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Black Blood Wounds

My friend of misery

*Andy's POV*

Something felt.... Off.... I sat on my bed, staring at the wall, too deep in thought to be aware of anything around me. Blaze looked like she was having a good time when we were at yogurt land. She looked like any other eighteen year old girl. Making jokes, laughing when Chris got a brain freeze from eating his yogurt way too fast, and talking about her dream to sing in a rock band. Anyone would take one look at her and assume that she was happy. I looked into her eyes, and saw so much pain and suffering that I wanted to take her into my arms and tell her that everything was going to be okay. I saw pent up anger and self loathing. I saw.... Death.... Her soul looked dead, like she was just a shell of the girl that she used to be. My thoughts were interrupted by Crow rubbing his head against my arm, trying to get my attention. I smiled at him and petted his head softly, making him purr softly. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't the first time I have seen that look before either. My best friend, CC, had the exact same look in his eyes. I saw it, but didn't do anything. He tried to kill himself when we were on tour.... I had walked into the bathroom of our tour bus, and he was on the floor. The bottle of pain medicine was empty, and a letter was next to it, telling us goodbye and that he was bi, but he knew that no one would ever accept him. I rushed him to the hospital and saved him. Now, three years later, he's in a committed relationship with Chis, and is happy again. I don't want Blaze to do the same thing that he did.... No one should have to go through that...



Update this pleeaassee!!!

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

Please update soon! This story is great!