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A Demon's Regret


(Y/N) sat back on my hips and looked at me, her face red. Abruptly, she stood up, and disappeared from my field of view. Had she really abandoned me? It seemed unlike her…

Then she reappeared, stepping over my head. She knelt above me, her smooth thighs grazing my sunken face, and sought out one of my hands, gripping tightly. “I’ve never done this. I… I’m shy.” I could sense (Y/N) was terrified, but that she was willing to do it for me. That she felt she couldn’t lose me.

I was still so weak. I gave her hand a frail squeeze, which gave me enough strength to call out, “Please?” from between her supple thighs. The smell from (Y/N)’s sex was driving me crazy, I desperately wanted her to bring it closer! I was in simply too pathetic a state to pull her down to my level on my own!

Never had I felt such bliss as when (Y/N) lowered herself, quivering and bashful, towards my waiting mouth! That first, wide swipe with my tongue was perfection! Initially I was incredibly feeble. I just lazily lapped at her fluids, which had a mildly sweet flavor. But (Y/N) began to enjoy my attentions quite heartily, both physically and psychologically, and started to shimmy a bit, making delightful noises. Quickly it gave me a little more vigor. The taste of her essence both in my mouth and that she was producing with her brain, how she reacted to my touch with her mind, was the perfect bouquet of flavors.

Soon I was robust enough to make circles around (Y/N)'s ripe, little clit with my tongue as it became turgid with her lusty desire. Her reaction was immediate and delicious, as she fell forward on my chest and stomach, moaning, and power returned to my body.

After an adjustment in position, I was able to retract a claw and enter (Y/N)’s leaking sex with a finger, and I had never tasted anything so marvelous! Her pussy was wet and hot, and embraced me so well as I pumped it. But what I loved far more was how (Y/N) felt about it. Her body was singing; her brain was exploding. She was gripping on to me for dear life, moaning and spasming at my touch. I had never eaten such a mix of neurochemicals and I felt like my balls would burst from the load I had for her, my dick was so hard.

My naughty, little minx started to let go despite herself as she got close to her climax. (Y/N) started slamming against my hand and face and I adored it. She was groaning and her sweet little slit was steadily tightening, hungry, around my thrusting finger. Her thighs began to shake and I doubled my efforts.

“Ah!” (Y/N) cried out. “Andy!” Ah, yes, my name! How sweet it was to hear her call out my name!I sucked her clit and even bit it lightly at the base, as I started curling my finger slightly towards her belly button each time as I withdrew.

For half a second there was silence, and then (Y/N) moaned my name hoarsely as her perfect, hallowed cunt gripped my finger rhythmically with the most flawless of blessings. Content, I languidly worked her through her orgasm, relishing each contraction, cherishing each drop of her sacred fluids. The moment was a sanction of my very existence.


Dedicated to nikitheghoul !!!!



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

I hope you're feeling better!

Naughty Naughty Naughty! :)

Merelan Merelan

Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

Merelan Merelan


I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah