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The Legacy's Fallen Angels

She's Finally Mine

(Ashley’s POV)

How I desperately wanted to be CC right now. Then, I could actually get to talk to the really pretty girl that says she’s the little sister of Jinxx. Since he’s not going to stop talking to her, I guess I’ll talk to Jinxx and see if she’s really his little sister.

I walked over to Jinxx. “Hey, is that girl over there actually your little sister?” I asked him.

“Umm… well, I think she is. I had a little sister that had the same big brown eyes.” He answered vaguely.

“Okay, umm… she said that she still suffers from the pain. What does she mean?” I asked him. He never talked about having a little sister.

“She ran away when she was thirteen. She’s probably talking about how missed me or our parents. I was really her only friend.” I was surprised to hear that she had only one friend and that it was her brother. She seems so nice and fun to be around. How could she only have one friend?

“Oh, so every time she plays with her bracelets, or her bracelets fall off, she covers her wrist up. Do you know why?” I asked him. I wanted to know everything I could about this mysterious girl.

Jinxx shook his head no. I bit my lip because I wanted to know everything. I had enough questions. If I asked more questions, it’d be obvious that I like her in that way. No girl was this hard to know, then again, I’m only talking to her brother that hasn’t talked about in what I’m guessing to be nine years. She has to be Andy’s age.

I looked over to CC and this girl called TJ. They looked like they were silently talking to each other. The interview was over, and we were just talking to them. They seemed so much like us, but they were different in their own ways.

A girl with blonde and brown striped hair was talking to Andy. She seemed to blush a LOT around Andy. I think she has a crush on him. I looked at Andy. He was nervous because he kept fluffing up and playing with his hair. He could be read like a book, or magazine, that’s what I prefer anyway.

Two girls who had blonde hair, one with blue stripes in it, were talking to Jake. He seemed happy. Then, I saw CC hug TJ. Okay, that’s it, I want to talk that girl, no, I need to.

I walked over to where CC and TJ were. TJ blushed when she saw me, but a lot of girls do, so, it’s something I’m already use to. CC finally stopped hugging TJ. I smiled and just went up to her and grabbed her hand gently. I pulled her out to the side so I could talk to her in private. She gladly went along with me. A girl with longish black hair went up and talked to CC. They seemed to hit it off quickly.

“What are you doing?” She said sounding like she was ready to laugh. She was blushing, but I liked it. It made her look cute.

“I thought I’d get to know the real you.” I said.

“There’s nothing to know, really. “ She said trying to get out of telling me who she really is. She’s shy, but she has a crazy personality like CC. She’s like two different people, yet, there’s nobody exactly like her. She’s defiantly an outcast from what Jinxx told me. I looked into her big brown eyes. I could tell she was intimidated by me, but there wasn’t any reason for that. Was there? Did I do something wrong?

“There’s always something to be told about you. You’re more mysterious than your brother, and that’s say something because Jinxx is the most mysterious person I know other than you.”

“Huh? I guess it runs in the family to be mysterious.” I chuckled at her remark. She was holding everything back, still not telling me anything, so I just continued.

“Yeah, I guess it does. Jinxx told me you ran away when you were thirteen. Why would you want to run away when you loved your family?”

“I didn’t have any friends except my brother. I was always left out, people started to forget that I was even alive, and if I ran away, I knew I’d be somewhere better than where I was before. I am because now I’m in a band with people that get who I am, people that are my best friends, and people who almost act as crazy as I do sometimes.”

“Really? You act crazy?” I asked her. I mean, how crazy could a girl like her get? Is she as crazy as CC?

“Yes, you ask any one of the members of my band and they will say that I am.” She answered me almost defensively.

“Why so defensive? I just asked you a question; I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way possible.” I said and she loosened up.

“I’m sorry. It’s just instincts, I guess.” Right then and there, TJ’s phone rang. Her ringtone was “Rebel Love Song”. I thought it was almost as cute as she was. TJ pulled out her phone. She read the screen, and looked confused.

“Why do you look so confused?” I asked her to see if I could help.

She said, “This,” and she showed me her phone.

“I saw you with THEM. I told you I didn’t want you to be around THOSE GUYS. We’re through and I never want to see your and THEIR emo faggot faces ever again.” I read the message aloud. I must have read it too loud because it got everybody else’s attention. “Was that your boyfriend?” I asked her. I was angry and I tried to sound like I wasn’t, but you could still tell I was angry by the way I talked through my teeth.

“Yeah, it was.” She answered in the softest whisper I’ve ever heard. I feel sorry for her. She just lost her boyfriend because of us, because of me. It was all my fault that she had lost her boyfriend. If I hadn’t been talking to her than she would still have her boyfriend. I could see the tears threatening to come through her eyes. I knew she wanted to run away from it all, just like she ran away from her home.

I tilted her head up so she would look into my eyes. I also did so I could kiss her soft luscious lips, and that exactly what I did. I couldn't help myself. She’s so beautiful that I can’t even begin to describe her. Her kiss tasted like honey. Sweet and addictive is what she is. I’m going to call her mine one of these days, I just know it. She brings something out of me that no other girl has before.

As soon as my lips touched her, my heart sped up. She kissed back after she got over the shock of me kissing her. She played with my hair, and it made me moan. She smirked, and I licked her bottom lip so I could gain entrance. When she didn’t give me what I wanted, I inched my hands down her small structure of a body. My hands ended up on her butt, and she opened her mouth to let out a moan.

That’s when I got what I wanted. I got to fight for dominance, and let me tell you this girl is a tough, little firecracker of a girl. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I was getting a little excited until someone with a deep voice yelled “GET A ROOM!”

I gave Andy my greatest death glare I would ever have. I literally wanted to kill that guy for breaking up our kiss. Andy faked a scared face and hid behind the girl he was talking to earlier. The girl and the rest of the guys burst out laughing. I finally let go of TJ, and she jumped down. I quickly pulled her to my waist, my arm lying just north of her ‘danger zone’.

I looked at her, and she was red as a rose. She was the most beautiful rose I’ve ever seen in my life. I smiled back turned out to be more of a smirk than anything. She’s finally mine. Yessss!!!


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