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Best Night of Her Life

Gorgeous Tragedy

Hi my name is Lela and this is how my life turned upside down when I met the 5 world's sweetest guys. It all started with this one dreadful night…

Tuesday July 17, 2011 Lela's POV

"I have to get home or else my mom is going to kill me Joy," I said.

"Do you have too? I mean why can't you call her and ask her to sleep over?" asked Joy.

"Cause, my mom won't let me. Mainly cause her and my dad are going on this 2 month cruise starting tomorrow and I have to be home when they leave so they know where I am."

"Okay if you have too. I'll call you tomorrow then," said Joy.

"Okay Bye."

"Bye," Joy whined cause she didn't want me to leave. Joy has been my Best Friend since we were 5. So it's been 13 awesome years that we've awesome friends. Mainly cause we are both 'emo' and listen to rock and screamo. Let me fill you in on our lives. We're both 18, just graduated high school and are single and have always been single. Joy lives only a block away from my house and we live in a very crowded suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. We are both extremely pale and wear only black, blood red, grey and white all the time. We are just made for each other.

Wednesday July 18,2011

"Bye mom, Bye dad have fun on your cruise," I said.

"Are you sure you will be fine without us for 2 months?" asked Mrs. Thorn.

"I'll be fine. If I need anything Joy is just down the street from us."

"Okay just stay safe and be good. Try not to get arrested again," pleaded Mrs. Thorn.

"I told you mom I didn't do it. Jessica hid it in my locker so I would be blamed and not her."

"Okay have fun just no parties," said Mr. Thorn.

"Who am I going to have a huge wild party with? Max and Joy. Dogs can't dance or drink. Bye, go, have fun without me for once."

"Bye," said Mr. and Mrs. Thorn.

Later that night…

I was sitting in my front yard under our big oak tree that I like to sit under and read. Before I knew it the tree was hit by a car and I was scratched up from being hit. Thank god I wasn't facing the road or else I would have become a Lela sandwich.

"See Ashley that is why I should drive not you!" shouted a guy as he was getting out of a small black Nissan.

"Shut up Andy. It's not my fault the brakes decided to just… brake," said, I'm guessing, Ashley.

"Let's just hope we didn't hit any of our neighbors," said 3 more guys, in unison, that got out of the car.

"I'll check the front," said Andy.

"We'll check under and around," said the guy who looked like a clown. They all started to look around the car when the tallest guy, Andy, saw me.

"Hey are you okay, did we hit you? If we did I am so sorry," said Andy.

"No you didn't hit me. The impact just made the tree scrape up my arm and leg. I'm Lela," I said.

"I'm Andy. The one who hit the tree is Ashley. Then the guy who looks like he's a madman is Jinxx and then the spikey raccoon is Jake and the burnt looking one is Christian," said Andy. Christian just glared at Andy.

"Well Andrew I would like to be called CC not Christian you know that," said CC. Andy glared at CC.

I stood up with the help of Andy and said, "I'm Lela but everyone calls me Lela." Everyone laughed at my joke. Obviously I'm always the one to bring sarcasm into serious situations and problems.

"Well Lela I'm sorry for hitting you. The brakes decided to brake. Are you okay? I'm Ashley."

"Yeah I'm good just scratched up pretty badly but I'll just bandage it up when I get inside. And yeah I heard you yell at Andy when you guys got out of the car," I said.

"Oh. Which house is yours?" asked Ashley.

"This one since I'm sitting right in front of it. Which house are you guys in?" I asked.

"The black one next door. How come we've never seen you around?" asked Jinxx.

"I was always at school early in the morning since I just graduated high school and was always at my friend Joys house every afternoon to do homework."

"Ah. Well I'll park the car and can you guys help her inside?" said Andy.

"Sure," the 4 of them at said at the same time. I laughed, "What's so funny?"

"You guys. You keep saying stuff at the same exact time and its really funny."

"Well, come on limpy let's get you inside," said Jake.

"Okay." Andy got into the car and pulled into the driveway next door while Ashley had my one arm and Jinxx the other and helped me inside my house. I told CC where the emergency kit is and he ran off into my house to get it while Jinxx lifted my onto one of the barstools in my kitchen, "Thanks."

"You're welcome Lela."

"GOT IT!" shouted CC as he came charging down the stairs with the emergency kit in his hand.

"Thanks. So what's with the make up?" I asked, "You guys look like KISS and Black Veil Brides."

"Wow. We almost ran over one of our fans. Nice going Ashley," said Jake.

"It's not my fault. Yell at the brakes not me," said Ashley. Once Jake said fan I immediately recognized them. My 5 idols almost ran me over. Cool.

"I thought I knew you guys from somewhere. Let me guess you guys just came back from a concert? I wish I could go but my parents wouldn't let me go," I said.

"Yeah, how come you couldn't go?" asked Andy.

"You see, my parents left for a 2 month cruise just today. So I'm home all alone with my dog Max who is probably hiding under my bed if he saw you guys," I said while cleaning my scraps up. After I bandaged them up I got off the chair and went upstairs to see if I was right. I was, there was my poor dog shaking under my bed. "Come here Max." he came out and jumped in my arms. Thank god he was a yorkie. I walked downstairs and saw them all sitting around the family room.

"You found him. I'm guessing you were right?" asked Jake.

"Yeah. He's scared of some guys but after a while he'll get used to you."

"Cool, well we got to go we are all tired and sweaty and need a shower. So… I guess we'll see you tomorrow. We should hang out. And make it up to you for almost hitting you with our car," said Andy.

"Okay. See you guys tomorrow around 10:30 or 11-ish?"

"Yeah. If we're not over by then there's a key under our welcome mat and let yourself in and wake us up."

"Okay. Night guys."

"Night," they all say simultaneously. Once they leave I call Joy.

"OMJ (Oh my jinxx) Joy you will never guess what happened," I screamed. So I tell her everything that happened. After we say goodbye and good night I go upstairs and change into my jammies, yes I'm 18 and still say jammies, and went to bed and slept like a baby.


If yo recognize this story from mibba and fanfiction.net this story is mine just on many different sites.


Thank you!!!!!
andybsgrapedog andybsgrapedog
I read the rest of the story on minna and I loved it <3 awwww. I won't say anything to ruin the ending for any one
Keep it up love how the band is super funny XD