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A Love Understood Only By Rebels.(Jake Pitts x Christian 'CC' Coma)

Morning after, Secrets, and Sleep Talking

~Jake’s POV~
I woke up with CC in my arms. I looked at him and smiled, then I thought about everything that I remembered from the night before.
‘Okay soo.. Show, got drunk, Jinxx confessed my crush on CC for me, that fabulous lap dance from CC…’ then the memories stopped. My eyes widened as he woke up.
“Good morning sun…” He stopped noticing tears in my eyes.
“Everything alright Jake?” he asked as a tear fell.
“I’m sorry CC…” I said crying a little.
“What for Jake?” He responded sounding as if he thought he did something wrong.
“You haven’t done anything wrong, I just… wanted our first time to be special CC.” I said.
He wrapped his arms around me.
“We didn’t have sex last night Jake, we just cuddled.”
Before I knew it my lips connected with his, soon after I pulled away.
“Jake… What are you trying to say?” CC asked surprised.
“I’m trying to say… Will you be my boyfriend Christian Coma?”
He smiled largely and pulled me closer.
“Yes Jake Pitts. I will.” He responded before saying,
“How about we not tell anyone yet okay babe?”
“Okay, it’ll be our little secret.” I winked at him before kissing him again, and smiling. Then Andy walked by…
“So how was last night?” he said with a wink.
“Well Andrew..” CC started.
“I got this bro.” I said smiling, “We cuddled. That’s all.” I winked at CC without Andy noticing.
Andy smirked.
“Uh huh… That’s not what I heard.”
I raised an eyebrow being that I didn’t talk in my sleep, and CC did every once in a great while, and CC knew it.
“W… What did you hear Andy?” he asked.
“CC! Oh CC… More CC more!” He winked at me and sassily walked away.
I looked at the now blushing CC, blushing myself, as CC spoke.
“So that explains this.” He said pointing at my erection left over last night with some erectness from that dream added.
“I guess…” I responded.
Just then CC sat on me, straddling me in his bunk. I bit my lip.
“CC you’re not helping.” I said.
“I know, I just wanna see something.” He replied winking at me.
Before I knew it I felt his hand stroke ‘me,’ I let out a quiet moan and growled at him.
“I need a shower.” I said before getting up and heading to the bathroom.
~ CC’s POV~
I followed Jake to the bathroom. Once I got into the bathroom I started looking at ‘myself’ in the mirror, but I was actually looking at Jake as he took his shirt off.
“Like what you see?” he asked smirking at me.
“Yeah why?” I responded.
“Just wait until I take my pants off.” He winked as I bit my lip and returned to the mirror, watching as he began taking his pants off.
He got down to his boxers and winked at me before stripping them away fully aware I was watching.
‘Good god… He’s bigger than I thought.’ I thought to myself .
“Soo… Like what you see now?” he asked giving me a sexy smirk.
“Uh huh…” I responded, sounding like a sexually starved girlfriend responding to her boyfriend who is teasing her, and asking if she wanted it.
He walked over and pressed his 5’10” naked body against me, pinning me between him and the wall.
“Wanna take a shower with me?” he asked before kissing my neck.
I let out a small moan and my hands found his hair again.
“So is that a yes?” he asked.
“No… Everyone will start to wonder.” I said.
“Oh… Okay.” Jake responded before getting in the shower.
I sat on the floor smiling to myself and thinking, ‘Jake Pitts is my boyfriend, I can’t believe it… I wonder what ship names the fans will think of when they find out…’
My thoughts were interrupted by Jake groaning. I raised an eyebrow and scooted closer to the shower to hear what was going on. I smiled as I heard Jake growl, then he let out a small moan and my eyes widened as I blushed, knowing exactly what he was up to now.
After a few minutes I heard him put his hand on the wall, and he let out a full moan.
I bit my lip as he moaned more. He kept it up as I sat trying to not look turned on.
“Oh fuck CC…” he moaned out followed by a sexual growl.
I bit my lip as I whimpered and covered my face.


A/N:: again, I do not own Black Veil Brides nor do I own the members of the band. I also need some help from everyone that is reading this... I need some ship name ideas. So comment on this chapter if any of you have any ideas please. :)



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