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A Demon's Regret


Though I had resolved to proceed with the utmost care and diligence, I lost my head as soon as I had (Y/N) in my arms, the moment her lips met mine. They were so pliable, yielding, and silken, while at the same time hungry. Her velvety kiss set my deadly heart racing, and I could think of nothing, save her.

So airy and light was her touch, I had to pull away, lest I utterly lose all access to everything that I knew about how to pleasure a woman. I was resolute that I should make love to (Y/N) exactly as she wanted, pleasure her in ways exceeding even our past liaisons. I wanted, more than anything, for her not to forget about me while I was gone. I wanted to caress her doubts away and soothe her worries. Together, we could overcome anything, I was sure of it, and I wanted to tell that her with my body.

She blushed a fetching pink as I moved to unbutton her blouse. The moment her smooth bosom was unveiled, I saw she had chicken skin. I sensed, vaguely, through her already molten thoughts, that she felt self-conscious, and I couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “My ravishing, little goddess, how unnecessary it is for you to feel any manner of doubt! My eyes take in your form and I am blinded to aught else, so stunning is your figure.”

Seeing her flush even more deeply with pleasure as her sweet taste of delight rolled over my tongue, I decided to ply her with still further praises. “Your skin is so soft, it puts the newborn to shame. When you speak it is a musical delight to my ears. And your taste is so intoxicating, I have lost my appetite for anything else. But let me not forget to mention the sensual curves of your form. They waken me, as a man, to a state of hypervigilance. I am but a beggar, desperate for your permission to offer my supplications, to come worship at the holy temple that is your body.”

I knelt and brought her knuckles to my lips. “Will you let me love you?”

(Y/N) giggled as she held her hand over her heart. “Where the Hell did you learn to talk like that?”

I stood and smirked proudly down at her. “I believe you answered your own question, my fairest enchantress. But such admiration is not manufactured as a contrivance, but born out of the awe I feel when I see you before me.”

I cocked my head at her, grinning despite myself. “If I may remove your ensemble?”

Enjoying the taste of (Y/N)’s giddy excitement, I took her chemise carefully from her shoulders. I felt her fingers on the buttons to my trousers, and chastened her, gently shooing her away. “Patience, my beguiling cupcake! All in good time. For now, allow me to savor you.”

I reached around her back and unfastened her brassiere with centuries’ worth of experience. Shyly, she held her arms up to hold it to her. “Do not deprive me of such a sight! I thought such cruelty was beyond you, my luscious, little plum.”

I gladdened when (Y/N), of her own accord, slowly let her brassiere fall from her shoulders, freeing her round breasts from their confinement. I brought a hand to cradle one in my palm as I rubbed the pad of my thumb across its nipple. So fascinating was watching it contract, I couldn’t help myself but hum happily at the sight.

After a few intoxicating kisses, I knelt in front of her and kissed her stomach. Her fingers shook lightly where they were threaded through my hair. I squeezed her backside with both hands, pulling her closer to me as I dipped my tongue in her navel. Briefly I mused that I knew now why I, too, had a humanoid belly button. The place of her former connection to the womb in which she had been conceived and nurtured in, it was a place full of nerve endings, and she let out a small gasp.

Fighting to temper my impatience, I moved back a ways and worked to undo the button and zipper to (Y/N)’s slacks. I hummed once again in satisfaction as they fell to the floor, leaving my sultry diamond in nothing but her panties.

And yet, I did not immediately rise. Instead, I nipped at her hip as I pulled down that last, final barrier to my devotions, leaving a trail of wet kisses downwards, towards her center.

“Wait, Andy.” I sensed her urgency over something, and so immediately rose. “Sit?” I did as she beckoned, and was perversely thrilled when she moved my legs to kneel betwixt them.

I smoothed her (Y/H/C) hair behind her ears and bent to kiss her, only to feel her fingers working at the closure to my breeches. It took her a moment, but she got the buttons undone, and it was paradise as I felt her grasp me and free my tumescence from its confines!

She looked up at me as she took just the crown of my shaft in her mouth, and I could not stop the slight tremble that went through my whole body. Her mouth was so very warm and wet, and she closed her eyes before bobbing downwards and swallowing me.

I groaned, selfishly allowing myself the enjoyment of (Y/N)’s skill. That was not as I had planned, but to stop such a sorceress from working her spell would be a fool’s errand.

She looked up at me again as she gripped me lightly and ran her thumb over my frenulum, then pulled slightly downwards as she took me even further within. I felt myself hit the back of her throat, and the sensation of her gagging was profoundly erotic, as she did not stop, only repeated the motion.

Her tongue ran along the underside, and her lips looked so fine, stretched taut around me! The pressure of my lusty desire only grew more pressing as she started to work me regularly with her hand, just next to her mouth, stroking the parts of me she could not reach.

She hummed against my cock, and the sound of her womanhood slightly contracting, the smell of its growing desire at pleasing me, ignited my desire to a fever pitch. I carefully gripped her face, stopping her from her attentions. “You should stop, mistress. I doubt I can withstand such pleasure for long.”

She wiped the mixture of saliva and my pre-ejaculate from her lips, licking them innocently. “Shut up.” I grinned widely as she simply resumed her efforts, stroking and sucking all the more enthusiastically.

I was in too heightened a state to withstand her ministrations for very long. Feeling her breasts shaking beneath her, watching her take me into her mouth again and again, often to the point of choking, I could do nothing but hold her hair aside and revel in the sensation; I was her prisoner.

Abruptly, the need in my loins grew urgent. I groaned for the decadence of her touch, her wet mouth so welcoming! In her increased fervor, I could feel the brush of her teeth against my crown, the grip of her throat. Her hand was slick with saliva and my desire as she moved it alongside her mouth, up and down my shaft, encompassing me entirely.

My hands involuntarily tightened on her hair as I reached a fever pitch. “(Y/N)!” I began to pant as she failed to let off, and I knew it was too late. There was nothing for it; I would shoot my filthy oats down her dirty, little gullet!

I attempted to provide a garbled warning as I felt my scrotum draw close and an apex starting at my very base, but all I could do was groan incoherently as I urged her to swallow me whole. “Nguhhhnnn! MINE!”

I felt myself reach infinity as I released into her mouth. She swallowed it greedily, working me for more, and I gave it, utterly enraptured and helpless. I watched her licking away every last drop of my spend from my length, and then fell over on my back in a happy daze.


Bam! Smut!

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