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Black Blood Wounds

The Mortician's Daughter

*Trigger Warning*

*Blaze's POV*

I walked in through the door of my apartment, almost collapsing due to my extreme exhaustion from working and getting little to no sleep every night. Jesus fucking christ..... I'm so tired. I went over to my bed, falling into the pillows without bothering to change out of my day clothes. I was about to fall asleep when I heard my phone ring. I picked it up, not knowing the number that was calling. "Hello?" I asked. "Am I speaking to Blaze Mortician?" A very serious-sounding voice spoke. "Yes, who is this?" "This is Agent Woods, I'm with the US government. I am calling to regretfully inform you that your family is dead." I sat up, trying to hold back the tears. "W-w-what?!" "They died in a house fire caused by an explosion two days ago. I also regretfully have to inform you that you have been banned from attending the funeral. Good day." The phone hung up, leaving me to break down into tears. I got up, pushing my nightstand over out of pure agony. I completely trashed my apartment in a matter of seconds. I sat in the corner of the wreckage, rocking back and forth as I studied what I had done. Then, I had a sick thought go across my mind. I thought I was past this, but oh well. I grabbed a piece of shattered glass from the mirror I had smashed. I didn't even think about what I was doing, I just dug deep into my arm, leaving gashes in the skin. Just then, I heard someone break the door down. I looked over to see that it was Andy, Chris, CC, Jake, Jinxx, and Ashley. Andy took one look at me and tackled me to the ground, ripping the glass shard out of my hand. I was too busy struggling against him and screaming to hear what he was saying. I had completely lost my mind. Andy then bear hugged me, tears running down his face as I struggled to get out of his grip. I eventually gave up and just cried into his shoulder. "Shhhhhh. We're going to get you help. You're going to be okay." He soothed, making me cry harder.



Update this pleeaassee!!!

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

You have to update what happens!!!

Little red Little red

Please update soon! This story is great!