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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Showers, Teasing, and a Question

~Jake’s POV~
I got out of the shower to see CC curled up in a blushing ball of adorable. I smirked as I noticed him staring at me.
I leaned down to kiss him and he pulled me down on top of him. He began making out with me and soon our tongues were battling for dominance. CC surrendered allowing me to gain the upper hand. We made out for a while before I started kissing and nibbling on his neck.
Before I knew it CC had picked me up and practically threw me into the shower again. I was confused at first.
‘Did CC just… Throw me… in the shower?’ I thought to myself before I found myself sitting under running water again.
I noticed the water was blocked because I could still hear it running. I turned to see what was blocking the water to see CC’s small frame standing in front of me.
“CC what are you…”
“Fuck you Jake. That’s what.”
Before I knew it CC had me on my feet again and he was kissing my neck. I felt CC’s hands slide down toward my ass, grabbing it roughly. I jumped as I felt CC bite my neck and grab my ass again. Then CC spoke.
“Jake… Fuck me…”


Sorry this one's short.. The next one should explain why.



ur welcome doll

Madison Madison

I'll try and thanks :)

OutCastAndProud OutCastAndProud

Thank you! <3

OutCastAndProud OutCastAndProud

So cute <3

CFreakingC CFreakingC

I ship it lol love it so far update soon doll plzzz

Madison Madison