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Meeting Black Veil Brides - Comments

Trust me I understand, I wrote a fan fiction. I'm not done with it though :(
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB
I don't know why there is a &
I know school sucks but you are doing awesome!!&
Thank you! I'm still trying, but I have school, so it gets kind of hard to write a story while having to do school work
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
This is awesome so far! Can't wait to see more!
Obsession_BVB Obsession_BVB
Thats quite alright! Will you be a co-author? Oh, by the way, the first chapter is better on my wattpad version
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
I'm going to be a little bit mean here and say it straight, I honestly think the chapters are far too short... A chapter on average should usually have between 1000 to 2500 words but maybe that's just me, I always prefer reading/publishing chapters with a lot of content so I don't feel like I'm cheating my viewers/being cheated by the writer on anything. The punctuation and grammar are practically flawless, which is good, but I didn't understand what exactly is going on in the story- one chapter she is cleaning the house, the next she is entering a competition and is in some kind of a recording studio? (I'm tired when i write this, so if you did explain it, I'm sorry, I probably missed it or something)

from what I can gather in my reading of your story, you have awesome ideas, and you have skills to correct any mistakes down to a misplaced comma, but your story development abilities need a bit of work- I could beta test your story or become a co-author for you if you like, but I'll only improve what's already there. It's up to you on that one. I hope I didn't come off as mean or offending or anything, this was just an honest review of what I thought :s
TheCorvid TheCorvid
What for?
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
Thanks!! :)
Thank you, and I will update in about a week maybe? I need the other author to be able to
BVB_Lover1324 BVB_Lover1324
Holy shit imma be obsessed with this story!! Updates please!!