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A Saviour Will Be There

Chapter 5

~Sammy's POV~
I woke up next to Andy .Oh shit I have school tomorrow and I need some stuff so I got dressed and headed to the Mall when I got there . I went to Hot topic and Matalan and got some new band merch and Some new skinny jeans when I spotted Maddy and Rose I ran into A makeup store . I saw them come in and I ran to the eyeliners Luckily Then pasted straight past me and I Ran back to my car and went to Walmart and grabbed some new pens and Pencils. I got back into the car and started to play Not perfect by Johnnie Guilbert.

~Andy's POV~
I woke up and Sammy was gone. I heard the door open it was Sammy with aload of bags . She went shopping. "Hey sleepy head" she giggled. I gave her a death stare "So what did you get" I said as I noticed the Hot topic Bag . She pulled out 4 BVB Shirts and a Leather jacket . " Amazing Choice" I laughed. She put everything away and Then she did some that starled me she Tackled me to the bed "Ugh hey What was that for" I said . "I did it because I need a hug and I wanted to tackle you To see your reaction" she smiled .
~Jake's POV~
There was a thud .WTF Is going on. I ran upstairs and burst into Sammy's room her and Andy were Curled up on the bed . " What the Fuck was that noise" I said . "I Tackled him Jake NOW GET OUT" she screamed." I better go get dressed" Andy Smiled "Okay" Sammy said. I went back down stairs And started to make Bacon and Pancakes. Then I heard someone running. It was Sammy "GIVE ME THE FUCKING BACON" She screamed I knew she loved Bacon. "Fine" I chuckled And served the bacon . It was gone in about 2 seconds she said thanks and ran off to her room



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