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You Were Always Mine

Chapter 14

Genieve traced her lips along Jeremy's cuts. "Je suis désolé." She whispered against his skin.
"It's fine." He lied, attempting to be tough.
She scoffed and shook her head a little. "It is not fine. I try and keep it so he only hurts me."
He shot up. "He hurts you?" Jeremy asked.
She looked down and refused an answer, moving instead to hand him a battered plastic bottle of water.
"Gen, does he hurt you?" He repeated, refusing to take the water until he had a response.
She nodded a little, eyes welling with tears.
Daved watched through the camera feed.
"What does he do?" Jeremy asked softly, taking her hands in his own with their missing fingers and guiding her to sit.
"Awful things." She whispered.


"I WON'T ASK AGAIN ASHLEY!" Genieve screamed at him. "DO YOU LOVE ME!?"
"NO! I don't love you!" He snapped, feeling fighty today.
She studied him a moment, calculating.
"Okay." She conceded. and untied him, bandaging him gently and leading him back to his cell with a blindfold on. He struggled against her, but Genieve was strong despite her tiny size.
Tomorrow, she'd try something new.


Kinda a weird and short chapter but I need a lead up to the next one.
*Spoiler* Ashley will not be happy in the next one


I'm glad! I'll try and keep it up, just the past year has been mad for me and I'm behind at school atm so writing is really helping me release stress. It's good to know I have you as a loyal reader. xx You guys keep me going.

Omg two updates in the span of a week without an update for months! You've made me the happiest girl alive :)

I will always keep reading!!! Please update more if you can :)

Omg i didn't even think i had readers still so I stopped updating! you made me so happy!!! ^-^

Yay an update!!!