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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter Four

I woke up to CC's drum solo in "The Legacy". I got up with a smile on my face thinking about last night. I saw 8 sleeping bodies on my living room floor. "Nice...I'm the first one up. " I said to myself with sarcasm. I walk into the bathroom, take care of my business and walk back to my room deciding that I may go out today. I get dressed and do my make up. I straighten my hair and finished off my outfit. I open my door to run into CC. "Oww! What the hell??" I whispered yelled. "Oh I'm sorry pretty lady! And where are you going today??" he asked like a 4 year old who wants candy. "I don't know. I just went ahead and got dressed so I would be ready." I said smiling at him. He gave a small smirk and then hugged me. I hugged back. As we pull apart, the next thing I knew, CC was kissing me again. "Oh shit. I'm sorry! I don't know what got into me" he said as he pulled away. I didn't want him to pull away. I liked kissing him. Oh well.."It's fine CC. Lets go wake up the other 7 lazy asses." I said as I poke his side. "How about we go out first? Like breakfast or something." I smiled. "Yeah sure. BUT we HAVE to go to Waffle House!" I said like a 4 year old who wants candy. He smiled and laughed a little. Man his smile was perfect. "Ok fine."
We got there safely and we ordered our food once the waitress came. "So..umm...how is this weather" CC said trying to get a conversation. I giggled a bit . "CC..the weather is nice.." I said as I laughed. "It's not funny! I'm horrible at making conversations." I smiled. "It's fine. How about I start." I smiled at his handsomeness. "Ok begin." he said. "Well, did you enjoy last night?" He smiled. I knew something was on his mind, We talked for a while and finished our meals and decided to head home. "So I had fun last night CC. The best night ever." I said..Am I getting feelings for CC?? "Yeah me too. " He said as he placed his hand over mine. I smile. "We should do this agian." He said as he kissed my hand. "Do what again?" I say as we arrive to my house. "This" he said as he kissed me. I kissed back. After 30 seconds we pulled apart. "wow." I said as i smiled. "What?" He asked as he also smiled. "I never thought I would be kissing my idol, partying with my idol and being friends with my idol." I said with my smile getting bigger. "Well you are so get used to it." He smirk as he said while we were getting in the car.
"So where did you two go?" Jake asked giving me and CC "the look". "Why does that concern you Mr. Pitts?? Hmm?" CC said putting his arm around me. Man he smelled good. "Because it just does. We wake up and Justin's little sister and you are missing..kinda creepy bro." Jake said. Now saying I'm Justin's little sister, I'm not by blood, I have known him my whole life and we look at each other as siblings. "Jacob Mark Pitts. It is not creepy. Can't two friends go out for breakfast, while the other 7 are being lazy asses?!?! " I said with a smile knowing I had won the arguement. 'Did.....you.....just use his full name???" Andy, Jinxx, Ashley, and CC all said. 'Little girl..you never use my full name." Jake said with a look in his eyes that looked like death! SHIT!! I'm a goner. "Oh really? Well I can, and I will. And by the way, I'm not a "little girl" I'm 18 Jacob." I said with a smirk. He just looked at me..I knew what i had to do. I slowly got up and hid behind Tanner. Because he will protect me. "Jos..you got yourself in this so dont hide behind me girly." Tanner said with a smirk. "What the hell did I say about calling me 'Girly'?" I said with a pissed tone in my voice. I hated being called that. "Oh so miss Girly hates being call girly huh?" Jake said. next thing I knew i was picked up and flying out the door. "hey let me down!!!" I screamed. "Josie, It's just me!" I looked up to see Andy. I smiled. "AWWW BATMAN REALLY DOES LIKE ME!!!" I sang as we walked back to the house.



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl