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You Were Always Mine

Chapter 1

The Parisian market street was crowded. The soft scent of breakfast croissants and coffee wafted about and mingled with the grotesque odour of fish. Jeremy stopped for a moment, taking in the scent and every detail of this beautiful city. It had a certain vitality to it. An atmosphere you couldn't escape even if you wanted to. This humming vibrance and energetic patriotism that came naturally to the French.
He shut his eyes and took it all in.
Thud. A body pressed against him momentarily.
"Pardon, monsieur!" exclaimed a young man with ginger curls.
"Non, c'est moi! Je suis désolé!" he replied with shock.
The man began to walk away, and Jeremy decided to pay more attention.
"Un moment, monsieur!" called the man as Jeremy made for a café selling delicious smelling pain-au-chocolate.
Jeremy whipped his head around.
"Jinxx? Black Veil Brides?" The man questioned.
"Yes, I mean, oui!" He responded.
"Autograph?" He asked offering a notebook.
"Of course." Jeremy took it. "Who for?"
"My sister, Genieve. And one for me too." He said nervously.
"And how do I spell your name?" Jeremy asked as he scribbled a few kisses at the bottom of what he wrote to Genieve.
"Daved, D-A-V-E-D."
"Okay." he said as he finished scrawling. He returned the notebook.
"Merci beaucoup!" Said Daved with a smile before rushing to the metro.

Daved ripped his phone from his pocket once he was in the crowded underground tunnel.
He hit the 1 key on the temporary old nokia to speed dail the only contact, his sister, Genieve.
She answered after only 2 rings.
"Have you got him?" He asked.
"Yes." she sneezed. "He is heading for Chèz Mel's." She answered with a sniffle.
"Are you well enough to meet me with the van?" His accent making his "T's" sound like "Zee's"
"Oui. Au revoir, mon fréré. Le Gare Du Nord, cinq minutes." she hung up.
Daved rushed through the tunnel, and stepped into the train which over 100 Parisians seemed to have crammed themselves into like sardines in a can.
He checked his watch. 4 minutes 27 seconds.
This car would get him to Le Gare Du Nord in 3 minutes.


Idek if any of this is accurate, I've never been to Paris.
Just imagine it ok!
And please check out "School of Rock" and "The Search for Harley" they are awesome but the author won't write a sequel unless she has 1000+ views.


I'm glad! I'll try and keep it up, just the past year has been mad for me and I'm behind at school atm so writing is really helping me release stress. It's good to know I have you as a loyal reader. xx You guys keep me going.

Omg two updates in the span of a week without an update for months! You've made me the happiest girl alive :)

I will always keep reading!!! Please update more if you can :)

Omg i didn't even think i had readers still so I stopped updating! you made me so happy!!! ^-^

Yay an update!!!