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You Were Always Mine

Chapter 12

"Package for you, Mr Biersack." The guard said in a heavy French accent.
"Thank you." Andy smiled as best as possible. "Has it been scanned?" He checked.
Lately security had been his main priority. With 2 members missing and an attempt on his life just a few days earlier, to say they were under threat was an understatement. Andy felt like he had a target spray-painted on his head.
"Oui." The guard answered from behind his wire rimmed glasses. He didn't look like a security guard, but Andy supposed that was the point. Besides, Genieve didn't look like the right hand of the French Police, but she was.
"What's in it?" Andy asked, wanting a general idea.
"Some kind of organic matter. Probably chocolate or something from fans. The men are bringing the rest from the hotel. Somehow this got here early." The guard shrugged.
Andy nodded. "Thanks Mr...?"
"Muhammad. My name is Yoseef Muhammad." He replied.
Andy nodded. "You mind if I come out and speak to you at times? CC is driving me insane in there." He gestured back at the door to the run down apartment, their new safe-house.
Yoseef smiled. "Of course, Mr Biersack."
"Call me Andy." He smiled back.
"Yes Mr Andy." Yoseef joked as he returned to his post.

Andy took the package inside. It was slightly cold. Probably from being transported here.
He placed it on the kitchenette surface and got out a pair of blunt scissors to open it.
The scissors sawed through the white paper with red parcel tape. It was oddly beautiful. Like blood drops on snow.
The contents of the parcel were not beautiful though...
"YOSEEF!" Andy yelled, trying to keep calm.
Yoseef rushed in, gun drawn. He looked inside the box.
"Is that a-? " he stuttered.
"Yep." Andy answered numbly.
"Mr Furgeson's?"
"Yup. Jinxx's." Andy quavered.
Yoseef promptly vomited in the kitchenette sink.

Half way across Paris, in an abandoned sub-tunnel, a scarlet head popped in whilst Jinxx slept. Genieve's garnet eyes winked mischievously as she placed out water and bread for him.
She took his hand and wrapped the remains of his severed left ring finger, smiling a little at the irony of him losing the ring before the finger.


Hello all! I had a kickass time on the continent! The Czech Republic is awesome! I think I'll have a story or two aet there! ^-^ comment, vote! Make my day!


I'm glad! I'll try and keep it up, just the past year has been mad for me and I'm behind at school atm so writing is really helping me release stress. It's good to know I have you as a loyal reader. xx You guys keep me going.

Omg two updates in the span of a week without an update for months! You've made me the happiest girl alive :)

I will always keep reading!!! Please update more if you can :)

Omg i didn't even think i had readers still so I stopped updating! you made me so happy!!! ^-^

Yay an update!!!