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Meeting Black Veil Brides

Chapter One-A Week Off

"Get down here you worthless piece of shit!" My mother yelled at me. I rolled my eyes, already wanting to just escape.

"Yes Mother?" She made me either call her Mother, or Annalise, her actual name.

"I want you to come pick this shit up in here! NOW!" Annalise yelled. She prefers to be called Mother, but she is not my mother, so I'm just humoring her. I went down to clean up whatever mess her and her "boyfriend" have made and decided to make me clean. "I want this place SPOTLESS by the time me and Steve get back in a week," as soon as she said that, I was jumping up and down in excitment on the inside. Outside, I was calm and collected.

I nodded my head, showing I was paying attention to her. "Yes Mother."

As soon as her and Steve left, car invisible from the window, I was jumping up and down in joy. A whole week from her! I was let out of school early for exceptional grades.

I ran into my room, grabbing my speakers and bringing them downstairs to plug my phone up and play my music while cleaning the house. I actually don't mind cleaning, as long as I can listen to my music while I do. I played my playlist for these occasions, immedialtely soothed by the sound of Andy Biersack's soothing voice playing through my speakers. Black Veil Brides is like an obsession for me. I constantly crave hearing the soft/hard voice that is Andy. One of my favorite's came on, Sweet Blasphemy.


Ok, so I'm writing this story from my iPhone, and its going to be really crappy, any errors you see, don't be afraid to point them out. I tried to put more, but its being stupid and not letting me. I'll have to try later.


Trust me I understand, I wrote a fan fiction. I'm not done with it though :(
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB
I don't know why there is a &
I know school sucks but you are doing awesome!!&
Thank you! I'm still trying, but I have school, so it gets kind of hard to write a story while having to do school work
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
This is awesome so far! Can't wait to see more!
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB