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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter Three

~CC's POV~
HOLY SHIT....I KISSED HER!!!!! I slowly pulled away. I looked into her eyes, sadness. Where those there when she was crying or was she sad that I pulled away? "You know...its both CC...." Josie said. SHIT DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD? "Ohmygod. yes you did.." She giggled. She has an amazing smile. "Christian...stop saying your thoughts out loud...It's weird" She said as she gave me a funny look. "Oh sorry..I didn't now I was doing it." I sais giving her a smile. "It's fine." She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled at me. What was she doing? Ugh I couldn't take this anymore. I quickly leaned in and crashed my lip onto hers. And little did I know that she would kiss back. We were like this for about 20 seconds when she pulled away.
~Josie's POV~
I slowly pulled bac about after 20 seconds of kissing CC. I was out of breath for 1 and for 2 I wasn't sure about this..I mean come on he is 16 years older than me..Yeah I'm legal but still. "Look CC, you are a nice guy but can we start off as friends. I mean for 1 I'm only 18 going to be 19 soon. I don't mean to be rude..really." and with that being said we both got up and hugged. "Ok. I respect that. Here have my number." He put it in my phone and we walked off to find the guys since it was 2:15 and school will be over in 15 minutes. "Hey. When we reach near the guys I'm gonna start running and you'll chace after me and let's see if Andy will be Batman and save me. Okay?" I say with a big smile on my face. "Okay" We got about 15 feet from the guys and I take off running. "BATMAN HELP!!!!!!!" I screamed. Oh man you should have seen Andy's face. He came running towards me and picked me up and ran back to the group while CC is panting like crazy. I jumped down and hugged CC. "IT WORK CC!!!" I said almost laughing my ass off. "What the hell just happened Josie?" Andy asked. "Well you see. I had an idea to see if you were really batman and it worked." I said trying to keep a straight face. Andy just started laughing like crazy. It was finally 2:30 and we had to go home. My mom called saying I would be alone for a while when I got home so I could go to a friend's if I wanted. "Hey! I'm gonna be home alone for a while. I don't know what to do. My mom said I could go to a friend's if I wanted but I don't have any here." I said looking sad. "You can come back to my parent's house, if you want, I mean that's where we will be going." Andy said with eyes full of hope. "Yeah I'll come." I said. Little did he know I was good friends with Amy and Chris.
When we get there Andy leads us all inside. "Mom Dad! I'm home with the guys and a friend" Andy said as Chris and Amy come into the room. I smile. "Hey Josie! How are you?" Hey Chris, Hey Amy!. I'm doing good." I replied. "Wait...What? How do you guys know each other?" I smile thinking its funny Andy is confused. "Well Andrew, my mom is good friends with your parents and they go on double dates with my mom and my step dad almost all the time, so.." I said hoping he would understand. "Oh...that makes since I guess." Andy said. "Well come in guys." Chris said whil he and Amy gave me a hug. We talk on and on until I get a phone call from my mom saying that I need to be home in a couple of hours. "Well guys, I have to head home now. Since I'm wasy over an hour from my house." I said. "I can drive you." CC said. "Okay. Bye Guys!" I said as me and CC were headed out the door. On the way home me and CC sang along to the radio, goofed off and were ourselves. I decided to text my mom
(J- Josie, M- Mom)
J- Hey Momma! I'm heading home now since I was at Chris and Amy's and its over an hour away.
M- oh okay. well I wont be home for a while so if you have a friend you 2 can hang out.
J- KK. I can make dinner when I get home if you want.
M- ok! Love you
J-Love you too. Is it okay if I envite auntie, bub and his gf to dinner?
M- sure
"who are you texting girl? Your boyfriend or something?" CC said making me jump a little. "HAHAHA no...im single and my mom. I'm cooking dinner tonight." I said thinking about what i should make. "Ooo whatcha gonna make?" "I don't know..maybe hot dogs and tater tots. or something like that. Nothing special since my aunt, bro and his gf are coming over." I said hoping CC will ask if he could stay. "I'm gonna be alone for awhile so if you wanna come in and hang out it'll be fine." I say as we pull into my drive way.
I walk into the kitchen and get the hot dogs out and set them in the sink to thaw. I call my bro and ask if they wanted to come over for dinner but they couldn't. Oh well. "Hey CC" I said as I walk in my room to see him watching where I left off on The Nightmare Before Christmas. "Yeah?" he asked without even looking at me. "They can't come over so maybe you can stay for dinner. And maybe the night because I may have a bon fire. The guys can come too." I say hoping he would say yes. "Yeah that should be fine. I'll call them and tell them." CC said as he got up to call Ashley to tell the guys. I went into the garage and got the blow up bed and put it in the Seasonal room we have and I set up the couch in case the other were staying. I walk back into the house to see my mom sitting on the couch and my step dad looking pissed. "Hey guys...Why do you look pissed?" I asked. "Who the hell is that guy by your room calling his friends and saying they could come down here?" SHIT. "Oh that is CC, a member of bvb and my mom now who he is. And its just the rest of the band...We are gonna have a bon fire since bub cancelled on me." I sigh. "Ok. That's fine." I smile. "Thanks Dad!" Yeah I call him dad.



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl