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The Legacy's Fallen Angels


“Come on, guys! We’re going to answer some fan questions. Then, we’re going to have an interview by the tour buses at the Vans Warped Tour.” I yelled from across the room. Gerzey was all smiles because she loved doing things like these. Jasmyn was happy, but you could tell she was sort of nervous since this was her first time doing something like this. It was the first time for all of us actually.
Gerzey grabbed her camera and pointed it towards us so that it taped us. She usually did that whenever we videotape something. She presses the record button when Kaitlyn, Cheyanne, and Jasmyn were standing next to me. She quickly came running back. I looked at the questions.
“Okay, so the first question is from Emily. She asks ‘Is TJ you’re real name?’.” I read the question aloud. “Umm… Well,” I hesitated because I didn’t want people to know my real name, “No, but it’s my first two initials.” I answered not wanting to talk further on the subject.
Gerzey read the next question. “Kasey asks, ‘What are the bands who inspire you?’.” Gerzey finished reading the question, and looked back at us. She gave us a look telling us to say the answer at the same time. We did. “BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!” We all said at the same time. “Never give in, never back down!” We all said together. Gerzey came over and stood by me. We fist bumped and did the ‘firework’ hand motion thing.
“This next question is from Andrew. “’What’s your favorite color?’ is what he asks.” Jasmyn said as she read the next question out loud.
“Black!” I yell out.
“Blue.” Jasmyn answers.
“Blood red.” Kaitlyn says fixing her cowgirl hat that she decided to put on. I tried to hold back my giggles when she posed.
“Blue, just like my awesome hair.” Gerzey said showing off her dyed hair. I dyed her hair because I use to be a beautician. I’m still a certified one, but I don’t work for any hair salon.
“Blood red, black, and neon green are my favs.” Cheyanne said trying to act cool for some reason.
I checked the time. It was about time to leave so I said we could do one more question.
Cheyanne read the next question. “Hannah asks, ‘What are the bands goals?’.”
“Umm… wow, erm, I guess we never really thought about goals, but we all strive for one thing.” I silently signaled for them to say it with me.
“Make it to the top and never drop.” They said with me. I smiled along with the others members.
“Can we answer one more question?” Kaitlyn asked eagerly. I giggled and said yes. She quickly read the question. “’What member from your favorite band are you most like?’ is what Trish would like to know.” Kaitlyn said. She waited for someone the answer first.
“Wow! That’s a good question. I’m like CC because I have a crazy personality. I’m like Ashley because I have a dirty mind. Also, I’m like Andy because I’m a lead singer.” I said. I paused for a second then said, “I guess I’m most like Ashley.”
“I guess I’m more like Andy then.” Jasmyn said.
“That’s mixed up because TJ’s the singer and Jasmyn’s the bassist. Ashley is the bassist and Andy is the singer.” Gerzey pointed out. “I guess I’m like Jake because I love pizza and I sometimes skateboard.” Gerzey continued, answering the question.
“I’m defiantly most like CC! I drum and I’m sort of crazy. Not that CC is crazy. It’s a personality thing.” Kaitlyn said rambling on about not meaning to call CC crazy. We all know that she doesn’t really think that’s he’s crazy, but we think he has a crazy personality like most of our band members.
“I guess that means I’m more like Jinxx because I play like the same instruments as him.” Cheyanne said.
“Okay, we have to go to an interview. I know who’s interviewing us and the rest of the band doesn’t so if they look surprised to see who it is, you know why.”
As if by instinct, we all said our sign off instantly.
“I’m Gerzey Jane.” She said.
“I’m Cheyanne Couchman.”
“I’m Kaitlyn Quinn.”
“I’m Jasmyn Bruce.”
“I’m TJ Angel.” We all said our names individually.
“And together we are THE LEGACY’S FALLEN ANGELS!” We said in unison. Gerzey quickly ran and hit the stop button. After she put the camera in her bag, we headed to Jasmyn’s car. She had a black shiny convertible car. We got in. Jasmyn was in the driver’s seat, of course. I was in the backseat in between Cheyanne and Gerzey. Kaitlyn called shotgun, so she got to sit in the passenger’s seat.
When we got there, the interviewer had everything set up. “Hey, Bryan.” I shouted at him. He smiled at me. “Oh my God! We have an interview with Bryan Stars? He interviews famous people. How did you get him to want to interview us?” The girls started asking me. “He wanted to interview us. I didn’t do anything.” I answered with a smile. We got out of the car. As everyone else was getting ready, I walked up to him. When I got closer, I realized that he had been talking to someone. I walked until I was fifteen feet away from them.
Bryan had been talking to Andy Biersack. I screamed like a fan girl inside my head. “Who was that?” I could hear Andy ask.
“That was the lead singer for the new group called The Legacy’s Fallen Angels. I’m interviewing them in a little while.” Bryan asked.
“Wait, what was the name of the band?” Andy asked.
“The Legacy’s Fallen Angels.”
“Huh, sounds like that came from two of our songs, but, I guess, I could be wrong.” Andy said. He finally noticed that I was there.
“Oh, hi. You must be the girl that Bryan was just talking about.” He said walking up to me. I hope they weren’t having an interview when I said hi to Bryan earlier. I smiled and he smiled back. I was starting to blush when I finally had enough courage to actually talk to him.
“Hey, and if he was talking about the lead singer for a new band called The Legacy’s Fallen Angels, then yes. Yes, he was talking about me.”
“Good to know. My name is Andy Biersack. I’m the lead singer for a band called Black Veil Brides.” He said in his low voice. I giggled because I already knew who he was.
“People call me TJ because I don’t like my real name.” I said messing around with my bracelet.
“What’s your real name?” He asked looking at my wrist intently. Oh, no, he probably saw one of my cuts. I do NOT want him to know the bad side of me. I think as I hide my hands behind my back.
“Umm… you’ll probably get to find out if you stick around and watch our interview.” I said trying not to make eye contact with him.
“I’m pretty sure we don’t have an interview.” He said trying to make me laugh because he saw that I wasn’t even trying to look at him.
“I meant the interview with my band, not us.” I said starting to blush for an unknown reason.
That’s when the rest of my band showed up. Jasmyn stayed back further than anyone else did because she was afraid she would make a fool out of herself.
“Hi, girls.” Andy said sounding girly. I know it was on purpose, but it was so funny that it made me laugh.
“Hey, my name is Kaitlyn; I’m the drummer of the band.” Kaitlyn said.
“Cool, CC would be happy to meet you. Actually, I think any one of the other band members would be glad to meet any one of you guys since you’re so much like us.” Andy said smiling. We all gave him our best smiles.
“I’m Cheyanne, and I’m the person who plays rhythm guitar and piano.” Cheyanne said breaking the silence. Andy shook his head in understandment.
“I’m Jasmyn the bassist and back-up vocalist.” Jasmyn said finally stepping closer so she was as far away from him as the rest of us.
“And I’m Gerzey the lead guitar.” Gerzey said.
“Awesome, but I guess you guys have an interview so we can’t talk anymore at the moment. I’ll be watching the interview from right around here.” He said pointing to his feet. I giggled a little bit. Then, the band members walked over to Bryan so they could be interviewed. I soon realized that I was the only one still standing by Andy, and I quickly walked over to the interview area.
The interview started, and Bryan said, “So, for the first time ever, I’m going to be interviewing the brand new band The Legacy’s Fallen Angels. Please introduce yourselves.”
He points the microphone to me since I’m the closet. “I am TJ Angel, and I’m the lead singer of the band.” I said into the mic.
Once Bryan pointed the mic towards Gerzey, who was right by me, she said, “I’m Gerzey Jane, and lead guitar is what I play.”
“I’m Cheyanne Couchman, the band calls me CC, and I play rhythm guitar and piano.”
“I’m Kaitlyn Quinn, the girl that is NOT related to Kellin Quinn, and I play the drums.” Kaitlyn said still wearing the cowgirl hat she had on earlier.
“And I’m Jasmyn Bruce, not related to Ben Bruce, but wish I was, and I play bass and I sing back-ups.”
“Okay, now that we got that out of the way. I’ve heard that your all-time favorite band was-“
“BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!” We said totally forgetting that Andy was standing right there. Andy broke out in a wide smile. I smiled too when I saw him.
“Okay, so I was right. Yesssss!” He said in a victory tone. That made me giggle. “So, TJ. I believe I’m talking for more than me when I say: ‘What is your real name?’” He said. He pointed the microphone at me waiting for me to answer.
I took a deep breath and answered. “My real name is Tiffney Ferguson.” I said flat out. Andy gave a confused look.
“Okay, so, are you related to Jinxx from Black Veil Brides in any way?” He asked me.
“Yes, I actually am, but I don’t like to talk about how my childhood was like. I still suffer from the pain.” I had run away from home. Jinxx was my brother, and I just couldn’t take anymore. Jinxx tried to help me, but he was just one person. I’m still thankful to have him as my brother even if he doesn’t remember me. I bet he doesn’t.
“Okay, so how were you related to him?” Bryan asked as Andy looked on. I saw Jinxx and Ashley talking to each other. They were walking towards Andy.
“Umm… Jinxx is my big brother.” I said through my teeth. I didn’t want Jinxx to hear me, and think I was a complete nut job.
I saw Andy now talking to Jinxx and pointing at me. Jinxx looked at me, and seemed to remember something important. It’s as if he remembered me.
I saw Ashley staring at something in my direction. He could have been staring at me, but I seriously doubt it. “Okay, so, would you like to demonstrate your singing voice for the viewers that haven’t listened to you?” I shook my head in agreement. Jasmyn came and stood with me.
“Let’s sing a BVB song.” I whispered in her ear. She agreed with me silently.
I cleared my throat, and we began to sing, “So take your hand in mine. It’s ours tonight. This is a rebel love song. Hearts will sacrifice. It’s do or die. This is a rebel love song.”
Andy, Ash, and Jinxx started clapping. I giggled. I got picked up from behind. So did Jasmyn. I screamed a little bit until I realized that Christian had picked me up. I smiled at him, and he smiled back before he put me down. By the time I got back to the set, all the members of Black Veil Brides were there talking to the girls. Jake had picked Jasmyn up.
Christian grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. My bracelet fell off and I grabbed my wrist to cover up the scars. CC saw that, and he grabbed my hand gently. I let go and let him see the cuts. He had just met me, but he looked like he cared for my wellbeing. He decided to let me cover the scars up because he could tell that I didn’t want anybody to see them. He grabbed my bracelet and picked it up.
After he handed it to me, I put it back on quickly, making sure that the scars were covered up. I mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself’ to CC, and he gave me a look of understanding. I smiled at him because I could tell that he really cared about me. Every other boy I’ve known played with my heart, except for the Black Veil Brides. They were different, but I like different.


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