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Meeting Black Veil Brides

Chapter Two-The Results

It's Wednesday, about three or four days since I sent in my drawing and video. Today is the day I find out if I won.

I went onto my e-mail, just going through, when I saw something from the BVB website. I clicked it, and read through it. I didn't understand what was happening at first, so I read through it again. I started jumping up and down having a fangirl moment. I FUCKING WON!!!!

When I finally calmed down, I got dressed and went to the address in the e-mail to get my ticket an backstage pass. I blasted BVB the whole way there, singing along to the songs.

I got to the building and it was a recording studio. I got out of my car internally jumping up and down, but on the outside, calm and professional.

I went in, and said that I was coming to get my tickets to the BVB concert.

"Name," the lady behind the desk stated

"Eve Noire."

She jumped up out of her chair and rushing into another room. She came back with a laptop computer. She did something with it, and when she finished, she asked me if I could do something for her.

"Ok, just make it quick."

"I was wondering if you could sing the song you sang for the competition. Just to be sure."

"Of course. I sang Perfect Weapon. Why did you grab your laptop though? If you have a guitar, I could use that for the song."

She looked a little stunned, but ran to get a guitar. She handed it to me, a little skeptical. I grabbed it and said, "It might sound better in a recording studio. I don't want to burt your ears."

"Of course! Follow me," she said, turning and walking down a hallway. "Ok, just go through that door, and I will tell you when to start!"

So I went through the door, and started tuning the guitar. When I had it perfectly tuned, I looked up at the woman-I still don't know her name-an she gave me the ok to start.

I jumped right into the song, and when I finished, the lady said to come on through so she could talk to me.

"Ok, I just have to check out the video you sent in, and then you're good to go!"

*Finally* I thought. I just nodded my head, and we went back out front. I sat down and waited for her to check everything.

She checked it out, gave me my ticket and backstage pass, and I was off.

*I can't believe I won. AHHHH!!!! Well, time to go ahead and pick out my concert outfit* I thought.


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Trust me I understand, I wrote a fan fiction. I'm not done with it though :(
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB
I don't know why there is a &
I know school sucks but you are doing awesome!!&
Thank you! I'm still trying, but I have school, so it gets kind of hard to write a story while having to do school work
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
This is awesome so far! Can't wait to see more!
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB