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Best Night of Her Life

The parents and love

Jake’s POV
The next morning everyone woke up to the small sounds of rain hitting their windows and the roof.
“Oh boy. It’s raining,” Jake soon came to realization, “Did I really dream about Joy and I in a relationship last night? Why did I like it so much?”
“Hey Jake. What’s up? Looks like you’re thinking really hard,” said Jinxx.
“Yeah. I had a dream about Joy last night. I actually liked it.”
“What was it about?”
“We were at the beach and we were kissing and just sitting there. Then we were just walking along the ocean. It was weird.”
“Sounds like you have a crush on Joy.”
“Who has a crush on Joy?” asked Lela as she walks past Jinxx and Jake and stands in Jake’s doorway next to Jinxx.
“Jake. He had a dream about her last night. They were on a date at the beach walking along the ocean and making out,” said Jinxx.
“Cute. You know, even though she’s only a fan, she likes you too. Maybe you guys should get to know each other more. You might start dating. You never know. You could bump into her in a really awkward way and kiss.”
“Shut up Lela,” said Jake with a small chuckle and a small smile.
“You know I’m right. Just talk to her some more. And for record, she has trust issues.”
“Why? It looks like she’s fine since she has a friend like you,” I asked with confusion.
“Well we’ve been friends since kindergarten. And the reason is because last year she had a boyfriend who she was really close to. But last year she found out he was cheating on her.”
“Is cheating that bad?” I asked.
“It is when you find out the girl he’s cheating with is 5 girls and 3 guys. When we found out we also found out that he was bi. The other 5 girls were from 4 different towns that are really close here and the 3 guys went to our school. Everyone knew they were gay, we just didn’t know they were all in relationships with the same guy. When Joy found out who he was with other than her she talked to them all. Her boyfriend, Nick, moved to Tacoma and changed his name and dyed his hair. He was a normal guy with blond hair and blue eyes. Now I hear he has black hair with multicolored eyes.”
“How does he have multicolored eyes?” I asked.
“Contacts. But if you and Joy date, if you break her heart, I’ll break your arm.”
“Okay. Do you even know how too?” I asked.
“Yeah. When I stayed behind to finish packing, I had to pack personal things like underwear and my 17 tae kwon do belts. What you guys don’t know is that I am a master black belt in tae kwon do. That should be some scary shit to people who don’t know any form of martial arts.”
“Yeah just a little scary. Ha,” me and Jinxx said.
“Lela, stop scaring the guys,” said Andy. Thank you for showing up Andy. I was literally about to pee my pants.
“Just warning Jake that if he brakes Joy’s heart I will break his arm.” Andy wrapped his arms around Lela’s waist and kissed her neck.
“How could he break Joy’s heart? They aren’t even dating,” asked Andy.
“He’s in love with her. So I’m just being fair and warning him before hand.”
“Do you actually know how to do tae kwon do?” asked Andy.
“Good thing it’s a rainy day. I’ll show you some tapes my mom filmed during my tests to get my new belts, just to prove to you how bad ass I really am.”
“Okay. I’m up for that,” me, Jinxx, and Andy said.
“Good. I’ll grab the tapes and my belts while you guys get ready and head down stairs after waking the 3 lazy asses in the other rooms up.”
“Alright see you in a minute.” The 3 of us went to CC’s and Ashley’s room and woke them up and told them to get ready. After the 2 of them got ready we headed down stairs and waited for Lela. She came down showed us her belts and then we watched all 12 videos. After we looked at Lela and she was just sitting there like nothing was wrong. She was sitting on Andy’s lap, Andy wrapped his arms around her waist tighter and said, “I love you. You know that right?”
“Yeah. I love you too. I heard you last night you know.”
“Good.” They quickly kissed and Ashley whistled. I slapped his arm and Lela AND Andy were blushing.
“Well, I have a friend to call up to see if we can get together to talk,” I said.
“And I have a dirty dog I have to clean,” said Lela when she saw Max come through the little doggie door, we installed into our back door so he can run around, just completely covered in mud.
“I’ll help you,” said Andy.
“Thanks. I’m going to need it.”
After that I called Joy and she said I can come over her house since her parents weren’t home at the moment. So I drove over and we sat and talked for a while.
Lela’s POV
“My god Max, why do you do this to me.” Andy was holding Max from where his armpits would be if he was human.
“Because I love you,” said Andy while he hid his face behind Max and spoke for him.
“Nice try Andy. I know that’s you.”
“Aw. I was hoping it would work.” We took Max to the bathroom and washed him down. When we finished me and Andy were soaking wet and Max was clean. Me and Andy got changed and then played around with Max in our room.
Jake’s POV
I have been over Joy’s house for half an hour and I have found out that I truly like her.
“Hey Joy?”
“Yeah Jake.” Instead of answering her I just leaned in and kissed her with as much passion as I could. When we pulled apart she had a shocked and loving face on. “Wow. That was nice.”
“Ha. So… will you be my girlfriend?”
“Sure.” We kissed for a second and then decided to watch a movie. Half way though we both fell asleep. I was lying down with Joy lying down in front of me with my arm snaked around her waist.
Around 4 o’clock we were woken up by her dad. “JOY WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”
“Sleeping, what does it look like I’m doing?” she said with her eyes still closed and still a quarter asleep.
“Get that boy out of this house.” That’s when Joy realized the position she was in with me.
“No dad nothing happened. We were watching a movie and we fell asleep. Please don’t get mad at Jake.”
“Get out of my house boy.” Me and Joy got off the sofa and were standing in front of her father who was only an inch taller than me.
“Sir, nothing happened. I’m sorry if I have offended you in some way,” I said as quickly as I could.
“I’m sorry sir but I love your daughter.” The next thing that happened I didn’t think would happen. I had a searing pain in an area that should never be kicked and soon my stomach and eye followed. Joy ran over to me and I told her I was fine.
“DAD HOW COULD YOU????” The next thing that happened just pissed me off. Joy’s father slapped her across the face. That got me furious. But I was going to be the real man. I ran over to Joy and told her that I can’t let her stay. She agreed, we went up to her room and packed her stuff and we walked back downstairs.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“You don’t need to know. What you do need to know is to tell mom I love her and that I’m not coming home.” He grabbed Joy’s arm and forced her to him. I grabbed his arm.
“Drop her now,” I said with anger just dripping from every letter.
“Oh yeah, what are you going to do?”
“For starters I can call my little friend who is only 5’ 8” to come and beat the living shit out of you for hurting her friends.”
“Yeah right like a little girl can hurt me.” I called Lela and told her what happened and in no more than 3 minutes her and the 4 guys were in the door and she was fuming. Joy’s father just sat there and laughed when he saw her. “She can’t beat me up.” Lela was beyond pissed and walked towards him. He stuck his hand out to keep her from getting closer while he just sat there and laughed his head off. She took his arm and flipped him onto his back with a loud thump that could probably wake the dead.
“Don’t think I can hurt you now?” she said with anger just flowing out of her like a water fall.
“You can flip me so what?”
“What did you do to Jake and Joy exactly?”
“Slapped her across the face and punched him in the face and stomach and kicked him in the balls.” Lela lifted him to his feet and then did exactly what he did to us except only harder. In only a minute he was on his knees crying while holding his area with a big black ring around his eye and a big red mark on his left cheek. “OKAY OKAY YOU CAN BEAT ME UP!!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! YOU CAN TAKE HER!!!!”
We left and took Joy with us. When we got back to the house we took Joy’s stuff to my room.
Lela’s POV
When we got home from me beating the living shit out of Joy’s father we moved her in and then there was a knock on our front door.
“I’ve got it,” I said and then walked down the stairs and opened the door to find 5 sets of parents looking at me. “Hello can I help you?”
“Is Andy, Ashley, CC, Jinxx, and Jake here?” the guy in the front said. He oddly looked a lot like Andy.
“May I ask why?”
“We’re their parents.” OMJ I was meeting my boyfriend’s parents and the rest of the guys parents… fun (sarcasm).
“Come in I’ll get them. By the way I’m Lela.”
“Hi.” I run upstairs as fast as I can and to all the guys rooms one by one. By the time I reach Andy’s room I’m out of breath. I knock on the door and he opens it.
“Hey, you okay?”
“Yeah, parents, downstairs, might not like me.” I said with a breath and a wheeze every now and then.
“My parents are here? And they’ll love you, I just know it. Get on my back so you can regain your breath again.
“Thanks.” I get on Andy’s back and we walk downstairs to find all the guys talking to their parents and Joy just standing there in the middle of the room. Andy puts me down and he walks over to his parents while I walk over to Joy. 2 minutes later all the guys have their parents sit down and then Andy’s standing next to me and Jake next to Joy and then the other guys spread between the 2 sides.
“Okay, you guys are probably wondering who these two girls are?” said Andy.
“Yeah,” said the same guy as when I first opened the door.
“Well this is Lela, my girlfriend, and that is Joy.”
“My girlfriend,” said Jake.
“Lela, Joy, this is Chris and Amy, my parents,” Andy said everyone else’s names that we didn’t know (sorry I didn’t mention anyone else I don’t know their names).
“Hi,” me and Joy both said with shyness. Jake’s parents walked up to Joy and talked to her and Chris and Amy walked up to me and Andy.
“Hi Lela. I’m so glad Andy has finally found someone else. You look…”


Thank you!!!!!
andybsgrapedog andybsgrapedog
I read the rest of the story on minna and I loved it <3 awwww. I won't say anything to ruin the ending for any one
Keep it up love how the band is super funny XD