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You Were Always Mine - Comments

I'm glad! I'll try and keep it up, just the past year has been mad for me and I'm behind at school atm so writing is really helping me release stress. It's good to know I have you as a loyal reader. xx You guys keep me going.

Omg two updates in the span of a week without an update for months! You've made me the happiest girl alive :)

I will always keep reading!!! Please update more if you can :)

Omg i didn't even think i had readers still so I stopped updating! you made me so happy!!! ^-^

Yay an update!!!

I'll forgive you this time;)

Seagull_frenzy Seagull_frenzy

Thank you! I'll try to update more in summer x


Damn dude

Seagull_frenzy Seagull_frenzy

This has been written so well so far!

XD thank you. You're about to really hate Genieve.

I love it and hate it, but it I'm a good way you know? I hate Daved and Genieve

Ewwie! I really should read the warnings and not bother reading the chapters, huh? I feel sick...

Seagull_frenzy Seagull_frenzy

Thanks. I'll check it out on my laptop once it's fixed. ^-^

Great Writing !!! :)
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Bondanella Bondanella

You must be very happy that you finally got to go to France!xD

Overnight stay. ^.^

I thought you weren't going through France?

I am not obsessed! Gerard is a very French name.

You and your obsession with MCR is worse than my obsession with OM&M!


Haha, I couldn't agree more xD you just made my day

Mikkimokki Mikkimokki