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Best Night of Her Life

Disney Part 1

Thursday July 19th, 2011

When Lela woke up she got in the shower and got ready. Then she did her hair like she always does, blow drying it and then straitening it. Afterwards she did her makeup and got dressed. When she got her breakfast she noticed it was already 10:30 and the guys hadn't shown up.

"Where the hell are they?" Lela said to herself, "I guess I have to go and wake them up… I'll do that when I'm done eating." Lela finished eating and left the house after locking it and walked next door. She looked under the door mat and found the key Andy was talking about last night. She picked it up and unlocked the door and walked in. She went upstairs and noticed the guys had all their doors decorated differently with their names smack in the middle.

First she went to Ashley. She opened his door and saw him sound asleep so she decided to tickle his feet to wake him up since they were poking out of the sheets.

She tickled them and… "AAHH! WHAT'S TOUCHING ME!" Ashley screams as he wakes up.

"Oh calm down, it's just me," said Lela hoping Ashley's screaming didn't wake anyone else up. Soon she heard 4 pairs of footsteps running towards Ashley's room. "Nice going Ashley."

"Sorry, I tend to scream when something's touching me and I don't know what it is." Ashley's door burst open and Lela is greeted by 3 guys in just their under ware and an Andy in Batman Pajama pants.

"Love the pants Andy, you guys should have pants on," says Lela as she covers her eyes. The 3 of them look down and run to get actual pants on. They run back and Lela's eyes are still covered and Andy moved to Ashley's computer chair.

"We have pants on now Lela. You can look," said CC when he walks in and sits on the floor next to Andy.

"Andy, do they actually have pants on? And do you have pants on Ashley cause if you don't get them on now before I hurt you."

"I'll put pants on now. Don't look," says Ashley.

"Good choice," says Lela and Andy at the same time which causes Lela to giggle and Andy to chuckle while Ashley ran to his dresser and pulled a pair of black ripped skinnies out and on.

"Okay it's safe to look. Ashley has pants on," says Jinxx. Lela uncovers her eyes and checks really quick and notices that he wasn't lying and relaxed while sitting on the end of Ashley's bed.

"So what do you guys want to do today?" asks Lela looking from Andy to CC to Jake to Jinxx to Ashley.

"I don't know what do you do usually do on a day like this?" asked CC.

"Normally I sit under the tree you ran into last night and just read for a couple of hours and then go inside and relax all day. If you didn't know I don't have many friends so I can't really do anything fun everyday cause I'm alone so there's nothing to do," says Lela pointing out the obvious.

"What are you talking about! You have 5 awesome friends sitting right in front of you!" yells CC.

"CC I only met you guys last night and I met you cause Ashley almost ran me over. Scratch that he ran into my favorite tree which caused all of this," says Lela as she points to her left arm and leg which are still bandaged up.

"Like I said, I am so sorry for almost running you over. It was the brakes fault, they didn't want to work," said Ashley looking down feeling bad.

"It's okay Ashley. I forgive you. It was an accident. An awesome accident."

"Okay you nearly got ran over and you say it was awesome?" ask the 5 guys in confusion.

"Well yeah. If it didn't happen I wouldn't have met my 5 friends and idols. Now how many people can say that about Black Veil Brides? Not many people," says Lela.

"True but stil-" started Andy but he got cut off by Lela.

"If you haven't noticed I'm a very messed up girl, okay," said Lela.

"True. So what are we going to do today?" asks Andy.

"FFFFOOOOOOOODDDD!" shouted CC and Jinxx at the same time. Everyone sat there and stared at them but 2 seconds later they all burst out laughing.

"Okay first breakfast and then everyone has to get dressed and then we'll…" started Jake.

"Go to Disney Land?" said Lela everyone looked at her for a second, "What? I've never been to Disney Land. My parents said it would be a complete waist to go to a theme park for a couple of hours."

"THEN WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR! GUYS GO GET DRESSED AND EAT BREAKFAST CAUSE WE HAVE A CODE DISNEY!" shouted CC. All the guys scattered to their rooms while I walked out of Ashley's and down stairs to the kitchen.

Okay that was weird. What's with them and Disney Land?, thought Lela. Less than 10 minutes later she heard 5 pairs of feet stomping down the stairs and chains rattling due to the chains on the guys cowboy boots and belts.

"Okay. Everyone eat. Do you want anything Lela?" asked Andy.

"No I'm fine I already had breakfast."

"Okay. So guys what shall we start with once we get to Disney?" asked Andy. All the guys sat there eating their breakfasts while thinking of all the rides they can go on and which they should go on first and which part of the park they should go to first.

"Um… I say we should probably go on the rollercoasters first and definitely before we eat lunch this time," said Jake while he just glared at CC.

"Hey it's not my fault I puked. You guys dared me to eat the mother lode burger so don't blame me," said CC.

"What's a mother lode burger?" asked Lela staring at the 5 guys in confusion. They all stared at her in confusion then looked at each other in the way that looked like they were deciding who was going to tell Lela what the mother lode burger was then looked back at her.

"The mother lode burger is a burger that is 6 inches tall and weighs just about 5 pounds with almost all the toppings you can put on a burger and not get sick," said Jinxx.

"Sounds disgusting… but definitely something CC would eat," said Lela with a disgusted look on her face.

"Actually it was really good. There were pickles, relish, ketchup, mustard, horse radish, and a whole ton of stuff I can't remember," said CC with a look of hunger on his face.

"Well, finish breakfast so we can get to Disney already. I've heard so many stories about Disney that just makes me want to go there even more," complained Lela. The 5 guys finished eating and then the 6 of them headed out to Jake's car because his is the only one that will fit all of them without having to take 2 cars. Soon they were off to Disney and at the parking garage.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been in Washington State for the past 2 weeks with my grandparents and 3 cousins. So I haven't been with my computer for so long. I finally got home yesterday and I'm so happy today is Thursday so now I have so much time to update cause there will be no distractions. So there might be 2 or 3 more chapters after this one. All I know is that there will be another, depends if I get writer's block or not when I reach the end of the next chapter.


Ignore the ending not that was for the other site this story is on.


Thank you!!!!!
andybsgrapedog andybsgrapedog
I read the rest of the story on minna and I loved it <3 awwww. I won't say anything to ruin the ending for any one
Keep it up love how the band is super funny XD