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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter Two

~Josie's POV~
Wow. Just me and CC...alone...wow.. "So..What do you wanna do first?" CC asked me. "I don't care. I don't like field day." I said not wanted to do anything. "Oh well wanna walk around then." I smiled at the thought that the Christian Coma, drummer for Black Veil Brides, wants to hang out with me, a small town girl, who nobody cares for. "Sure CC. I would like that." We get up and we start walking around looking at everybody having fun and then somebody walks up to me and bumps into me, hard. "Hey watch were you're going Emo Freak." Shit I knew that voice too well. It was Katie, the head cheerleader. "Ok. I'm sor-" I was cut off by CC. SHIT "Hey! You have not right to judge her and as of matter of fact you ran into her so you should say sorry to her." I looked at him and in my eyes, I was murdering him for doing that. "AW Emo Freak has another Emo Freak standing up for her? Isn't that the most stupidest thing I have ever seen." Katie spat. I rolled my eyes. OK you can call me an Emo Freak but not my idols. Bitch prepare to die. "OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! DON'T YOU HAVE SOME STUPID JOCK'S THROAT TO GO STICK YOU'RE TONGUE DOWN, BITCH?" I yelled at her. Next thing I know my face is burning. Why you might ask well because this bitch hit me. she has crossed the line. "Go get the others and stay out of the middle okay." I whisper to CC. "why?" he asked being nosey. "just do it please." I whisper back to him and with that he left and went to go get the others, who were all together. "Ok Bitch I' done! You harass me daily and as of today that shit is gonna stop!" I glared at her. "What are you gonna do about it?" She asked while poking my chest. Next thing I know I'm on top of her punching her face in. "GET OFF ME EMO!!!" She screamed and next thing I know 2 pair of hands were on me. Shit...most likely a teacher or some shit like that. "LET GO OF ME SO I CAN KICK HER ASS!!! I'M FED UP WITH HER SHIT!!!" I screamed and i wass pulled off of her. These people dragged me to the alley behind the school...SHIT!! "LET ME GO!!! NOW!!!!" and with that being said, I was on the ground. I looked up to see CC and Dahvie, they were the ones who dragged me, and the rest of the guys. I stared at them.."What the hell?!?! Why did you stop me..?" I asked. They all looked at each other seeing who would talk first to the very pissed off girl in front of them. "Well umm..uh.." CC started but I cut him off. "Huh?! I want to know." I stare at the ground. "Well because you were fighting and i thought you may kill her so I thought it would be a good idea that we stopped you." CC finished and I thought about how many times I cut, and didnt eat and thought about suicide because of her. By now it was only CC, Andy, Dahvie, and Ash. "If I show you something will you ALL promise to not tell a soul, not even the other guys?" I asked realizing that I was about to show them my scars..my thighs and arms. Yes I had shorts on but they just barely covered my cuts. "We promise..If we are your idols and heroes then you can show and tell us anything." They all said at the same time. I sigh. "Please don't think differently of me..it's a bad habbit and I'm trying to stop." As soon as I said that it's like Andy knew..his eyes went from shocked that i was gonna kill a bitch to sad and worried. "ok before I show, I'm gonna tell you everything." They all nodded. "That bitch, who i was beating up, picked on me daily and put stuff on my locker and told all the guys I like, not very many, that I was a whore and that I do bad shit. She pushed me too far one day and I was about to commit suicide and I cut all the time and I don't eat..and..." I was cut off by me crying and wasn't being able to finish.. Next thing I knew a pair of arms were around me and rocking me back and forth. I look up to see CC and only CC. "where are the others?" I asked thinking I scared them away. "First off I know that look, you didn't scare them off. Second, they left so you and me could be alone.." I smiled at the thought of them leaving so me and CC could be alone. "Oh okay.." CC just stared down at me.."You know..I'll always be here for you..You are one beautiful young lady." HOLY SHIT IM DREAMING!!! "T-thanks.." Look up into his perfect green eyes and I see a smile on his lips. That's when we started leaning in..Then it happened...We kissed....



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl