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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

An Answer, Actions, and Surprises

~CC’s POV~
I asked Jake to fuck me and he just stood there. He looked confused. I instantly became scared.
“Jake if you don’t…” I was shut up by Jake kissing me roughly.
I kissed back trying my hardest to grind myself into any part of Jake’s body, because my dick was throbbing for Jake’s touch. Before I knew it, Jake had his tongue down my throat and his hand on my dick.
I gasped and moaned as I felt his hand move up ‘me’ and I fell into his touch.
“Jake I need you…” I whimpered as he pumped his hand faster. Making me moan in approval.
I moaned as I felt Jake push me down so I was bent over. He started moving his hand up and down ‘me’ at a fast pace. Before I knew it Jake roughly pushed himself into me, I moaned his name loudly in response. He started slow…
“Jake… Faster. Please Jake Please.” I begged him, I got what I wanted though.
Jake pumped and thrust at a fast pace for a while. Then he hit something in me that drove me wild.
“JAKE!” I screamed and I could almost hear the smirk in his voice as he responded.
“Yes CC?” he asked not stopping his movement on the spot.
“R… R… Right there! Jake! Harder daddy please!” I moaned loudly, holding onto the wall to keep me up.
But instead of getting harder, and keeping or increasing speed, Jake slowed and got gentler. I pouted.
“Jake… please don’t do this to me…”
Next thing I knew he pushed his entire length into me roughly and hit that one spot, causing me to scream out his name.
“Oh Fuck! Jacob!” I screamed loudly as he pumped my dick and thrust in unison.
The longer we went the harder and faster Jake became, and after a while I felt as if I was about to reach my end…
“Jake! I… I… Jake I’m gonna…” I moaned out before I was cut off by a low sexual growl.
“No you’re not CC, beg when you can’t take anymore.” He said as he thrust and pumped faster and harder than before.
He kept thrusting and pumping until I was a shaking, whimpering mess under him. I stopped making sense a little bit ago, but god did I love the feeling of Jake dominating me. Before I knew it felt as if I couldn’t take anymore and from the noises coming from Jake I don’t think he could either.
“Jake daddy please let me…”
“W… Why?”
“I can’t take anymore Jake please?!”
Through what sounded like a small moan, he responded.
“CC… Now.”
I practically screamed his name as I came into his hand, and soon after he came into me, moaning my name loudly, causing me to moan again.
I stood up to the best of my ability and wrapped my arms around Jake.
“I’m gonna be sore later.” I said with a blush.
“I’m sorry baby.” Jake responded apologetically.
I giggled, “Don’t be sorry babe, I enjoyed myself.” I winked.
Jake simply giggled and pulled me closer, kissing me lovingly and deeply.
Then we heard something hit the floor… so we shut the shower water off and peeked out to see Jinxx, standing there, blankly staring at the shower, in pure shock.


A/N: IT HAS HAPPEND! and I hope you all are enjoying this here story. ^.^
Vote, Comment, you know all that stuff. :)



ur welcome doll

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I'll try and thanks :)

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Thank you! <3

OutCastAndProud OutCastAndProud

So cute <3

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I ship it lol love it so far update soon doll plzzz

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