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As you fade into the night.

Stand and scream

Its been about 2 weeks now since the guys left and i still haven't fought back. I didnt want to so i tried my best to stay away and so far its worked.

It was 12 and lunch was almost over so I was headed out so I could get to class before everyone else.

I held on to my backpack strap and got to the door just as my body collided with another's .

"hey watch it" they hissed and I gulped looking through my bangs at steph who saw me and smiled causing my heart to drop.

" oh look it's the little faggot, where have you been?" She asked and I backed up a little but she followed.

" hanging with your emo cousin and his fags?" She hissed and I looked at her.

How did she know jinxx was my cousin?

" you don't know who I am do you?" She asked and I shook my head going to step by her but she moved in my way making anger build in my chest.

" my sister dated your emo friend, what's his name? Andy?"

My body froze, of course she's Haley's little sister.

I went to step by her again but she shoved me back making my fists clench and people around us start to stare.

" what? you want to get by?" She smirked and I nodded shyly keeping my head low.

' Just get by, just get out of here.' I thought

" what's the hurry? Got some wrists to slit?" She asked and I felt my heart beat faster as I stared at her through my black hair.

Her makeup caked face wore a filthy smile that made me want to puke.

" that's right I know more then you think I do"

I stood frozen and she looked at my shirt

" how cute you're wearing your pathetic cousins band shirt" she said going to touch it but I stepped back.

"you're dating the bassist too right? Or are you just the band whore? I bet you sleep with all of them" she hissed and I heard people laugh as my cheeks grew hot and I felt a tear fall down my face feeling an anxiety attack start to surface.

" aww guys look it's crying!" She exclaimed and I looked around seeing everyone's eyes on me.

I wiped my eyes feeling my palms grow sweaty, this is what ella meant right? Defend myself? No she said if she touched me and she hasn't touched me yet.

" why don't you go cry to mommy ad daddy oh wait..." She smirked and I felt my chest tighten.

" they died, leaving your pathetic ass by yourself, is that why your cousin took you in? Because he had to? Because mommy and daddy died? They're probably so much happier, I couldn't stand dealing with you i mean Look at you, once he can your cousin will drop you just like mom and dad did" she hissed and I felt my fists clench and throat tighten as they all laughed hi fiving her.

" shut up" I mumbled and she looked at me shocked for a second

" what'd you say? Speak up I can't hear you" she demanded and I gulped breathing in

" I said shut The Fuck Up." I growled feeling confident but also a little scared, maybe she'd let me go, no violence

" aww that's cute you learned to speak."

She went to touch me but I flinched back

" don't touch me" I growled and she laughed

" oh yeah ? what are you goig to do about it? " she asked going to shove me but I stepped back again.

" I said don't fucking touch me" I said louder and she smirked before giving me a rough shove making my blood boil.

" like that?" She gave me a harder push and I bumped against someone.

It wasn't until then that I noticed the small circle that had begun to form.

" what about that? You gana do anything?" She asked and I stood there tightening my fists starring at her as I saw people's phones focused on us.

" yeah didn't think so, run along faggot" she said turning a little and I felt my blood boil harder as my bag dropped from my shoulders and I stepped forward towards her.

b She smirked turning around and before she had time to open her mouth I planted my left foot down and swung with my right hand nailing her in the jaw I felt as if the whole school fell silent as everything slowed down except my breathing wich spiked as I watched her head fling to the side.

People looked at me as she straightened up shocked. Before I had time to react she was jumping towards me but I shoved her off sending another blow to her face as I felt all the thoughts in my head start to boil over

" don't ever talk about my fucking family , you don't know me" I shouted at her before she nailed me in the mouth making me punch her and tackle her to the ground just someone came behind me.

The kid who helped her last time grabbed my arms pinning them behind me and dragged me up as she walked to me.

I struggled against his grip as she punched me hard in the face. I felt a crack and blood started pouring from my mouth as she waisted no time to kick me straight in the stomach. I groaned slumping against the boy who kept me up.

" not so tough now are you?" She asked and I stared at her through my hair seeing blood fall down to the floor from my face.

He dropped me and I dropped to my knees leaning against my hand. No I can't go down like this ,I can't.

I slowly stood up and faced her standing straight up and she smirked

" you just don't know when to give up do you?."

She went to hit me but I grabbed her wrist. I punched her hard and she went to hit back but I hit harder making her jump on top of me.

We wrestled on the cold floor hearing shouts but I couldn't see through my fuzzy mind as I just hit and hit feeling my anger finally start to come out.

" HEY, HEY STOP IT" a voice boomed but I didn't move until I was yanked off of her.

I looked up as a teacher grabbed her up.The principal stared at us and the other kids.

I looked at her, her face was swollen and her lip was busted open. I smiled a little but winced as i noticed the trail of blood falling down my face and the intense pain in my nose and ribs.

" everybody back to class! You two, come with me" she demanded and I inwardly sighed before bending down and grabbing my bag .

Here it goes

. --

I sat silently in the office waiting for the girls while Haley and her mom stared at me. My knee shook up and down just as I heard energetic voices boom through the hall.

The door burst open revealing Sammi and the other girls, they looked at me then to Haley and smiles appeared on their faces as I saw Juliet and Ella hi five softly

" are you here for jessica?" The principal asked taking in their appearance

. Sammi nodded

"we are"

" well I specifically requested a parent or guardian.."

" I am her gaurdien, me and my husband ,her cousin ,Jeremy ferguson" Sammi snapped and she nodded slowly looking down at the papers to my contacts before nodding again.

" and them?" " sisters, now are we done here or do you wana know my life story?" Ella asked and I covered my mouth laughing a little as she stared at them shaking her head

" no ,no please sit down"

They smiled and Sammi took a seat next to me as the others stood behind us and I felt Ella's hand on my back.

" so today we are here about what happened, there was a fight, correct?" She asked towards me and Haley

I rolled my eyes, No shit

" yes mam" I said and she nodded

" I'm afriad violence can't be tolerated here, no matter what the reason was"

" she was hirrasing me" I said mumbled and this time everyone turned to me

" what was that?"

" I said she was hirrasing me, she always does!"

The principal nodded and turned towards steph.

" is that true?"

Steph nodded a little and I smiled

" well I think its safe to say no one got hurt so steph you're suspended for 2 days , Jess you're suspended for 1 day for Hitting back ,You may go" she said and steph smiled as her and her mother stood up and left but Sammi stared at her.

" you're fucking joking"

The principal looked shocked and I rubbed my face.

" excuse me ?"

" Sammi.." I muttered but she glared down at me as Lauren covered my mouth.

" that kid, fucking beat my little sister up! And all she gets is two days not to mention jess is suspended , all she did was defend herself! What the hell is that?" She yelled

" she hit back.. It's a rule th-"

" I don't care, I told her to" Sammi added and the principal stared at her

" miss violence shouldn't be encouraged"

" oh it's not, but when she comes home everyday with a black eye and one time didn't even make it home before passing out I think it's appropriate for me to tell her to hit back" Sammi said and the principal looked at me

" stil-"

" still nothing, do you understand all the stuf that girl has done to her? I know you see it all but do you care ? No, maybe I should call the cops, maybe then you'll listen" she hissed and the principal shook her head

" that's not nessisary, ill cancel the suspension"

I heard Juliet snort

" and what about that little bitch hirrasing her ? What are you going to do about that?" She hissed and I laughed a little wiping my nose looking at them.

Sammi was standing up while Juliet was next to her. Lauren and Ella sat next to me.

" nothing we can do miss.."

"I'm sure there's something you can do!" Lauren argued

" I'm sorry but maybe if she dressed more like everyone else and less in all that weird clothes, she's have more friends" the principal added and I stared at her

" so lets get this straight you won't help her because she looks like that? " Ella hissed and the pricipal went to speak

"No that's not what I mean-"

" no, that's exactly what you meant" Lauren snapped and she stayed silent.

" I expect you do something or I will get the police involved" Sammi growled before the others stood up.

B " I'll see what we can do"

I stood up and they rolled their eyes before walking out of the room me close behind.

Ella slammed the door causing students near by to look but we kept walking to the exit silently.

We made it to the car before they stopped and turned to me. Sammi smiled and jumped on me

" I'm so proud of you!"

I laughed feeling the tension go away

" wait until we tell the others" Juliet added giving my head a kiss.

I laughed again.

" can we go home? My face hurts"

They all laughed before nodding and we climbed in the car. I smiled a little buckling my seatbelt.

I actually did it.


" that's amazing!" I heard jinxx exclaim from Sammi's laptop and I laughed continuing to pour my water.

They were sat at the counter skyping and filling the guys in

" where is she?" I heard Ashley ask and I smiled walking behind Sammi and waving to the screen seeing all of them leaning forwards towards their screen.

" hey! How does victory feel?!" Cc exclaimed and Sammi moved over letting me squeeze in so they could see me better

" like I broke my nose" I said rubbing my swollen nose wincing

They all laughed

" so good?" Andy asked and I flipped off the camera

"Seriously though it was , felt nice"

" I'm so proud!" Ashley called and I laughed

" so how's tour?" Ella asked changing the subject and I sighed leaning against the counter, I was exhausted.

" good, busy, we miss you guys though" jake said

" we miss you too smelly"Ella said

I heard them laugh and I closed my eyes slowing my breathing as I slipped into darkness.

" Jess!"

I groaned feeling someone shake my " Jessica!" I heard distant laughs

" just let her sleep" I heard jinxx mutter

"yeah it's cute"

"at the table?" Someone asked but I couldn't make it out because my mind was still fogged with sleep. I heard more talking but it was all blurred

Just as I started to fall back asleep a pain spiked up my whole body making my eyes shoot open.

I groaned in pain as I looked around seeing the girls standing above me trying not to laugh.

" what the fuck?" I mumbled standing up and dusting myself off seeing Skype was still on and the guys were laughing.

" I was trying to pick your fat ass up!" Lauren hissed and I laughed a little rubbing my face of still tired.I have been so scared and streesed out that I I haven't been sleeping latley

"it's fine." I said yawning

" why don't you go to your bed before you fall asleep standing up" I heard Ashley call and I smiled looking at the screen

" yeah"

I didn't say anything else before nodding and shuffling past the girls and into the living room hearing the guys call goodbye

I didn't bother climbing the stairs instead I collapsed onto the soft tan couch smiling as I stretched my aching body out.

I finally did it , I finally stood up to them

. I closed my eyes and gladly let sleep over come my sore body.



I love this so much update soon plzzzz

Madison Madison


IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

This story is amazing! It made me smile, laugh and cry. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read before. You have done amazing job! When I started reading this I couldn't stop cause I just had to keep reading cause I had to know what's gonna happen next.
At first I was sure she would end up with Andy but then after a while it was obvious that it would be ash and they are so super cute together in this story. I LOVE THIS AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! :)

BubbleslovesBVB BubbleslovesBVB

All the feels!!!

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Yay she's awake!

musicminxx musicminxx