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A Saviour Will Be There

Chapter 4

~Sammy's POV~

"Hey I'm going to go get food. Coming? " I said with a smile. "Sure. Why not? Should we bring the boys?" Andy said. Why not, at least I can spend some time with my big brother. Me and Andy walked downstairs. "Hey guys want to come get food?" Andy said. CC's head shot up. "FOOD" He Screamed. Everyone burst out laughing. Everyone got into Andy's car. We got pizza and on the way back all you heard from CC was "FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD". We all couldn't stop laughing. When we got home and had the pizza, Ashley decided we should play truth or dare. So I agreed to play.

~Andy's POV~

Ashley went straight to Sammy for his turn "Truth or Dare". Ashley said. "Truth" She smirked . "Okay So Who is your celeb crush?" he laughed. "Shit well. This is a little embarrassing its um Andy." She giggled. "Okay Sammy. Your turn to ask." I said. "Andy Truth or Dare." She said with a big, fat, grin on her face. "Dare" I said with a smirk on my stupid little face. "Okay I dare you to down that whole bottle of Jack Daniels." She said. I took it like a champ I downed the whole bottle. After that, I couldn't remember what happened. The next morning I woke up in Sammy's room. She was asleep on the floor.I got up and picked her up. I put her on the bed and tucked her in, I got in bed with her. I felt her head tuck into my chest after a minute I drifted off.

~Jake's POV~

When I woke up, I went to go check on Sammy and Andy. When I walked in, I saw Sammy was curled up next to Andy she looked so peaceful and sweet, I just left her to sleep and I went and cleaned up from last night after Andy downed the bottle. He went nuts and dared CC to go in to the kitchen make a smoothie out of five random things out of the fridge and drink it in front of us. It was disgusting.


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