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A Saviour Will Be There

Chapter 6

~Sammy's POV~
After the bacon I went upstairs to get my school outfit ready. I opened my door and there was Andy in his boxers "Damn Andy" I giggled with a crimson Tone to me cheeks "Hey I thought you were going to attack your brother for the bacon" Andy laughed "Oh I did attack him" I laughed . I left .

~Andy's POV~
i got dressed . I wish I could date Sammy but Jake would murder me for it . I felt Someones Arms wrap around me I turned around to see Sammy. She had a chessy grin on her face. "Why are you so happy ?" I asked "because Jake Said I can go on Warped tour with you guys Instead of going to school" She Said . Oh yeah Warped tour is next week. "Grab some clothes then" I Chuckled .She ran to her draws And Grabbed all her band shirts and Skinny jeans .


Sorry This Chapter is Short I've Been busy dying my hair


I understand Update when you can no pressure take your time!!!


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update please!!!!!

I know I can update it as im the co-owner but I cant interfear l update soon

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Update!!!! Ermehger....I need help....lmao addicted to fan fic

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