mostly girls and have to obsess over Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas. But you don’t so you would fit with the guys more easily but you still have that feminine touch to you. I like that about you.”
“Like what about me. There is really nothing about me that people like about me.”
“I love everything about you. But I love that you’re so tough on the outside but then you have that soft part to you that only comes out around certain people, like it only comes out around me.” I noticed Lela blush. And my god was it cute, what am I saying I barely know her, but I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. Am I falling for the Lela Thorn? Yes why yes I am. “Your blush is cute.”
“Uh thanks. Did you mean everything you said about me?” asked Lela.
“Why would I lie? I have no reason to, so why do it.” I looked down into Lela’s eyes and she looked up at mine. Our eyes locked together and we slowly inched closer to each other. Before we know it our lips are touching but so lightly like we don’t want to hurt each other. I pulled away cause I didn’t want a little kid seeing cause were in Disney and there is a million of them.
“Um, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to,” said Lela, staggering I might add.
“No, no it’s fine. I liked it. And I wanted too also. So it’s no one’s fault,” I said using all the passion I can muster up from my heart and putting it into that sentence to make her feel better.
“Really? So what does that make us now?” asked Lela trying not to make eye contact.
“Whatever you want us to be.” She leaned up and lightly pecked my lips again, “So I take that we’re together now. Cause if we’re not this is just confusing me.”
“What do you think? You already answered your own question.”
“So we are together. I like the sound of that. Maybe we should get back to the guys,” I said, not noticing the 4 of them standing up from behind the bench.
“No need to find us you guys,” said Ashley. When he said that we screamed, “You make a cute couple,” he continued once we quieted down to the level where it looked like all we wanted to do was punch the living shit out of Ashley.
“Okay I know you’re perverted but not that perverted to sneak in on people’s relationships,” said Lela.
“I know. But it wasn’t only me. It was CC’s idea,” said Ashley while pointing at CC.
“HEY!!!! IT WAS NOT MY IDEA!!!! It was his idea,” said CC a little more happier while pointing to Jinxx.
“Go bite yourself in the ass,” said Jinxx.
“I’m unsure who’s idea it was but if I had to choose I would say, Jake’s idea,” I said, “I mean, it’s always the quiet one who winds up doing all the weird stuff in the end.”
“Oops, you caught me. No really you did. It was my idea,” Jake said.
“But why Jake? You don’t seem to be the snooping type,” said Lela.
“We were actually coming over to check on you but once we saw you guys talking we just sat behind the bench,” said Jake with complete confidence like Lela wouldn’t kill him, she probably would but what do I know I’ve only been her boyfriend for less than 20 minutes.
“Well lets put that to the side and lets go get on some rides before I die from being in Disney and doing nothing but just sitting on a bench,” said Lela. I got up and then grabbed her hand and pulled her up. I wiped off the smudged eyeliner and took out my eyeliner pencil and drew a thick line around her eye to fix up the spots that washed away from all the tears.
“Thanks Andy. You know you didn’t have to do that.”
“I didn’t want you to walk around with black lines going down your face.”
“Well thank you for caring so much. Now come on lets go on some rides.”
“Okay I’m coming I’m coming hold on. I can only walk so fast you know,” I said while laughing. We went on almost all of the roller coasters and then went to lunch then did some more rides and finally around 5:30 we had dinner then went on It’s A Small World which caused Jake and Ashley to look like they were about to blow the ride up because of the song and Lela just looked so peaceful and like she was about to fall asleep. Once we finished the ride we went back to the car when Lela’s phone rang.
Lela’s POV
“You guys get in the car, I’ll be there in a second,” I said. They all got in the car and I answered my phone.
“Lela where are you? I’ve called the house about 50 times but got no answer.”
“I’m out with some friends mom. I’m fine.”
“Where did you go?”
“Disney Land. It was so much fun! Especially when your friends know where all the rides are and which are and aren’t fun. Like on it’s a small world Jake and Ashley looked like they were either going to kill themselves or blow the ride up. It was funny.”
“Who are your friends exactly?”
“There’s Andy, CC, Jake, Jinxx, and Ashley. They’re our neighbors.”
“Oh them. I don’t like them. There’s something about them. They always leave at night and never get home until 1 in the morning or even later. I just think they’re out getting drunk every night.”
“They’re not out getting drunk at night. They’re in a band. And they don’t do concerts every night.”
“What band are they in?”
Oh no should I tell her. She doesn’t really like Black Veil Brides. What would she say if she found out that they’re my new friends? “Oh you know, just a band.”
“Lela what band are they in? Tell me right now.”
“Fine. Don’t get mad cause they are really nice. They’re in a band called… Black Veil Brides.”
“WHAT?!?!?! Steve guess who your daughters new friends are?”
“You know that band she listens to that wears the make up and leather and never really wear shirts called Black Veil Brides?”
“Yeah. And?”
“They are her new friends. They have been our neighbors for the longest of time and now she’s met them and are friends with them.”
“WHAT? No nope never gonna happen.”
“We’re already friends and you can’t stop that. They are awesome and so nice. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. We care to much about each other. Especially Andy.”
“What do you mean ‘especially andy’?”
“Haha funny story.”
“It’s already happened. I’m not going to break up with him. I’d do anything to stay with him.”
“Well either you break up with him and stay with him and get kicked out.”
“Fine. When you get home I won’t be there. Good-bye Elizabeth.” I then hung up and got into the car. What I didn’t know is that I started to cry when I got in the car. Andy pulled me into his side and let me cry into his shoulder.
“Hey, are you okay?” asked Andy.
“Yeah, I’m fine. One question?” they all looked at me to continue, “Do you happen to have an extra bedroom in your house?”
“Why?” asked Ashley.
“Cause my parents kicked me out because I told them that you guys are my friends and Andy’s my boyfriend so, they kicked me out.”
“Well we don’t have an extra bed but I’m sure Andy over there wouldn’t mind if you stayed with him,” said CC. I stared at him weird but was oddly okay with the idea.
“Sure. If you’re okay with it Lela. I don’t mind sharing my room. I have nothing to hide,” said Andy.
“Sure. I guess it beats sleeping on the couch. But we have to go to my house so I can get my stuff.”
“Of course we’ll go there. And living next door to you makes the move a whole lot easier,” said Jake.


Thank you!!!!!
andybsgrapedog andybsgrapedog
I read the rest of the story on minna and I loved it <3 awwww. I won't say anything to ruin the ending for any one
Keep it up love how the band is super funny XD