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Black Blood Wounds

A Devil For Me

*Andy's POV*
I woke up to the sound of Metallica playing. I grumbled, cursing at the air as I fumbled for my phone. I checked the caller ID and groaned. "What the fuck do you want Chris?" I asked lethargically. "Woah! Hello sunshine! Did someone put shit in your cereal?!" I was not in the mood for his sarcasm. "How many times do I have to tell you. Don't wake me up early on Saturdays!" I hissed. "Dude! It's almost noon! We're going to get frozen yogurt with my new friend! Remember?" Fuck. I forgot about that. I silently cursed past me for making plans on my first Saturday off tour. "Oh yeah... Shit. I'll be ready in a bit." I groaned, getting out of bed to sluggishly get ready. "Ok! I'll be there in a half hour, so hurry your ass up!" He chirped, hanging up before I could protest. Fucking hell...

*Blaze's POV*
It's finally Saturday. I sat on my mattress while I waited for Chis to get here. I totally freaked out at him over text for not telling me that he was Chris Motionless from one of my most favourite bands in the world! The only band that I love more would have to be Black Veil Brides. I absolutely adore them. Chris found my reaction completely hilarious, saying that he wished he could see my reaction in person. He made me promise that I wouldn't share his number with my friends or give it to a creepy fangirl, which I then pointed out that I don't have any friends to give it to, and even if I did, I wouldn't. I sat there, trying to get over a really bad hangover, caused by my friends Jack and Daniels, who paid me a visit last night. I then heard a knock at the door. I quickly got up, put on my sunglasses, and opened the door to see Chris, dressed in his normal gothic fashion. He gave me a questioning look as he saw my sunglasses. "Hangover." I said bluntly. "Ah. Ok. Well, let's get going, my friend should be ready by the time we get to his house. He doesn't like to wait." He said cheerfully as we got into his car, and started towards his friend's house. I was about to ask him who his friend was, but he teasingly said "It's a surprise!" Well, fuck.

*time lapse 30 minutes*
After driving through a half an hours worth of LA traffic, we finally showed up to an apartment building across town, close to yogurt land. Chris stopped the car and pulled out his phone. He called a number and waited for it to pick up. "Hey, we're here! Yes, I'm outside. Dude, why the fuck did you start Batman when you knew that I was on my way! You can finish it later, just get your ass out here before I come in there and drag you by your fucking hair!" Chris joked into the phone and hung up. Moments later, we heard the soft clink of a wallet chain and combat boots. I couldn't see who it was, since it was coming from behind, and I didn't feel like turning my head. Suddenly, the door to the back seat opened. "You've got to be fucking kidding me... Why do I have to sit in the back?" A very familiar low voice whined. I gasped and turned around to see Andy Biersack trying to squeeze his giant gazelle legs into the back of Chis' car. Holy. Fucking. Shit. "Y-y-you're A-A-Andy B-B-Biersack!" I squeaked out. Andy looked up at me, then at Chis, then back to me. Chris broke into a loud laughter, clutching his stomach. "Chris, you dick. Did you not tell her that I was coming with you guys." Andy said playfully punching Chris in the shoulder. I continued to sit there, too shocked to say anything. "I might have forgotten to mention it. After she mentioned how much she loves Black Veil Brides in our conversations, I just couldn't resist!" Chris said in between giggle fits. Andy and I both glared at Chirs until he stopped laughing. "Oh Jesus, that was just too priceless! Anyway, Andy, this's my friend Blaze Mortician, Blaze, this is my best friend Andy Biersack!" I looked back at Andy. "Damn! That's a badass name!" Andy exclaimed as he held out his hand. I smiled and shook his hand. "It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Biersack!" I laughed. "Ok, Lady Mortician. Could you please push your seat forward so I can stretch my gazelle legs out a little, and let's go get some frozen yogurt!" He cheerfully said as Chris started the car.


Told you! The rest of the gang is going to show up in either the next chapter or later. I don't know when, but they will! Hope you're enjoying the story so far! :3


Update this pleeaassee!!!

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

Please update soon! This story is great!